Kaftan for Men


Many men around the world enjoy wearing a caftan for its easy, classic, lightweight and simple designs. Another factor that increases the love for the caftan among men because of the breathable fabric that is composed to keep you warm in cold weather.

The beauty of the caftan resides in its simple style and design. However, the transition in the fashion industry can make some outdated caftans styles a trend overnight.

Would you like to find out more about male caftans? So this is a good spot for you. This article will emphasize the masculine caftan. As you ride along, you will know where kaftan is commonly found, you will know how to dress in caftan, and how to choose the right kaftan. Let’s get serious without further ado.

What a Kaftan is About

You can likewise call it caftan if you wished, it’s all the same thing. A caftan is best described as a long, flowing piece of clothing that is worn by men, women and children. It holds its origin in Mesopotamia in Asia, but worn by several cultures around the world. The kaftan can be composed of wool, silk, cotton, cashmere or a belt and a short and long sleeved design. If you want to stroll on the beach, the short sleeve will suit you. But if you’re looking for a special occasion, go for the long-sleeved caftan.

Nations Where Kaftan is Popular

Though the caftan is originally from Asia, a number of nations around the globe have embraced the outfit to be part of their traditional dress as noted above. These countries include Morocco, Senegal, Persia, Russia, Nigeria and more. I will touch briefly on a few of them.

  • Senegalese Caftan
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The Senegalese men’s kaftan is a jumper with an ankle length, a long bell and sleeves. It is normally composed of cotton embroidery, lace and other synthetic fabrics. The Wolof language in Senegal calls this outfit «mbubb», while those who verbalize French call it «boubouboubou». In Senegal, men wear their kaftan with matching trousers named “Tubay”. Not just this, but with a hat called “Kufi”.

  • Moroccan Kaftan

As early as history, the caftan was worn by male judges in the country during the 13th century. But as civilization began to set in around the late centuries, women started to wear it too. The caftan is very much worn by women today.  The Moroccans reference their caftan as Takchita and it is worn as a casual dress and also for special occasions.

  • Jewish Kaftans

The Jewish people are known to make the caftans out of silk materials. Their caftan style is similar to the oriental cultures and they primarily wear their caftan on a special occasion because of the type of material they use in production.

  • Russian Kaftan

Kaftan in Russian points to a long close-sleeved costume worn by men. From ancient times to this day, if there is a religious ritual, men will dress in their kaftans and perform the ceremony.

Choosing the Best Caftan for Men

Males who like to look fashionable in their caftan should look below and see the selection criteria to select the best.

  • Type and Grade of Material
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There are many kinds and quality of materials which are used in the production of kaftan. If you want to wear a caftan on a daily basis, then you should go for a cotton caftan. That’s because the material is light for easy movement. But if you want a kaftan that you will want to wear for special occasion such as wedding, conference, birthday parties, and loads more, you should opt for the made with silk. It’s more elegant than cotton.

  • Size and Design of the Kaftan

Kaftan is a long garment that descends below the knee or ankle length as we have mentioned above. Already made kaftan come in different sizes and designs; we have the large and small ones. So, before purchasing such a caftan, you check the size that fits you. However, if you don’t want to go along with already done kaftan, you can buy the material and take it to your tailor to design it your own way. This way you can get a kaftan of your correct size and your favorite design.

  • Shoes and Accessories to Go with Kaftan

This is another important factor that you should take into consideration if you want to adopt kaftan as one of your clothing codes. Finding shoes and accessories that suit your kaftan, your outfit will be breathtaking. Some of the shoes that suitable with this outfit include sandals, blanket the shores, slippers, and so on. Trainers or sports shoes don’t go with the caftan.

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Although men do not have many accessories like women, you will need to make do with the little you have to complete your dressing. Moreover, a small piece of accessories can underline your outfit. You can wear a watch bracelet, ring, or no more than a necklace. However, you have to consider the type and color of accessory that will match with your caftan.

Tips for Men Wearing Kaftan

What we are going to describe below are tips that will make your kaftan outfit beautiful. So if you want it to look good on you, then follow these tips accordingly.

The kaftan is suppose to have a certain tolerance to make the stream beautiful while enjoying its freedom. It means that it should not be too tight on you as a body hug.

As you wear a caftan, don’t let your interior clothes like the singlet come out around the neck of the dress. This will make your appearance look awkward.

To keep your dress code simple, the kaftan is best worn with matching pants, sokoto, and trousers.

Caftan is a unique gown that most men around the world find appropriate to wear for several occasions. As we mentioned earlier, there are caftans designed to visit the beach and there are caftans designed especially for special occasions. With everything we’ve discussed, we think you have a good understanding of what a caftan is, how to choose the best fit, and many more.