How To Know If Your Laptop Is Refurbished

Since you are interested in whether your laptop is reconditioned, then consider your issue resolved.  In this article, we will explain how to recognize a reconditioned laptop.

But until then, we would like you to know what exactly a reconditioned laptop is.

How To Tell If A Laptop is Refurbished

It’s possible you ordered a brand new laptop, but the one given to you does not look new. Then, for sure, the laptop might be reconditioned.

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Because there are vendors out there who can sell a refurbished laptop instead of a whole new one. However, if you are lucky, you can find reconditioned laptops that can function perfectly as the new ones.

Why Some Laptops are Called Reconditioned?

A reconditioned laptop is not an already used laptop.

This is a computer that needs either an upgrade, cleansed, or any form of repair.  When a computer has such problems, it is then reported to the manufacturer to repackage it like a new brand.

For this reason, they are referred to as reconditioned laptops. These laptops are sold very cheaply with some guarantee, though it will not be as long as a new brand.

Tips for Identifying a Reconditioned Laptop

We are now going to give you some tips to help you determine whether your laptop is being reconditioned or not.

  • The Latter (R)

You can wonder why this latter (R).

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The reason is straightforward. It’s easier to identify any reconditioned laptop using this particular alphabet. That’s because refurbished computers come with a serial number that ends with (R).

For instance, DT1224454JR#DD.

The presence of the latter among the serial numbers is an intentional act from the factory to indicate that the laptop is reconditioned.

  • The Latter (C)

Ideally, the BIOS serial number of a laptop should correspond to that of the chassis. If it doesn’t match, you should start questioning its uniqueness.

Now, if you want to check the serial number of the BIOS and the chassis, you open and type C on the command prompt, it will show the two serial numbers.

  • Issues with Battery

Have been charging your laptop battery but does not charge quickly as required?

Sometimes, even if it charges fast, it quickly runs out. The new laptop battery should charge faster and last a long time, though that depends on usage.

Have you also tried charging your new laptop, but it is showing a red icon-like X on the battery?

When a laptop battery is poor, it cannot recharge. Thus, icon X is displayed on the screen, indicating that it does not load.

This is a common situation with reconditioned computers.

  • Short Warranty

Another way of identifying a renovated laptop is by checking its warranty coverage.

If it is less than 12 months, it indicates it has been refurbished. In fact, some of the reconditioned computers have no warranty and even it has, you have a few days to return them.

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New computers usually have warranty coverage for 12 months or more, depending on their brand. Plus, you have an additional month or more to return it if you find a defect.

  • Problematic Screen

Reconditioned laptops are prone to suffer issues with their operating system.

These issues can result in damaging the hardware. When such a situation occurs, the screen becomes blue with a couple of error messages written on it.

Even though you may try to troubleshoot the software or even take it to an expert to fix the issues.

You can also identify the originality of your screen by looking into the quality of the display. Renovated laptops are fond of fading, poor pixels, and luminosity.

When you compare it to an all-new laptop, you’ll see a big difference.

  • Check for Scratch

This is one of the easiest ways to recognize a renovated computer. Remember, we said renovated laptops are the ones that went back to the manufacturers due to a defect.

In this respect, you need to verify the whole body of the computer.

Once you spot scratches or shiny sports on the screen, keyboards, or other portions of the computer, it’s an indication that it’s a reconditioned one.

  • Keyboard

While identifying scratches on body parts, the keyboard is an element you can look at and get the answers you are looking for. So how do you do that?

Check if the keyboard buttons are smooth and glossy.

Once the key possesses such attributes, you don’t need an angel to tell you that the keyboard has been frequented by fingertips which alter its originality.

  • Screws

You might wonder how this part concerns the verification for a reconditioned laptop. It is a minor check and easy to perform, but very useful in your quest.

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Following the opening of a laptop to work on, the screws will wear out somewhat. At this stage, it’s difficult to recondition these screws.

  • Uncommon High Temperature

Yes, we know that if you use a computer, it will definitely turn a little hot. In situations when the temperature has suddenly risen, then something is wrong with the computer.

It is either the battery is defective or there is an issue with the software.

Computers that are remanufactured tend to display similar attributes.

  • Automatic Power Down

Has your new computer ever shut down on its own when you’re using it? Or has your screen already turned black, but it still functions?

If you have ever encountered such a situation, try to restart the laptop. If the situation persists, then keep in psyche that your laptop is not the original one you might be thinking of.

  • Smell the Surface

Most manual reconditioned machines are basically using common cleaning agents to clean the laptop.

Hence, make the surface look creamy with a soft scent, unlike the new laptops that come with an irritating smell, due to the industrial cleaning chemicals used in the cleaning process.

There are other ways to find out if your laptop is reconditioned or not.

But the ones we just listed above are a couple of basic checks that you should perform when you want to investigate if your laptop is brand new or not.

Some of these signs will take a little time before you can spot them. Nevertheless, you can still fall back on this post and find more tips about reconditioned laptops.

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