Top 10 Instagram Influencers In Lagos State

There are several influencers in Lagos state and some have gain public recognition, Linder Ikeji and other top celebrities like Dbanj, Tiwa savage, and the likes who have a million followers on their handle.

In this article, we will highlight for you some of the Instagram influencers in Lagos state.

Top Influencers In Lagos State

Influencers are social media users who were able to establish the credibility of a great audience, they are people who can influence or inspire others by trustworthiness and authenticity.

Most influencers are brand influencers who help to give your brand public recognition and have a very large number of followers on his or her social media handles.

A lot of Lagos businesses over the years have been thriving well because of the influencers they employ to boost their patronage.


Olorisupergal is a very great Instagram influencer and a brand influencer with over 53.6k followers on the app. Olorisupergal promotes any type of brand from fashion, beauty, technology, and so much more.

They’ve worked with a lot of big brands like Arik Air South African Airways, Dettol Nigeria, Samsung Nigeria, South African tourism, First Bank Nigeria, Sterling Bank, Union Bank, Google Nigeria, YouTube Nigeria, Maggi Nigeria, and so so many other big brands.

Olorisupergal has about 38.6k followers on Facebook and 238k on Twitter.


Akinola Steven popularly addressed as Steevane is an Instagram influencer based in Lagos. He is a student of Mass Communication at the University of Lagos and also a part-time blogger.

Steevane has about 5.4k followers on Instagram. He has worked in collaboration with prominent brands like Uber, Jumia, Taxify, Jack Daniels and so much more.

Steevane is open to any kind of collaboration on all things as he seems equal to the task, ranging from Food, technology, event, entertainment, fashion, etc.

Steevane has quite a good number of followers on his other social media handles especially Twitter where he has 41.3k followers.


Smash9ja on Instagram has an amazing number of followers who is about 60.5k.

He does a lot of music promotions, web designs, artist management, and public relations.

He happens to be a blogger as well with 9.8k followers on Twitter and 2.7k on Facebook


Akintoye’s Instagram name is Stunt247 with about 19.9k followers. He is a fresh graduate from the department of the sociology university of Lagos. He is a social media marketer, manager, and influencer.

Akintoye also possess the skills of content curating and management for online platforms and is also a very good graphic designer.

He started as a blogger in his school and bow has grown into a big influencer.

He has worked with startups and big brands as an influencer. Some of the brands he worked with are 9mobile, Temple management, instant pickups to mention but a few.


13.7k followers are what Jaypaulmrflames has on Instagram. He is also a good Instagram influencer for different brands. His sole aim is to entertain you with different content.

He is a TV host, a producer and director at ravetvchannel by day, and a superstar music act at night. He is a filmmaker with a very good eye for beauty.


A.I Sina Photography Nigeria who uses Maccindice as its username on Instagram and other social media platforms has about 12.1k followers on Instagram.

A.I Sina was born in Lagos.

Growing up Sina saw that the city transformed and so decided to transform along with it. He graduated from the University of Lagos in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Geography.

He also owns a fashion label and makes graphics designs for so many magazines.

A.I Sina started a blog and a YouTube channel without a TV or camera experience. He eventually became a creative director for some music videos during the hustle and finally became a video director in 2010.


The banjidriggz is an influencer in Lagos with over 8.9k followers on Instagram. Banjidriggz is a digital strategist, media practitioner, social media manager, blogger, and possesses online marketing skills.

He is a lifestyle influencer who has so much love for event promotions, media campaigns, product launches, food, and a good lifestyle as well as healthy living.

He has about 24.8k followers on Facebook where he uses the name Miss Curvaceous Nigeria and 1.5k Twitter followers.

Banjidriggz has worked with so many brands, individual brands, event management brands, and digital strategists. He has also worked with famous brands like MaxgoOkada as a brand influencer.


Ifeanyi is a dental surgery student in his penultimate year.

He is a fashion and style enthusiast as well as a good Instagram influencer. He engages himself in different parts of fashion ranging from fashion production, styling, and writing.

He is currently a personal style blogger at

He gained a lot of public recognition when he was featured in some top famous blogs which include BellaNaija, City people, September standards to mention but a few.

Ifeanyi thinks style is an identity and you should be able to appear differently and stand out from the crowd.


Odunyi Opeyemi lives in Nigeria and Lagos to be precise.

She is also a brand influencer. She is an extrovert, smart, intelligent, and independent young lady. Aside from being an Influencer, she sells fabrics, and deal with styles, designs, hair, accessories, shoes, bags.

Odunyi also showcases trendy women’s wear and about 280k followers on her social media handles.


There are lots of Instagram influencers who are in Lagos, if we are to mention them all, you may spend the whole day reading this article that’s if it does not bore you at some point.

Anyone can be an Influencer not only just on Instagram but other social media platforms too.

You just need to find your niche work hard to get a good number of audiences by creating good content, consistency is another key thing.

As a business owner or anyone who is wondering who to employ to be your Influencer or brand ambassador, you may like to consider one of these influencers as they always work hard to give out their best to their client.

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