How To Get Zenith Bank Token Number

If you are finding it challenging to obtain a token as a Zenith banking client, you should remain on this page until the end of our discussion. We’re going to show you how to obtain a token with this magnificent bank.

Then, if time permits, we’ll also show you how to enable and restore disconnected token. Until then, we’ll have a brief discussion on what the bank’s token is.

Banks are embracing the use of tokens to help secure client’s account details from scammers and hackers when conducting internet-based and offline dealings.

With the token pin, account owners can securely perform dealings such as money transfers, reload their contact lines, settle bills, and so on.

Zenith Bank is one of the commercial banks in Nigeria that embrace the use of the token to guarantee the safety of their account holders. The spindle comes in two formats, software, and hardware tokens.

The soft token is a one-time security pin sent to clients to authorize their dealings.

The hardware token is a mini system that is given to customers to request a one-time password to authorize money dealings.

Zenith Bank Token

A token is a safety device that can be utilized as hardware or software to obtain a two-factor authorization code and authorize dealings.

This device is employed by banks and other financial organizations to protect client accounts and ensure reliable dealings, as we have correctly stated above.

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Zenith bank token is a One-Time Password (OTP) That comes in six figures. Customers can use them to authenticate an operation.

In other words, if you want to perform multiple dealings, you must request multiple tokens.

Ways You Can Obtain Zenith Bank Token

The methods of obtaining a token depend on the kind you desire.

If you like the hard token system to obtain an OTP, you will have to go to the bank and finish the process. But if you want a soft token pin, you can use the e-token application or Zenith bank online banking.

Note: If you are a new account owner, you should first sign up your smart banking. You can do this via the internet or at the bank.

But if you are already a customer, this means that you are already eligible for smart Banking. As such, you may start the process of obtaining a token.

  • Visit the Bank for your Token System

As you visit any branch of the bank that is close to you to obtain a token, an enrollment form will be issued for you to fill out. Once you have filled out the form, you send it to the appropriate desk and wait for the approval.

As soon as it is approved, a token will be given as demanded.

However, you should know that this token gadget is modest and easy to misplace. As a result, you must make sure that it is safe. Some people have it tied up with key rings or other objects.

The loss of a token device is going to cost you more than money.

  • Zenith Online Banking

Alternatively, you can get a token or a PIN code via the bank’s official web page. The moment you are signed in, you will see a “Token Request” option in the side menu, click and proceed.

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After your request has been Okayed by the bank, you will be prompted to come for your token device.

  • E-Token App

If you want to get a software token, the e-token app is one of the tools to use.

With the mobile application, you can obtain a single password that allows you to authorize electronic dealings as well as the token. Zenith bank e-token app is open for Android users.

However, before you can use the e-token application, you must enable the application as a personal or corporate entity. No matter what you choose, you will then select the method you wish to use.

Available options include hardware token, internet access, and a debit card.

Depending on the option selected, the next details will be requested: account digits, last 6 digits of your ATM card, 4 digit code, and hard token code.

Guide for Enabling the Zenith Token System

The way you have to trigger the e-token application before using it in the same way you have to enable the Zenith token system. Satisfy the steps below and find out how to complete the startup process.

  • Log in to the official Zenith Bank Token Activation page at and go ahead.
  • You must enter your account digits.
  • An OTP will be forwarded to your e-mail or SMS through your authentic contact line with Zenith Bank. Input the OTP into the space provided and proceeds. Now, turn the token backward, and you will see 10 numbers. It’s your safety code.
  • To enable the system, you insert the token code along with 4 secret pin digits. Ensure that the codes are side by side and with no spaces and hyphens. Furthermore, the secret pin should consist of codes that you will not easily forget.
  • Upon successful completion of the activation process, a verification text will appear on your screen. Now you can effectively use your token system without any limitations.
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Guidance to Revive Zenith Token system

To secure your account, you will need to deactivate your token system. Disabling is more likely to happen when the incorrect PIN is typed several times.

In this case, the token device will automatically block all unsuccessful attempts to gain access to your e-platform. But you can disable your token in case of theft.

To make your token system up and running again, you will need to call client care support on their official web platform or better visit Zenith bank in person.

But before you do that, make sure you hold the following credentials with you, certificate of birth, BVN digits, and details of your last dealings.

The transaction Limits via Zenith Bank Token

One of the main reasons to use a token code is to enhance your day-to-day budging limit.

With a soft token or the hardware token system, you can transpose up to N5 million, per day. But the USSD code and mobile application only permit transfers up to ₦100,000 daily.

The bank token digit is a clever way to budge a huge sum of money without necessarily going to the bank. With your smartphone or token system, you can create an OTP to authenticate your transfer.

Based on what we talked about, you see the ways you can generate a token with Zenith bank.