How To Know If A Power Bank Is Fake

In case you have problems identifying a fake energy bank, read on. We will be providing you with some information that will guide you to know if an energy bank is a fake one or not.

Let us address the problem as soon as possible.

Using energy banks is very important especially in areas with an unstable power supply.

This energy bank can equally be disastrous when you buy the bogus one. A fake energy bank can damage your battery or put the whole device ablaze the cause of charging.

Actually, getting a power bank isn’t a bad idea, but the danger associated with fake ones is the issue here.

Core Features to Monitor when Purchasing a Power Bank

Here are a few requirements you should consider before purchasing an energy bank. When these requirements are fulfilled, rest assured, you go home with a good energy bank.

Let us look at these requirements.

  • What’s the Power Rating?

This is considered to be the most important feature to check in an energy bank before buying one.  Thus, when we say power rating, we’re simply talking about the milliamp-hour (mAh). Energy banks are categorized in various sizes.

There are larger energy banks, medium and smaller ones.

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Larger energy banks have a higher milliamp-hour ranging from 15000 mAh upwards. Due to its high power rating, two devices can be powered at the same time.

Such power banks are mostly heavy and bulky.

Smaller and medium-sized energy banks, on the other hand, have a lower mAh value than larger energy banks. Their rated power varies from 7500 to 14000 mAh. Moreover, they can fully charge a device only once.

But the bright side of this energy bank is that it’s very portable and lighter.

  • Is it slow to replenish its charge?

Another basic factor to consider when purchasing an energy bank is its ability to charge itself fast. You can imagine getting hold of a whole day to fully charge an energy bank.

Surely there’s something wrong with the energy bank. Though good energy banks with larger capacity take time to charge, they should not exceed the recommended hours.

For instance, an energy bank of 20000 mAh should take 6-7 hours to regain its full energy.

  • How fast can it charge my device?

You must ask yourself this question. Because that’s the main reason you’re acquiring a power bank.

You should focus on getting an energy bank that will charge your device at a normal speed with electricity.

Yes, we know that not all USB ports of a power bank can charge quickly, but we advise you to make do with those with mixed ports.

It is better to acquire energy banks with 2.4A or even 5A. That’s if you want a quick charge on any ports or you can go for those with a QC symbol.

  • Is there any Form of Charging Indicator?

Unfortunately, a lot of people are not really concerned about whether their energy banks have an indicator or not.

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This indicator we are speaking of is very important. Because this will help determine whether the energy bank is fully charged or not. And you can see the current level of your battery using the light indicator.

When all four lights turn on, it indicates that the energy bank is fully charged. The number of lights decreases when you continue to use the energy bank.

But when all the lights go out completely, this means that you have exhausted the charging limits.

Other products indicate their charge level using percentages.

Sorting out Fake Power Banks

There are several ways of identifying a bogus energy bank. All you have to do now is pay attention to what we shall discuss below.

  • Cheap Price

Most buyers rushed to buy products when the price seems very cheap for them. That’s because they want to make reservations. But that should not be the case when purchasing an energy bank.

Because you’ll quickly run into trouble with such products. You’ll see some energy banks with high-rated capacity at a very low monetary value, but obviously, they are the fake ones.

Such energy banks develop a series of issues in the long run. You tend not to get the exact capacity required to charge your device as written on the energy bank.

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Besides, it takes time to charge those energy banks and they’re not durable. I guess that’s not the type of power bank you’ll like to obtain.

  • Not Affiliated with a Company

Many power banks do not have a product or brand name. Such an energy bank doesn’t have any sort of warranty.

This implies you can’t get warranty coverage or any feedback from the company.

Some genuine energy banks have a written code. Once you dial the code, it will directly link you to the company’s website. Hence, you can check its originality.

  • The Capacity Must Match the Weight

Of course, a 50,000 mAh energy bank is not expected to be extremely light. Once the capacity shown on an energy bank is greater than its weight, then keep in mind it’s not the original one.

Original power banks with high capacity are bulky and weighty.

Hence, when the ratings are exaggerated, then don’t attempt to buy one. You can only consider such energy banks if they come from a reputable company.

  • Test the energy bank

Don’t always rush to purchase gadgets without trying them out.

There are energy banks that do not have the content they claim to have. That’s why, in most cases, instead of seeing rechargeable batteries inside the energy bank, you will only find out that they are full of waste.

Other cases will be that the batteries aren’t the original. The original batteries have their trademark written within them. That’s why you must test it on any of your devices before acquiring any energy bank.

In a note shell, make sure you do your research anytime you want to buy an energy bank. You can use this information to guide you when purchasing a new energy bank.

And by reaching here, we believe you can now identify a fake energy bank.

So it’s up to you to decide what to do.

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