Housekeeping in Hospitality


Do you know why the hospitality industry needs the housekeeping service? They maintain a high level of hygiene and quality of a lodging facility. Unfortunately, housekeepers are the most under-appreciated workers in the hospitality industry. It reaches a point where they are viewed as simple janitorial employees.  What a pity.

No matter the standard facilities, services, friendliness, or beautiful a hospitality industry is, there’s nothing that can replace the happiness a guest will have upon entering a sparkling and healthy space. That’s why the accommodation industry like the hotel makes sure they provide guests with a hygienic, attractive, comfy, safe and welcoming environment. That’s a way for clients to get value for their money.

It’s possible you’re here because you want to know how important housekeeping is in the hospitality industry. If that’s true, you have every right to remain here. Today, we will review the roles, rules for domestic cleaners, cleaning solutions, measures and expectations, employment requirements for domestic cleaners and the reasons why professional housekeepers are necessary in the hospitality industry.

What Housekeepers Does in a Hospitality Industry

The basic function of janitors is to ensure the aesthetic sustenance and high level of neatness of the suite and surrounding areas in a lodging facility.

Some of the cleaning services provided by housekeepers include suction of carpets and furniture, cleaning of bathrooms, waste collection, dusting, filling of soaps and toiletries in the toilet.

In addition, the janitors section guarantees that public spaces, such as hallways, the entrance hall and so on, are always clean. With regard to washing services, they take care of household linen, customers’ clothes and other workers’ uniforms. To top it off, a domestic cleaning staff guarantees complete care and solace to clients.

Concierge Standards/Expectations

Among other sections of the hospitality industry, janitors meet the highest expectations regarding cleaning and hygiene services. Every hotel industry has its own standards of maintenance and customers have their own expectations about the hygiene of their accommodation.

Inspectors are therefore entrusted with checking and evaluating the neatness and hygiene of their premises. Similarly, clients receive a form to fill out their surveys about the hygiene of their space. All of this is intended to help the organization determine whether it is meeting the expectations of guests.

Maintenance tasks during guest assignment

In addition to ensuring impeccable neat surroundings, a domestic cleaner performs additional tasks when assigned to a guest. Among these responsibilities are:

  • Quick response in case there is a problem with a guest. For example, in the event of an accident or spillage of liquids, janitors must intervene quickly and take care of the mess.
  • They are to always keep in touch with customers in case of laundry change, preferences, refusal services, or otherwise.
  • Get ready to provide extra towels or linens to your guests and keep extra towels if needed.

Golden rules for the cleanup

Janitors also have rules that govern their business as do other sections in the hospitality industry. Below are some of those rules.

  • Janitors should always respect the idea that a guest in a hotel industry is your guest. Therefore, they should take pride in welcoming these clients and making them feel comfortable in their apartment.
  • The janitorial section must constantly take care of the laundering requirements for clients and other workers in an organization.
  • Housekeeping departments need to work unitedly with other sections to keep the organization running smoothly.
  • Domestic cleaners must co-ordinate renovation and refurbishment in a hotel industry in accordance with rules established by management.
  • Domestic cleaners should constantly provide uniforms to all staff in an organization.
  • Janitors must always create a friendly atmosphere so as to promote dependable and courteous services.

Tips to Enhance Housekeepers Professionalism

It is the desire of every industry to have professional hands that will deliver exceptional services. If you want your housekeepers to look professional, outfit them with the basics below.

  • Provide adequate training on janitorial duties and how to handle client complaints. As well, teach your housekeepers how to resolve conflicts between guests and other employees.
  • Make sure to supply modern cleaning facilities in your hotel industry. In doing so, your housekeepers can perform their cleaning operations effectively and easily. Moreover, they can carry out a cleaning task within a short time.
  • Teach them how to be clean and how to look smart. That means you should allow them to wear a few pieces of jewelry and accessories.
  • Get your housekeepers with befitting uniforms along with branded name tags. But be sure to mark your hospital on their uniforms. That’s very crucial.

Job Specifications for Housekeeping

To be a cleaner, you don’t necessarily need a formal education. All you need is a bit of experience in housekeeping and in perfect physical condition. However, if you aspire to become a housekeeping director someday, you will need to have at least a high school diploma.  In addition to that, you will need to have some level of experience in domestic cleaning and computer software.

Classic Janitorial Care                                   

At the moment, we will show you how to provide classic domestic cleaning in a hospitality industry. This will significantly improve hygiene and neatness in an accommodation facility. Also, the housekeepers will know how best to manage their cleanup operations.

  • Instantaneous Cleanup

Usually, when there is an accident or spill that requires instant cleanup, Janitors rush in with buckets and some pieces of cleaning towels to perform the cleanup. However, with disposable microfiber wipers, you can immediately wipe away the mess and leave the area spotless. This action will leave a sanitary feeling in the minds of the guests and they will feel well taken at sea.

  • Ground-Based Care

Whenever there is a client in an apartment, using a vacuum could not be the best option for cleaning. You can use a power sweeper with no brushes instead. It will efficiently remove any crumbs and debris on a rug or smooth floor without disturbing the guest.

  • Executive Quick Cart

While the traditional classic cleaning cart can perform efficient cleaning for empty guestrooms, Executive Quick Carts are perfect for providing professional and personalized care. It can treat a cleanup operation in a short time.

Domestic cleaning is the mastermind behind the success of every hospital industry. They provide an exceptional service to customers while preserving the reputation of the organization. Whenever the janitorial section fails to perform its duties effectively, the organization will face a massive loss.