How To Identify Scam Job Interview Invitation

So do you want to avoid being scammed for a bogus job interview?

If you do, then be part of our conversation. In this article, we will examine how you can identify an employment interview scam in Nigeria.

After our presentation, you should be able to know when you are invited to a fraudulent job interview.

Scam Interview Invitation Tips

Due to the high unemployment rate in Nigeria, many graduates and other job seekers have fallen into the hands of fraudulent invitations to employment.

These victims have wasted considerable resources and effort due to false job interviews. That is because they have no idea how these criminals operate within the country.

The following advice will help you determine whether or not the interview you are invited to be a false one.

  • Job Advisory that You Did Not Apply For

Have you ever received mail for a job that you have not submitted a formal application for? If you have already received one, we are now telling you that it is a swindle.

We have come across many examples of people receiving mail for a job they did not apply for, nor do they ever even know about the existence of the organization.

How did they get your résumé if you didn’t submit any?

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Darling, this is a scam, ignore these e-mails. Reputable firms will only notify you for a job interview that you are applying and concerning the CV you submitted.

  • Demand For Fee

That is one of the simplest ways to identify bogus jobs in Nigeria.

There is no logical organization that will demand cash from any person before attaining a job interview in this country. If you meet any job invite asking you to pay for anything, please do not pay.

They’re nothing more than fraud stars.

Once you pay a fee for the invitee you received, you will eventually lose your money and time for a job you will never have.

  • No Genuine Contact

Some fraudulent invitations do not have a literal website or other real social platforms on which people can reach them. But most reputable businesses across the country have legitimate emails and social media platforms that allow people to access their services.

These authentic platforms allow you to verify their background and learn more about the legitimacy of such an organization.

Another situation will be that the organization does not have a specific address. Even if they do, the location could be informal or confusing. It can be a church, a hotel room, a residential neighborhood, etc.

Once you are unable to Google the location of the interview, start asking questions.

  • Invitation full of Grammar Mistakes

If you are cautious enough, while reading emails or messages sent from a scam invite, you may see some grammatical errors roaming around the text.

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On the other hand, legit firms are known to protect their reputations, so they will not post any invitation without scrutinizing the contents in search of grammar, words, and structural errors.

  • Phone Numbers

Having gone through an invitation to interview from a serious business, it is hard to see a phone number at the end.  Most often, it’s an email address that is included.

However, most fraudulent invitations come next to a telephone number. If you attempt to call the telephone line, the respondent will always delay answering your question or will not even answer the call.

So if you’re not aware of that fact, you could easily be a victim.

  • Doesn’t Reflect a Company Name?

This is one of the important things to take into consideration before you reach any invitation for the interview. Besides, why will you attain an invitation from an establishment without a brand name?

Most fraudsters are afraid to issue invitations with the company’s name on them. This is because some people may look for the company and will not find any information on its existence.

Therefore, they would rather not give the name of the company.

  • Elephantine Salary scheme

Have you ever wondered why an organization provides a huge wage for recruits? This should indicate to you that the invitation is not bona fide.

These scammers are posting invitations, carrying an enormous amount of compensation charges for a post in a short period of time. For example, a cleaner will be promised ₦30-₦60,000 weekly.

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My dear, it’s all a fake job.

  • Fake URL

You do realize there’s a fake URL for job interviews?

Today’s crooks have moved on to creating a replica of a real website. Such URLs are fake and non-functional on Google, even if you try to search using the link, you will only end up wasting your time.

For this reason, you must always check these links before accepting their invitation.

  • Reference Code

Have you ever received an invitation to interview with a Reference Code?

If so, then we are here to inform you that the work is not real. Some fraudulent employment codes are in the form of AG=234, REF=29439, etc.

Authentic organizations do not disclose job codes to candidates.

  • Job briefing

Once you apply for a job, a real organization will not invite you to a job info session. This is because you are already familiar with the job you are applying for.

But if you don’t even apply for a position, yet you receive an invitation to an information session, this is a clear indication that the position is not real.

  • Have Fewer Requirements

Most fraudulent job offers have fewer requirements and simple steps to take. It’s because they want it to be suitable for everyone.

If you can think deeply, you will find that their deals are too good to be true. But, unfortunately, most people fall into such a scam due to ignorance.

It is very important to verify any invitation to an interview you receive. But it will be better if you do not honor any invitation to work that you did not ask for.

However, you can use the guidelines provided to help you determine if the message from an interview for which you are invited is genuine or not.

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