Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code To Send Funds To Same & Other Banks

If you are reading this post, it means that you have a great interest in learning more about the key bank transfer code.  We are glad you have found yourself in the right place.

In this clause, we shall take a close look at what a Keystone USSD transfer code is and how you can use the code to send money to another account, and other things you need to know.

Keystone Bank USSD Transfer Code

Did you know you can send money to your friends and family in any part of Nigeria in a blink of an eye? Simply dial the right transfer code to your mobile device and do it in minutes.

You don’t have to go to the bank whenever you want to transfer money, check your account balance, or make cash dealings. You don’t even have to have an Internet connection.

Keystone Transfer Key

This is a USSD code that consists of 4 digits, which is used to perform monetary dealings with Keystone Bank. In this regard, the bank’s credit card code is *7111#.

Additionally, you can use the code with any network provider across the country. It does not matter whether it is an MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9 mobile, or other network providers.

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You must be aware that before you can use a Keystone transfer code, you will need to register first.

Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy and we’ll teach you how to do it.

How Can I Sign Up?

Before you record this transfer method, you will need to have some requirements at your fingertips. These terms are nothing more than a registered contact line to Keystone and your Keystone debit card.

Once you have these two requirements, you are ready to proceed with the registration process.

  • The first step is to dial USSD *7111# and send it.
  • Now a new page will appear on your screen where you will be asked to complete with option 0.
  • If completed, insert the last 4 digits of your Keystone ATM card and continue.
  • At this point, you have to create a secret pin that you will use to make money dealings, whenever you choose USSD. In order not to forget your PIN, it is recommended to create a password that you will easily remember.
  • Once you have created a password, all you have to do is wait for your application to be processed. Upon successful completion, you will be notified via text.

I’m Having a Tough Time Signing Up

Once you are unable to register your USSD transfer code at Keystone Bank for any reason, discreetly visit the nearest location and file a complaint.

When you file your issues, they will be glad to assist you through this registration.

How to Use the Keystone Transfer Code?

Now that you know how the USSD transfer code looks like and how you can get registered successfully, it will not be nice if we terminate this discussion without showing you how to make use of this important code.

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If your enrollment is successful, follow the guidelines below.

  • Take your mobile phone with your registered SIM card with Keystone and press * 7111*amount*recipient account# and submit.
  • A new page will appear containing a list of banks, you have to select the name of the recipient bank using its option and proceed.
  • Now the full name of the recipient’s account will appear on your screen, so you confirm this is the correct name. Upon completion of the confirmation, you proceed with the transfer.
  • At this point, you will need to insert your secret pin, which is the 4-digit pin you created during registration and press Submit.
  • Within seconds, you will be notified of a successful transfer of funds via an SMS. In the meantime, you will receive a Keystone bank debit alert. If debit alerts are delayed, this could be due to a network failure.

Other Uses Of Keystore Transfer Code

Oh yeah, aside from the money transfer, there are other things you can do with the Keystone transfer code. These include account balance verification, merchant payments, utility invoices, and many others.

Plus, you can charge up the airtime for yourself and also send airtime to friends and family like the way you send money. See how it’s done.

To top up your airtime using this transfer code, call *7111*amount# and send.  If you wish to reload other lines in addition to your line registered  Keystone Bank, dial *7111*amount*recipient contact line# and send.

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How Much is the Transfer Limit?

Those who are accustomed to sending an enormous amount of money might not take advantage of using the Keystone USSD transfer code.

This is because you only have up to ₦20,000 per transfer and up to ₦100,000 per day. However, it is always subject to change.

Pros of Using Keystone Transfer Code

Here are some benefits you can get when using the Keystone Bank’s USSD budging code.

  • Transfer service is available 24/7 unless there is a network issue that is not going to last long.
  • In your comfort zone, you can do quick and secure cash transfers, without visiting the bank.
  • The service is available for any type of cell phone.
  • For you to operate with this USSD code, you do not require an internet connection.
  • There are appropriate checks and balances in that kind of cash transfer.

Is this Free of Charge?

No, it is not free to perform dealings using the USSD code with Keystone Bank. The bank fees are approximately ₦30.00 to ₦60.00 for every dealings.

However, the fees from Keystone to Keystone are somewhat lower than when you budge from Keystone to other banks. Therefore, always verify your account balance before committing any form of fund transfer.

Keystone bank brought the use of the USSD transfer code to facilitate monetary dealings for its customers. If you haven’t been part of that modern cooking system, you miss something here.

However, you can use the information that we provided to register you and start your money transfer.

Make the most of easy banking with Keystone.

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