HP Student Discount: Code for Sweat Deals On Laptops, Printer, Ink

Does HP offer a student discount? Yes.

The HP student discount is something like every other academic promotion that offers college and high school goers a chance to purchase a company’s services or products without breaking the bank.

How to Get Student Discounts On HP Laptops, Printers, And Other Products

These discounts are often particularly placed on services or products that promote or aid education and learning processes but can include a wide variety of other things.

HP’s History

Before we begin scrutinizing the available student offers from HP, let’s walk down memory lane.

HP is a thriving technology company started on January 1, 1939, in Palo Alto, California. The name HP stands for Hewlett-Packard. A coin-toss decided it between its founders, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard.

In 2015, the Silicon Valley company officially broke into two; HP Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises. Before then, however, it had produced some ground-breaking technology.

HP is best known for its highly awarded laptop computers, yet its first-ever product was an audio oscillator – HP Model 200A. The HP oscillator was developed in 1938, and Walt Disney was among the first set of buyers, grabbing eight of them for a movie theater.

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Its first computer product came later in 1968. It was a scientific calculator called the HP 91000A, which led to the term “personal computer.”

HP Student Discount Program

HP refers to its student discount as the Education Store Program.

To become a part of it and enjoy the many perks, all you need to do is register with a valid university email (ending with “.edu”). Go directly to the verification page here.

Once your email is successfully verified, you will be registered as a member of the education program and gain access to top products, supplies, and services.

These fantastic offers are summarized as follows:

  • Whooping Discounts on Products:

When we say whooping, we mean it. The HP student discount proves the company’s “belief that companies should do more than just make a profit.”

After offering a 35% price reduction to students and educators through the program, the company has set the bar even higher with up to 40% discounts available to these groups of customers.

This is arguably one of the highest percentages of any student discount program.

  • Free Shipping and Product Returns:

Earning huge discounts on products is just one of the many benefits of using the HP student discount program.

Another fascinating benefit is that the company takes care of charges relating to product shipment and delivery, which means you don’t have to worry about the high shipping fees that often accompany online shopping, especially when you need your purchase delivered to you ASAP.

To further spoil their customers, the company also takes care of charges relating to product returns if purchased items are found to be damaged on arrival.

  • Smooth Customer Experience:

Asides from the other listed perks, HP promises its students a hassle-free process.

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First, they use a simple interface for browsing through products and making purchases. They also get to save their item carts and price quotes if they need to finish up a purchase later.

Finally, they have access to a dedicated customer support service if they have any questions or need assistance.

  • Personalized Setting:

Using the HP Education Store is again designed to provide a private environment, offer members control over their accounts, and allow personalization of products and services.

General Details of The HP Student Deals


  • Sponsored by HP Inc.:

Remember we said HP has officially parted into HP Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises. Well, the HP student discount is offered explicitly by HP Inc.

The service is strictly for students or educators residing within the United States as an American company.

  • Qualifying Purchases:

Also, even though it’s a student discount, the offers only apply if members make “qualifying purchases.” What are qualifying purchases? We’re getting to that right away.

As per the HP Education Store program page, making qualifying purchases refers to buying products within the following specific categories:

  • Select Consumer PCs (Pavilion, HP, Envy, Omen, and Spectre brands),
  • Select Business PCs (Elite, Pro, and Workstation brands),
  • Select Consumer Accessories,
  • Select Business Accessories,
  • Select Printers,
  • Select Ink, Toner, and Paper.
  • Purchase Limits on Products:

There is a limit on the number of items you can purchase within one academic year. It includes two PCs, two tablets, ten accessories (including Care Packs), two printers, and 12 supplies.

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Purchasing more than these could lead to qualification from the program.

  • Unavailable to Businesses and Resellers:

Also, as you would expect, HP (referring to HP Inc.) strongly forbids businesses and resellers from using the student discount program. You should not sell products gotten through the program for any reason.

However, the company doesn’t say if students are allowed to sell theirs, for example, at the end of their academic programs, but we advise not to.

  • Returns Must Be Authorized:

It further states that all returns must first be authorized and that reimbursements will cover the dollar value of the product at the time of purchase, including freight and shipment charges and taxes.

Furthermore, reimbursements for products bought at discounted prices will only cover such expenses, not the standard listing amount. This arrangement also covers canceled orders.

  • Your Data Is Secured:

If you weren’t dealing with a technology company, you might have doubts about privacy, data security, and the like. But HP has all of that covered.

The company offers users detailed information on how their data is processed and what measures are taken to prevent data loss or leakage.

  • HP Has the Final Say:

Access to the HP Education Store is not the right of any user or group of users.

The company can express authority in suspending or terminating a user or group of users’ access even without leaving reasons for doing so.

The company also clarifies that it reserves the right to change the terms of service or other features of the Student discount program without prior notice to its users.

Conclusion On HP Education Discount

If you are studying in the U.S. or simply a member of an academic program, you can utilize the HP student discount program to get excellent HP devices at a reduced cost.