How To Cancel Call Forwarding

The telecom providers introduced a rerouting call option to aid prepaid and postpaid customers to transfer their calls to some other telephone line or voicemail.

People usually reroute their calls when their contact lines are not reachable, busy, on a different call, or don’t want to pick up.

 How to Deactivate Call Forwarding

For one or two reasons, you want to rescind rerouting your calls. Either people grumble that your telephone is not accessible, the system hijacks your calls, or you don’t need the services.

No matter why this write-up is here to help you understand how to scrub rerouting calls on your mobile device.

Rerouting Call Options

There are various alternatives usable to transfer incoming calls. Customers can activate or disable the following alternatives for call diverts:

  • Reroute calls when busy
  • Always divert
  • Divert calls if the contact line becomes inaccessible.
  • Reroute calls when your mobile device restarts.
  • Redirect calls when the line is not responding.

How to Find Out if Your Calls are Being Redirected

There is a way to verify if your incoming calls, faxes, data, and SMS are transmitted to another contact line or voicemail. It’s a fairly straightforward process.

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Simply dial USSD #21# and wait for the system to process and show your result.

Methods to Disable Reroute Calls

There are two ways you can use effectively cancel the call diversion feature. You can use the USSD code or phone settings on your mobile devices.

Don’t worry; we’ll give you a detailed explanation of how to complete the deactivation proce.

Turn Off Reroute Calls Using the USSD

It’s one of the simplest and fastest ways to disable the call reroute service on your device.  In some seconds or at most a minute you can finish the whole process.

  • Disable Reroute Calls on MTN

You can cancel call reroute on MTN, whether the call isn’t picked up, not reachable, busy, or whatsoever.  Check out how this is done below.

  • Cancel call divert when no answer, dial *#61#
  • Disable reroute calls when the line is not accessible, dial *#62#
  • Cancel call diversions when the line is busy, call *#67#

But do you know that you can disable any kind of call transfer with a single fast code?

You only need to call #002#. Upon completion of the process, you will receive a response as follows: You have successfully canceled all re-routed calls.

After that, you reboot your device.

  • Disable Call diversions on Airtel

For Airtel customers who want to cancel call reroute, the quick codes below will guide you to complete the task.

  • Disable redirected calls when they are unanswered, call ##61#
  • Turn off diverted calls when the line cannot be reached, dial #62#
  • Turn off the diverted calls when the line is busy, call #67#
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If you want to cancel all call reroute options on Airtel, you can compose this fast code #21#.

  • Deactivate Reroute Call on GLO

For you to cancel call rerouting options as a Glo user, use the shortcode outlined below.

  • Cancel reroute calls when the line is busy, dial ##67#
  • Cancel reroute calls when the line is not answered, dial ##61#
  • Cancel reroute calls if the line cannot be reached, dial #62#

However, you can compose a single quick code to turn off any call diversion option.  The code is ##21#.

  • Disable Reroute Calls on 9Mobile

The following shortcodes can be used to disable all 9 Mobile reroute calls.  Clients using this network may disable this feature with the codes.

  • To disable rerouting call when the line is unresponsive, dial ##61#
  • To turn off reroute calls when the line is busy, call #67#
  • To turn off reroute calls when the line is unavailable, dial #62#

Like other networks, you can call a single fast code to disable all kinds of bypass calls at once. This code is ##002#.

Cancel Call bypass via Call Settings or Device Settings

This is a further option to disable call rerouting on your mobile device. Irrespective of the type of SIM card with which you operate, you can follow this process.

However, you should know that the steps of these methods may vary depending on the type of mobile phone you hold. We will guide you through 2 types of mobile settings.

  • Method 1
  • On your smartphone app, click the three buttons placed in the top right corner.
  • Choose the SETTINGS option.
  • Hit the option for Call Forwarding. A list of call re-routing options will appear.
  • Select all available alternatives and click turn off. But if you don’t want to turn off everything, you can select the call rerouting option you want to cancel.
  • Method 2
  • If your phone does not match the format above, try the steps below.
  • Open your phone’s application, and then click the call settings.
  • Select the option assigned for voice settings and keep on
  • Click the Call reroute button
  • When the page opens, choose Cancel or Disable based on the language of your phone.
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How to determine if my Call Rerouting System is Successfully Turned Off

The simplest way to confirm if your rerouting calls option is turned off is to enter the short confirmation code. That’s the same operating code for activation.

Alternatively, you can have a friend call your contact line. Once the call sounds directly on your line, it means you have succeeded.

Is the disabling Service Free?

Enabling or disabling reroute calls is toll-free, no matter what type of network you operate with. However, you may incur certain costs as you utilize the service.

But don’t worry; diverting calls across all networks in Nigeria is affordable enough. You will be charged using the regular call rate for a rate plan.

Take, for instance, if you are billed 11k/s for direct calls, it is the same as you will be billed for diversion and so on.

Call rerouting is a fantastic functionality that has simplified call management. You can enable the function to prevent incoming calls from distracting you.

Each time you are away from home, you can route calls to your mobile phone back home. However, the risk associated with rerouting calls is that most users disable the function.

From everything we discussed, you can see the steps for deactivating call diversions successfully.