How Much Does Aiico Insurance Pay?

Our discussion for today is going to be of great interest to you, because we are going to be discussing how much does this insurance place pays her workers on a monthly base.

Not just that, including their different responsibilities.

For you to be here today means you are interested in working with Aiico insurance company and you want to know how much the company pays as salary. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Aiico Worker’s Salaries and Duties

This able company pays its workers based on their job title, so their salaries vary accordingly. If you want to know how much is paid for a position you want to apply for, then you tick below.

However, Aiicon Company pays at least 38,000-42,000 to its least monthly worker.

  • Sale Representative

The job of a sales rep is to provide clients with a long-term basis through the referral system. Next, they reach potential customers in either their phone number or email.

Finally, their job is to identify the financial needs and issues of their clients.

Before you can qualify for this position, you must have an undergraduate degree, a Master’s degree, HND, NCE, and OND. It is important to note that only residents of Lagos are allowed to apply for this position at this time.

In this regard, anyone working as a sales rep for Aiico Insurance will return home with a monthly pay of₦ 48,000 to₦ 52,000.

  • Sales Officer

Anyone applying for this office should be ready to take the responsibility of providing insights about quality products, make calls and create platforms to source for clients, initiate meetings to make sales presentations, book sales appointments, get an underwriting approval and promote products, attain seminars to widen your knowledge about the job and so forth.

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The professional qualification for this office includes a Bachelor’s degree, applicants must be 25 years or older and at present only residents of Lagos are allowed to apply.

Lastly, you do not need to have any work experience before you apply. The pay structure of this office is around ₦ 59,000 to ₦ 69,000 monthly.

  • Database & Systems Administrator

A database administrator is responsible for organizing and storing company information using the software.

They also retain the client’s files with the company and ensure that data is available to users with tight security to avoid being compromised by hackers.

Before being considered for this office, you must have a good knowledge of computing and networking.

However, a data and systems administrator receives a monthly payment of about ₦ 90,000.

  • Bank Reconciliation Specialist

Anyone appointed as a Bank Reconciliation Specialist at Aiico must ensure that the cash amounts in the company’s general ledger correspond to the balance in the company’s account with the bank.

They are also there to prevent any material errors that could occur with the corporation’s financial accounts. In this respect, a banking expert returns home with ₦ 143,000-₦ 157,000 in one month.

  • Business Development Executive

If you want to work as a business development leader, some of the responsibilities you will assume include.

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Help get an underwriting approval, create a sound relationship with clients and responds to all their problems,  reach up to clients thereafter to convince them to invest in the company, and finally, you attain educational programs to learn more about sales and insurance.

To be eligible for this position, you should have the following resumé. An HND or undergraduate degree and you should have a minimum of two years of work experience.

You must not be a Lagosian before you can apply; unlike some aforementioned jobs, we’ve mentioned.

Everyone in that position receives between ₦ 147,000 and ₦ 178,000 a month.

  • Compliance Analyst

These classes of workers are responsible for assessing internal operational and procedural conformity. They also create a new and existing compliance policy and train workers on the company compliance requirements.

In addition, the compliance analyst is looking for policies that will benefit the industry.

But before you can apply for this position, you need an undergraduate degree, knowledge of compliance management software, good communication skills, and more.

The salary system for persons in this office is approximately ₦ 290,000-₦ 315,000 in a month.

  • Insurance Unit Manager (Sales)

As an Insurance Unit Manager, some of your responsibilities include analyzing insurance programs and providing policy explanations to some key holders.

You will also create and calculate the premium payment method, contact customers to provide details in case some claims are made on certain policies.

They shall also ensure that the requirements of the policy have properly complied with and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each policy.

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There are several tasks in the office of an insurance unit manager.

To qualify for this position, you must have outstanding management qualities and at least 3 years of exclusive work experience.

In addition, you need a unique way to attract customers, strong leadership skills, and the ability to propose solutions to critical problems. Of course, you must have a good certificate.

Monthly compensation ranges from ₦ 120,000 to ₦ 444,000.

  • Office Attendant

An office attendant in this society does an administrative work of a manager daily; they also do the work of a clerk by sending emails and responding to clients.

Finally, they keep the files and set up the office in order.

Only O’-level individuals are allowed to apply for this position and they must also be Lagosian. The salary allocated to an office attendant is 38,000 to 41,000 in a month.

  • Insurance Agent

As an agent of this company, you are required to issue life, automobile, health, and other valuable property insurance to customers.

But before issuing out these insurance services, agents are to possess a background check on clients, evaluate medical and criminal records, develop, market strategy to promote any type of insurance deal, and so forth.

Your qualification for this position includes a bachelor’s degree, HND, excellent communicative skills, at least 2 years of work experience, and finally, you sign some terms and conditions.

The monthly payment for this item is approximately 43K – 47K.

These are some selected offices in the Aiico insurance company, you can use the data we have provided above to have an idea of how much you stand the chance to earn when you are employed in any of the offices above.

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