How To Migrate To Glo Yakata

We are going to show you how to subscribe to Glo yakata if you are currently at other plans like barekete. Even so, before you do that, it will be crucial to show you the benefits you can get, once you make such a positive move.

How to Migrate to Glo Yakata from Berekete

Glo is one of the Nigerian telecommunications industries which offer multiple prepaid plans to meet the needs of its subscribers.

Glo yakata is a tariff plan that proposes to offer new and existing users a satisfying conversation and browsing service at an affordable price and with outrageous bonuses.

Customers who use other packages want to migrate simply to take advantage of the offer. If you’re one of them, you’ll have to stay until the end of this discussion.

What you’ll Get After your Migration

Just as we have rightly said above, Glo yakata is a make me smile tariff plan that is open to both new and existing Glo users. The benefits associated with this scheme begin from free data down to unlimited free calls.

Each day, the first minute of your call is free, no matter what network you call.

For every top-up, you will receive a 2200% bonus. This means that, if you top up your line with ₦100, you will be given ₦2200 and so it goes every time you top up.

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As for your Internet connectivity, Glo Yakata will give you free 6GB of data each month you reload for the first six months. These are all the advantages you will enjoy in moving to this plan, which will last six months.

What Happens Next?

After you enjoyed the enticing freebies above, other bonuses will come your way as you use the Glo network. Now, for every amount you top up, you will be given approximately a 22 % bonus for the amount you top-up.

If you charge your line with ₦100 for the first time in one month, you will have ₦350 air time + 50 MB. There will be an extra 50MB if you reload your line again that month.

Then, if you top up with ₦200 for the first time in another month, you will get ₦700 airtime + 250MB. 100MB more will be given if you reload your line again during the same month.

₦1000 airtime will attract a fillip of ₦3500 airtime plus 1.2GB and 500MB if you reload again. Then ₦5000 airtime will attract a bonus of ₦17000 airtime + 6.25GB and 2.5GB if you are re-charged.

All these advantages will continue to add up depending on how many you are topping up your line. When it comes to the airtime bonus, you can call and text all networks.

Glo Yakata Migration Process

Now that you have been fully enlightened about the advantages of this plan, it is time to show you how to migrate.

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But before we go any further, we want you to be aware that new subscribers do not require migration. Once you have purchased and signed a new SIM card, it will automatically come with this rate plan, i.e. like a default plan.

But if you are a former Glo user, you can change from Barekete to Yakata by simply dialing *220#. Within seconds, your fare plan will be changed to Yakata.

To verify the success of your migration, call #100#. As soon as you have finished subscribing to the new plan, you can immediately begin to enjoy its benefits.

Validity of Glo Yakata Bonus

Each bonus received for recharging your line will be valid for the next 7 days.

Once you are unable to use it all, it will run out. But if you top up your line again, you will receive another bonus to be valid for another seven days.

However, you should know that the bonus on Glo yakata may not be used to buy value-added services or even shared among friends and family.

Airtime is strictly to be used for calls and text messaging, while mobile data is strictly for browsing.

But you may share data via a hotspot. Moreover, the airtime bonus cannot be used to call foreign lines; it is strictly for domestic use.

 Check Glo Yakata’s Premium Balance

As simple as it is to migrate from berekete and other rate plans, it is thus easy to verify the bonus balance on the yakata rate plan. Simply dial *220*1#.

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In a jiffy, you will see your available bonus balance for calls. To verify data balance, quickly follow these steps.

  • Dial *777#
  • You will see a few options; click 1 assigned ‘purchase’.
  • You select option 4 for data handling and then view the remaining bonus data.

Call Rate on Glo Yakata

The call rate for this package is quite friendly concerning others. If you place a call to another Glo line, you will be charged 55k/s, either for your main account or bonus balance.

But if you make a call to a different line like MTN, Airtel, or 9Mobile, you will be charged at 70k/s. Can I unsubscribe from the Glo Yakata Fare Plan?

Oh yeah, you may unsubscribe from this bundle at any time.

However, to opt-out of this plan, you will need to migrate to a different plan. In other words, you will enter the USSD code for the new rate plan you want to migrate to.

Is It Free to Migrate to Glo Yakata?

You will not be charged a penny if you want to sign up for this package, rather you will be welcome with breathtaking bonuses.

Fees will only be incurred if you want to unsubscribe from one plan to another. This generally costs about 100. But I’m sure you can afford it.d.

Glo yakata is a juicy and interesting package for users to take advantage of. Both new and existing clients are eligible for this pricing plan and the migration process is free.

If you want to migrate from berekete and other packages to Yakata, then feel free to use the information we have supplied above. Hopefully, you found this article ingenious and entertaining.

Make the most of networking with Glo.