Lagos At Night: Fun Parties, Street Food & Hangouts

Eko or Lag, as Lagos is fondly called, is a happening megacity. It buzzes non-stop due to rapid development daily. Industries, companies, skyscrapers, clubhouses, hotels, and the street life, add to its beauty.

It is a place of hospitality. People from all walks of life, tribes, and religions live freely with one another. The elites and middle-class have made this place their abode giving its luxury.

Lagos Nightlife Parties, Food & Fun Things To Do

Lagos is dominated by the Yoruba tribe. The ideal thing about this land is that it serves every purpose. Call it a hustling zone, a business zone, a tourist zone, and an enjoyment zone, name it. Some people call it a land of opportunities.

Lagos is never quiet. One can almost not distinguish between its daily life and nightlife. The city breaks its dawn with a lot of vibes from the previous night.

Lagos is crowded. This is because it entertains all sorts of people. On the street, people and cars move alongside each other.

Noise starts from traffic to industries and rounds up with party vibes. People who like quiet places would need a rethink when it comes to Lagos. Eko is for social and extroverted people.

The best time to discover the real sauce of Lagos is at night. The night is airy, cool, and free from sun rays. This makes it the best time to relax from the day’s work.

The active city is well lighted. The street lights at every corner enable vision. It also assures security and confidence.

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Lagos is always vibrant. However, these activities make it more vibrant at night:

  • Parties

Nightlife in Lagos is all about parties. One cannot separate the two. Lagos is never Lagos without parties electrifying the whole place. From streets to streets, estates to estates, islands to islands.

Everyone parties in his way. All social class has their special spots for hanging out. So people party in line with their pockets.

There are lots of clubs in Lagos. They offer loud music and live performances. There are lots of drinks and snacks served.

The club parties are on levels. It just depends on which one you choose. For some grand places, a ticket is required before entry.

There are clubs for different age grades. One can find youths in some clubs. Older people visit some clubs. Clubs for people in the same social class are there too.

In such places, one gets to make friends and interact with new people. One can find both local and foreign people caught up in drinks and laughs about their day. One can even find true love there.

Party is no party without music.  At every corner, you can hear the loud hits emanating from the speakers. Mostly local and afro hits from our popular musicians.

At some places, there are outdoor live performances. This is mostly for older people. They prefer to sit, drink, eat and nod because the songs are cool and slow.

Young ones prefer the hits coming from the DJs in clubs. They prefer highlife, so they sway their bodies to the beats.

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Another type of party held in Lagos is Owanbe. These parties are celebrated by the indigenous people of Lagos. It is a lavish party that promotes the Yoruba culture very much.

The party is usually fixed on weekends. It can be fixed at night depending on the celebrant. A walk around the neighborhood and you can spot more Owanbes.

It is either a wedding, house-warming, birthday, funeral, or celebration of any kind. It is well planned for. Guests are in their special Aso-Ebi outfits.

The party is a display of luxury. Sometimes it ends up being a competition of lavishness. It is mostly a gathering of family and friends.

There are live Fuji/Juju music, food, and drinks. The foods and drinks are always surplus. People dance with the celebrants while spraying money.

You can hear chit-chats and loud laughs. In the end, souvenirs are issued out. There are grand Owanbes and low-class ones.

  • Street food

Low to moderate-income earners don’t joke with their belly at night. They gather around their favorite spot to wait for food.

The spot owner’s position by the roadside. This is only possible at night. During the day, such areas are for commercial purposes.

Once it’s evening, they start cooking different meals. At 9 pm, customers come to order food in take-away. Some early customers enjoy watching how their meals are prepared.

Delicacies like Amala, Ewedu, Jollof rice, Egusi, pounded yam, etc. are prepared. The food sellers make a profit till the food has been sold out.

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The suya spot is another sort for. Suya is shredded grilled beef. Full and cut chickens are sold too. Onions, cabbage, and suya pepper are used to garnish the meat once bought.

The noodles spot is another one. People that like to eat noodles at night sit around and watch them get prepared. It is garnished with either fried or boiled eggs, onions, carrots, and pepper.

The tea spot makes hot tea for customers. Customers can choose any type of bread from the table.

Lagos street food has its unique flavor. It brings content to its eaters. It is very affordable compared to luxurious restaurants.

  • Hangouts

The hotels get patronage mostly at night. One can find tourists, foreigners, and Nigerians from other states here. Most of these hotels are luxurious.

They offer good services. Couples and newlyweds book in to enjoy comfort.

The eateries and restaurants are filled up once the sunsets. Friends, colleagues, and family members chill out, to try either local or foreign dishes here.

The malls and supermarkets are likewise rowdy at this time. Workers after the day’s job, stop by to shop for their homes. There are also small roadside retail stores that stay open at nighttime.

Lagos nights get more entertaining as the day goes by. These nightlife activities provide job opportunities. People who cannot afford to rent stores can sell their goods and services at night.

More people are also employed in clubs, hotels, and restaurants for the night shift. This makes it easy for people from all status quo, to adapt to their environment and live happily.

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