How Long Does It Take For Amazon To Ship and Deliver To Nigeria?

Here is how long it takes to ship to Nigeria from Amazon.

Now, Nigerians can place orders for articles on Amazon ranging from DVDs, books, videos, music, and some others at an affordable price.

However, there are certain items that you cannot get from Amazon in Nigeria.

Amazon To Nigeria Shipping Timeline

Items such as electronics, cell phones, and other household products. This is so sad because these are the articles that Nigerians need the most.

In the meantime, Amazon has created a special search portal that allows interested shoppers to view current items that can be shipped to their respective addresses.

To the extent that Nigerians want to buy from Amazon, most of them are concerned about how long it will take for their merchandise to arrive in Nigeria.

That’s why we decided to intervene to help these individuals by telling them how long it will take to ship items from Amazon to Nigeria.

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Not only that but with a list of the navigation line you may use.

How Soon Can I Get my Articles From Amazon?

You must know that if Amazon is going to ship your items directly to Nigeria, it will take an average of 5-14 days. If they don’t send it directly, it could take longer than that period.

However, there are different shipping choices when it comes to making purchases with Amazon.

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Some of their shipping options are faster than others, though this is fairly expensive.

Amazon Available Shipping Routes in Nigeria

Whenever you shop from Amazon, you can use one of these shipping lines and ship your items from the U.S. directly to Nigeria.

These shipping lines include DHL Nigeria, Heroshe, USPS, Fed Ex, Mediterranean Shipping Company Nigeria (MSC), Zenith Carex, Creaseda International Limited, and lots more.

As we said earlier, the duration of these lines varies accordingly.

  • DHL Nigeria

It is one of the internationally recognized shipping companies that transport goods by sea, by air, by land, and by rail. DHL operates in more than 220 countries around the world and has some 400,000 employees.

The shipping company has subdivisions such as the supply chain of DHL, express services, freight, e-commerce, global transportation, and Paket Deutschland.

They are among the navigation companies, Amazon uses to ship items to persons, including Nigerians. Shipping from Amazon via this company takes an average of 5-14 days.

Therefore, you should expect to receive your items promptly.

  • Heroshe

Besides shipping from Amazon, you may also use this shipping line and shop from other trusted stores in the United States. They accept Nigerian shipping orders and sent these items directly to Nigeria.

If you want, you can pick it up yourself when the merchandise arrives, or you can have them delivered to you just at your doorstep. But it’s going to attract additional expenses.

For your parcel to be delivered to Nigeria, it will take on average 14 to 21 days. It is if there is no kind of delay on the part of the Nigerian Customs Service.

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Furthermore, they shipped the items to Nigeria every Thursday.

  • USPS

Although USPS does not have an affiliate office or phone number in Nigeria, it is always an amazing way to ship your package from Amazon to Nigeria.

They have about 6 shipping classes which you can contact them, though some couriers are faster than others. As a result, it is preferable to use USPS priority mail.

It operates an international monitoring system.

Try to avoid first-class mail as much as you can if you want to receive your package in a reasonable amount of time. As a result, the USPS is taking 4-10 days to ship to Nipost.

So visit any Nipost office close to you and check your parcel.

  • Fed Ex

Don’t hesitate to send your goods from Amazon to Nigeria using Fed Ex. It is one of the largest and best courier services in Nigeria. Besides providing quick delivery, their services are cheaper as well.

In this regard, your timely delivery depends upon which shipping option you choose  Fed Ex.

We have expedited shipping that takes approximately 2-5 business days and economical shipping that may take up to 12 business days for items to arrive in Nigeria.

  • Zenith Carex International Limited

You will never regret shipping Amazon in Nigeria via the Zenith Carex shipping line. It’s because of the reliability and speed of delivery.

Once you have finished your shipping arrangements on this line, begin waiting for your items within 2-7 days.

They have over 35 offices in the country, where you can pick up your package at one of their offices close to your street.

  • GIG Logistic

It is another shipping line based in Nigeria, which accepts items from Amazon to Nigeria.

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They make sure don’t keep their customers waiting, so that they provide a fast delivery service in Nigeria through e-commerce logistics and express messaging service. Plus their services are less expensive as well.

At this point, you should expect to receive your items between 2-7 days.

  • Mediterranean Shipping Company Nigeria (MSC)

You can also decide to use the MSC to make your shipments from Amazon directly to Nigeria. In addition to U.S. shipments, they are also importing packages from Europe and Asia.

The company is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Once you organize your shipping from Amazon via this shipping line, expect your articles with 12-14 days.

  • Creaseda International Limited

This magnificent maritime line is based in the state of Lagos but accepts Amazon parcels owned by Nigerians. They have a variety of shipping mediums like sea, land, and air.

However, if your goods are not so heavy, you should expect your articles to arrive in Nigeria within 2-7 days. They also accept deliveries from Asia and the Middle East.

We did not end up showing you how long will it hold for your shipment to arrive from Amazon in Nigeria, but also with the available shipping lines that obtain deliveries from Amazon and other stores in the US.

You can do with any shipping line, we mentioned above, whenever you want to make Amazon’s delivery.

Any shipping line you choose to deliver your packages, you should know how much time it will take for your merchandise to arrive.

Once it takes more time than the desired period, you should quickly contact the shipping line to know what is happening.

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