Salary Of Julius Berger: Engineers, Architects, Operators, Plant Manager & Drivers

Would you like to know what Julius Berger pays its employees monthly?

If so, I would welcome you to participate in our discussion today. We are going to list the salary structure of Julius Berger.

This will give you a sense of how much you can be paid for the position that might interest you.

Julius Berger Salary Scale And Allowance

If you are looking for one of the best construction firms in Nigeria that can manage all kinds of complex construction, then look for Julius Berger.

Some of the construction services they provide include building design, integrated construction, O&M, etc.

In addition, the company is commended for protecting its workers’ health and environmental safety. Before thinking of applying for a job with Julius Berger, you should be very skilled and innovative.

So you can make a positive contribution to growing the business.

A Few Jobs with their Monthly Installments at Julius Berger

Right away, we will enumerate certain jobs and the monthly salary of each worker. We will also look at some of the responsibilities and requirements related to these positions.

  • Mechanical Engineer

As a mechanical expert with Julius Berger, there are tasks you will execute.

Among them are repairs and supervision of machinery and other immovable production systems, help the mechanical management in making repairs during a structure project, make reports of damages, and so forth.

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For you to qualify for this job, you must hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical engineering, professional experience, excellent IT skills, ability to write and speak English fluently, and so on.

The monthly salary for a mechanical engineer in this business is approximately ₦80,000 to₦ 150,000.

  • Architect

The people in this office are responsible for the development and design of buildings, both on paper and in electronic format.

They are also in partnership with several construction experts on the feasibility and potential projects, reporting, proposals, and contract implementation.

Moreover, they work with other technical experts such as builders, land surveyors, construction managers, and so on.

Apart from the above responsibilities, there are other duties that architects carry out in the Julius Berger Company. However, one architect returns home with approximately ₦84,000 to ₦150,000 a month.

  • Mobile and Crawling Crane Operator

As an operator in this enterprise, your job is to prepare the cranes for work.

That’s not all; you will also guarantee the safety of machines daily, make sure roads are set for traveling, report back to the supervisor if any crane is faulty, also ensure the stability and load weights of the crane.

You may as well do a few minor repairs if you are competent.

Before you can act as a crane operator, you’ll need to have mechanical knowledge of cranes and other equipment, the ability to make minor repairs must be physically fit, and so on.

For this purpose, a crane operator receives a monthly salary of approximately₦ 90,000 to ₦180,000.

  • Plant Manager

There are so many tasks one would expect from a plant manager.

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These responsibilities include organizing and leading the day-to-day operations of the plant, allocating resources, increasing the production rate, and reducing unnecessary expenses.

They further implement strategies and evolve systems to foster the industry.

Some of the demands that will be demanded from you include working experience, ability to operate a computer, a Bachelor’s degree in ‘Business management’, knowledge of strategic planning and resource allocation, etc.

A plant manager with Julius Berger is paid ₦ 2 million – ₦3 million as a monthly salary.

  • Secretary

Hither, the work of a secretary is to respond to client calls, prepare and collect reports, maintain diaries and arrange for appointments, making advertisements meet with clients, handling the company’s database, partnering with other relevant clients and firms, you can as well act as a receptionist when necessary.

But before you are tendered the position of secretary with Julius Berger, you must have good knowledge of ‘standard software packages like Microsoft office, flexibility, excellent negotiating skills, time management and so forth.

Once you are employed, you can be sure to come home with approximately ₦ 58,000 – ₦140,000 in a month.

  • Civil Engineer

For you to function as a civil engineer with Julius Berger, you should be ready to carry technical and feasibility studies, make detailed construction designs using computer software, provide answers to complex calculations and resolve design and development issues.

You also need to ensure that all projects are carried out in an excellent and timely manner.

For you to have the chance to have this job, you will first have at least one undergraduate degree in civil engineering. Then you will need to have a mathematical, computer, and scientific ability to solve problems, diligence, and so on.

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A civil engineer in this company takes on an average of ₦81,000 to ₦194,000 a month.

  • Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer in this company is creditworthy for the design, planning, and calculation of power in a construction site, repairing electronic construction equipment, installation of the temporary power supply station, report internal electricity consumption, and so on.

The essentials for the job of electric engineer with Julius Berger include an OND, HND, or BS in electrical, five years working experience, ability to handle Microsoft office programs, excellent written and spoken English, etc.

Anyone in this field of expertise is paid ₦81,000 – ₦194,000 in a month.

  • Driver

Working as a driver with Julius Berger, you will carry out some driving jobs like conveying either client or run other administrative errands, regularly determine the health status of company vehicles, make use of navigational apps and find out the optimal route, and much more.

However, before you can become a driver at Julius Berger, you need at least one year of driving experience.

Again, you need to be diligent, obedient, disciplined, technical, time management, and capable of solving critical problems. Last but not least, you need to be able to work under pressure.

The monthly compensation for a driver is about ₦64,000 to ₦82,000.

As for the aforementioned jobs at Julius Berger, you can see how much is paid as a monthly wage. But to become a worker at Julius Berger, there are certain requirements that you must abide by.

Moreover, every job has its tasks which should be performed accordingly.

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