Hotels In Lagos: Most Expensive, Mid-Range & Low-Budget Options

Lagos is one of the busiest cities in Nigeria.

It serves as the focal point of entry into the country as well as exit. Murtala Mohammed International Airport situated in the city handles about 60 percent of international flights in and out of the country.

That is to say, the city experiences an influx of foreign nationals rushing in and out of the country. But, when a foreigner lands on the shores of Lagos, where is their first point of call? It is no other place than a hotel.

As sweet as it sounds, Lagos has a high concentration of hotels in the country. It is partly connected to the fact that the city is the country’s business and commercial capital.

So, it always expects more people from within and outside the country.

Why People Visit Lagos Hotels

People go to hotels for a whole lot of reasons. Some go there for relaxation, especially after a stressful week at work.

Others go to enjoy the hospitable services offered. And some go there for the simple reason of wanting a change of scenery.

Also not forgetting that hotel serves its customers a wide range of local and international cuisines for their dining pleasures. What about the neat and serene environment and security services?

Whatever reasons you having for going to a hotel is not beyond the fact that hotels install basic amenities within their walls. These amenities warrant luxury, relaxation, and in some instances services that you can’t get anywhere else but in a hotel.

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List Hotels in Lagos

If you are traveling to Lagos from any part of the country or coming into the city from abroad; you don’t need to stress about where to lay your head.

Everything you need from luxury to the savory tastes of delicious cuisines; you get it in a Lagos hotel.

There are thousands of hotels located within the city of Lagos that would serve you better. But only if your pockets can afford it. We are going to run you through a list of hotels in Lagos for your pleasure.

We will categorize the hotels into expensive, middle-budget, and low-budget.

  • Expensive Hotels in Lagos

It will almost cut a deep hole in your pocket to book a reservation in these hotels. They offer 5-star and luxurious services to customers and clients.

You have to be rich before you can afford a night or enjoy any of their top-the-class services.

The rooms are what you can call smooth and sleek. They serve you with some of the most delightful local, African and international cookeries.

They also have facilities that would help you relax your muscles and cool off your temperature like; exotic pools, spa parlors, and gym centers.

Booking a room for a night in these categories of hotels amounts to thousands of naira. The prices range between N50, 000 and N160, 000. Imagine how much it will cost to book for more than a day or a whole week.

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Some of the hotels include;

  1. The Seattle Residences and Spa
  2. The George Hotel
  3. The Gilgal
  4. The Wheatbaker
  5. Lagos Oriental Hotel
  6. Legend Hotel
  7. Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel
  8. Lagos Continental Hotel
  9. The White Orchid Hotel
  10. Four Points By Sheraton Lagos
  11. The Federal Palace Hotel And Casino
  12. Eko Hotels & Suites
  13. The Lilygate Lagos
  14. Victoria Crown Plaza Hotel
  15. The Blowfish Hotel
  16. Protea Hotel
  17. Maison Fahrenheit
  18. Villa Monumental Hotel

You can enjoy a night of fantasy in any of these hotels with your family, friends, and loved ones.

  • Middle-Budget Hotels in Lagos

We call these categories middle-budget hotels because you don’t need to break the bank to spend a night or two there. They provide services that are good but incomparable to the expensive ones.

Some of them are rated 5-star, while others are 4-stars.

But the most exciting thing about this category is that they have standard facilities and amenities. And they offer good services too. Those within the average middle-class group can afford a night or more in these hotels.

To book reservations in these hotels, you need to have cash that ranges from N20, 000 to N50, 000.

The hotels include;

  1. Morning Side Suites
  2. God’s Touch Apartments Signature
  3. J Gibsons Suites
  4. HIS Dulce Apartments
  5. SSCFG APTMS & Suites- Sammy’s Place
  6. Proof Hotel Lekki
  7. Joygate Hotel and Suites
  8. Box Residence
  9. Villa Angelia Boutique Hotel
  10. Executive Home
  11. The Cate House
  12. 24/7 Luxury Apartment
  13. Chateau De Atlantique Annex Hotel
  14. Villa Thirty Three
  15. Parkview Astoria Hotel
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So, if you are an average earner or you spend money averagely, we would advise that any time you feel like staying in a hotel, visit one of these. You would have an unforgettable experience according to your pocket.

Low-Budget Hotels (Less Expensive)

These hotels are considered less expensive; nonetheless, they provide hospitable services to people.

They enjoy high patronage from those who want to take a day off busy schedules and relax but don’t have the money to go for expensive hotels around. That is why we grouped them under the low-budget hotels.

With a meager amount, you can have a sizzling experience within the walls of these hotels. You don’t need to stress your pocket to book reservations in these hotels.

With as little as N5, 000 and a little high as N10, 000, you can grab a room for a single night.

The hotels include;

  1. Citilodge Hotel
  2. KSF Place Alaka
  3. Goddis Apartments
  4. Exotic Apartments
  5. Vintage Homes Lekki
  6. Rush Hotel And Apartments
  7. StayCation Suites and Apartments
  8. Presken Hotel

Interestingly, there is a hotel for everyone in Lagos. Your financial strength determines the category of the hotel to go for.

The rich and the famous will always go to hotels that guarantee luxury, security, delicious meals, and a serene environment.

Those with the middle or average class go to hotels where they get these services at a more affordable cost. While those that cut their budget and minimize their spending go to the low-budget ones.

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