How Much Does A Goat Cost In Your State?

Would you like to know the price of the goat in my region? If so, this page comes in handy.

As you read on, you will see the price of goats not only in my state but also in other areas.

The next time you want to organize a barbecue, a wedding, an anniversary, or any other celebration, you will know how to prepare your budget.

How Much Does Goat Cost In Nigeria?

As with other farm animals, the goat also plays a significant role in the aliveness of Nigerians. While some people need them for business purposes, others use the animal for meat, milk, and skin production.

Most traditional wedding arrangements in Nigeria demand the goat as part of the bride’s price. As such, it has increased the value of goats in the market.

In Nigeria, the northern states have a reputation for having the largest market for goats and other livestock. This is because the goat is largely conserved in these areas and goat consumption is still very high there.

But we’re not saying that other areas of the country are not keeping or consuming goats.

Price of Goat in My State

Right now we’re going to be looking at the cost of getting a goat from the northern part of the country. It’s because my state is one of the states in the north.

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At this point, you will discover the price of the goat in Kano, Kaduna, Bauchi, Niger, Katsina, Sokoto, and other parts of the north.

We want you to know that the price of a goat varies according to its breed. The price of local breeds differs greatly from that of an exotic breed.

This will provide you with a better understanding of how the goat transaction occurs in these areas.

Price for Local Breeds Of Goats

Here are a few local breeds of goats in the northern Nigerian region.

They include Sahelian goat, West African dwarf goat, Red Sokoto goat, and lastly Pygmy goat.

  • Sahelian Goat

This type of goat is described by its small body, shallow breast, long legs, and short rump. Male and females can weigh from 38.5 to 56.7 kg.

But if you are looking for a high-fertility goat, you will not find this type of goat suited to this purpose. This is because this local breed has a low fertility rate.

For that reason, it is used for meat and skin production. Therefore, you can opt for this breed at any time you have a ceremony or festival.

The price of a Sahelian goat in the northern parts of Nigeria varies from ₦ 11,000 to ₦30, 000.

  • West African Dwarf Goat (WAD)

You can as well call it a Nigerian dwarf goat.

They are precisely the ones that are reared in the southern part of the country. This particular breed has a high fertility rate, which means that the breed can be tailored to agriculture.

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Unluckily, they are very scrubby in growth, that’s why they bear the name dwarf.

A mature male WAD weighs about 20-25 kg, while that of the female weighs about 18-22 kg lighter than the male. You may also rarefy this kind of goat for the production of meat, milk, and skin.

The cost of a WAD in northern Nigeria is around ₦10,000-₦25,000.

  • Red Sokoto Goat

By name alone, you should be aware of the origin of this race.

The breed may also be known as Maradi goat or Sokoto red goad. They are mainly conserved in the northern part of Nigeria, in places such as the state of Niger.

You can identify them by their small size and color, although they are in two assortments. We got the red coat and the dark coat.

You can recognize them from other breeds because of their abidance and proficiency. Red Sokoto goats can be used to make meat, skin, and milk.

The price of this special breed in the north is around ₦9,000-₦25,000.

  • Pygmy Goat

This breed of goat is similar to a WAD, it is because they have the same size and weight, but is not for producing milk as the Sahekian goat.

They are mostly destined for meat and skin production since they are very strong and aggressive. Moreover, a pygmy can withstand any kind of climate. Which means it can survive in any part of this country.

So if you are looking for a gorgeous goat for meat, this is the best local goat that you should opt for. In this respect, the price of this goat in any part of northern Nigeria is about ₦12,000-₦35,000.

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Price For Exotic Goat Breeds

Exotic breeds are more productive than local breeds, so their prices differ somewhat from those of local breeds.

Among these exotic breeds are Boer goats, Saanen goats, anglo-Nubian, Toggenburg goats, Jumunapari or jamnapari goats, and alpine goats.

  • Boer Goat

That particular breed of goat is from South Africa.

They mainly have white hairs around the body, except for their neck and head that are predominantly reddish. These types of goats thrive rapidly and are highly fertile.

Thus, you can use them to produce milk and meat.

A mature male Boer obtained weight of approximately 110 kg to 135 kg, while a mature female is approximately 90 kg to 110 kg. Interestingly, they can survive under any weather condition.

In this regard, the price of this breed in the north is about ₦18,000-₦45,000.

  • Anglo-Nubian

You can find that particular strain in different colors. Just like Boer goats, they are suitable for producing milk, meat, and skin because of their high level of productivity.

However, it is remarkable for milk production more than any other breed. What makes this goat be among the preferred exotic goats in the north is because it can withstand hot climate conditions.

So to get that goat, it’s going to cost you about ₦20,000-₦40,000.

Those are essentially the prices of goats in the northern part of Nigeria. Exotic breeds are most of the time not preserved in the north, because of their maintenance cost.

Therefore the prices are slightly higher than those of the local strain. Plus the exotic breeds have a higher charge per unit of production, size, and weight.

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