How to Trace a Phone Number in Nigeria


Many reasons can make you track your contact line. It’s either you misplace your phone or lost it to people with itchy palms. Other factors might be that you want to learn how to trace phone numbers so you can open a business or maybe you encounter phone hassles.

Phone hassles simply means receiving numerous texts or calls from unknown numbers against your will. Such harassment could come from scammers, ex-partners (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife), pranksters, or a bad business partner.

However, no matter what the case might be, we know you are here because you want to know how you can trace a phone number in Nigeria. Don’t worry, we’re going to help you, but under one condition. You should keep reading the article until the end. When you finish reading this article, you will know how to trace a contact line.


You need to know that countless apps and websites are used to track contact lines and phones on the Internet. While some of these are authentic, many more are scams. These fraudulent sites are built by criminals to use people’s phone numbers for marketing or send spam messages which may be unsafe. You don’t want this to happen.

What’s The Way Out?

Before entering your data on unknown sites, you must carry out an in-depth background check to verify their credibility. You may also read the comments of previous users to be sure whether the site is authentic or not.

GPS technology is one of the most secure ways to trace a mobile phone or contact line. It will provide you with the exact location of your contact line. However, GPS cannot single-handedly provide the exact location of your phone. It will only identify the country, the network operator, and potentially the current city of the missing number.

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To make your contact tracking effective, you will need a GPS-enabled application to identify the exact location of the contact line. Don’t worry; we’re going to name a few of these applications later in our discussion.

What Instruments Do You Need to Trace your Contact Line?

Here are the required items you will need to track your contact line efficiently.

  • Smartphones or PCs.
  • Contact line you want to track
  • Internet connectivity
  • IMEI number (this is the unique number assigned to each phone. If you are not familiar with yours, you can call *#06#)

Note: The contact line you want to trace must be the one that has been used before, otherwise the tracking location services will not work properly. This is because you will need past cell tower records for the contact line in the Google Map database and extract information on its current or previous location.

As well, there may be additional requirements to those listed, but it depends on the type of tracking method you use.

Ways to Trace a Phone Number in Nigeria

There are several ways you can track a contact line in Nigeria. They go from using tracking applications to calling customer service for help and so on. However, you should be aware that there are no websites for tracking telephone numbers in Nigeria. The only countries in which you can trace contact lines through the website are India and the USA.

  • Call your Telecom Provider

This is one of the most effective ways of tacking the telephone line in Nigeria. This is because each network provider has the complete details of each customer, including their fingerprints on their database. They know what type of mobile phone every subscriber runs on. There is hardly any activity that can be done using their network that they are not aware of. As such, you may contact them for help.

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However, for the sake of security and avoiding bridging professional ethics, network providers will provide you with only the state and city where the number is currently at or the call was made. If you want to get more information apart from the one they’ll provide, then you will involve the hands of other experts which might cost you money, or use the tracking applications below.

  • mSPY

This is one of the most powerful and popular contact line tracker applications. This app will also display the spot where your contact line is situated. All thanks to the availability of GPS that provides the coordinates.  On top of that, the mSPY app can pick up conversations that took place in social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, and many more using the contact line.

  • Call-ID and Number Locator

From the name, you may sense what the application is capable of. With this mobile application, you can efficiently track a phone number as well as identify a new caller. Its database contains about 13,000 cities. This means that, if the contact point is one of the cities included, you can track your contact line without requiring an Internet connection. The only drawback with this application is that it only works in Android version 4.0 and above.

  • Truecaller
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A lot of folks are familiar with this mobile app. But if this is your first time hearing about it, then know that this is a fantastic software that can be used to track contact lines. It also has features that allow users to see new numbers and block unwanted phone calls. However, before you can be able to use truecaller app to track a contact line, you need a strong data connection.

  • Trapcall

This app operates in a similar way to truecaller in terms of identifying new callers and tracking contact lines. You can also view the location of mobile phones and contact lines, block calls from spam numbers, record telephone calls without the consent of the other caller, and much more. However, before you can take advantage of its gorgeous features, you need to have a strong internet connection.

  • Find my Device via Google

As long as Google exists, tracing contact lines remains possible.  “Find My Device” is one of Google’s wonderful features that enable users to track their contact numbers as well as mobile devices. However, tracking will not be effective unless the contact number to be traced is active on the Internet. That’s because it will keep the WiFi range open and will automatically update the GPS coordinates to facilitate tracking.

Tracking the telephone number in Nigeria is very important given the high rate of fraudulent activities taking place. There are cases where people have been swindled because of calls and phishing messages. These apps that we’ve listed above will help you identify these callers and if your SIM card is missing, you can always use them to track its location.