Best Beaches In Lagos: Location & Entrance Fees

Here we will be discussing popular beaches in Lagos and their entrance fees.

Have you ever wondered why Lagos is famous? There are a lot of reasons; economic, business-wise, infrastructure, development and even nature.

It will interest you to know that Lagos is a land of beaches. Well, there are one too many beaches that we can count in Lagos. It is home to some of the most exquisite tourist attractions in the country.

The reason for this is because Lagos is known as a coastline city. The majority of its parts lies close to the Atlantic Ocean.

So if you need a place to commune with mother nature, get-togethers, family bonding, parties, eat alfresco, escapades, or relaxation, Lagos is your destination. You will find just the perfect beach for your purpose.

We are now going to introduce you to a list of beaches in Lagos.

List of Lagos Beaches

Lagos beaches are characterized by white ocean sand, natural palm branches, clean air, coconut trees, and a nice ocean smell.

The list contains both public and private-owned beaches. Check them out.

  • Elegushi Private Beach Resort

Privately owned and located within the Ikate, Lekki area of Lagos, the beach is one of the most common beaches in Lagos. It is owned and ran by the Elegushi Royal Family.

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It is the perfect place for those seeking adventure and nightlife; it runs 24/7.

  • Atican Beach Resort

This private resort is found around Okun Ajah off Abraham Adesanya, off Epe Expressways, Lekki. It is one of the most discreet, peaceful, and secured relaxation spots in Lagos.

Its glittery white beach sand and startling ocean view offer a perfect place for various forms of social and corporate gatherings.

  • La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

The beach is one of the most impressive beaches in Lagos; laying after the great Lekki Free Tarde Zone area of Lagos.

Being a 5 star rated beach, it offers kayaking, canoeing, hiking, swimming, horse riding, beach football, volleyball, and so many others.

  • Tarkwa-Bay Beach

This is one of the few beaches in Lagos that is only accessible via a boat ride. Its serene and quiet environment offers water sporting activities. It is also an artificial beach.

You can pay N200 as an entrance fee and N600 to N2500 for a boat ride.

  • Oniru Private Beach

This beautiful and quiet beach is run and managed by the Oniru Royal Family.

It stands out among other beaches in Lagos as one of the quietest private beaches in Lagos. If you are looking for neatness and a safe waterfront beach, this is the spot for you.

  • Shiro/Hard Rock Cafe Beach

If you are looking for a top-of-the-class beach experience, this is where to get it.

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With its amazing ocean view and superb restaurant, the beach gives the memory of a lifetime. It shares proximity with Oniru beach.

  • Whispering Palms Resort

This is one of the most sought-after tourist sites in Lagos; which lies on 8 acres of lagoon waterside. It offers top-notch experiences for fun and vacation seekers.

Besides, it is also a perfect place for recreational, sporting corporate, and bonding activities.

If you want to catch up with the wild; a mini zoo feeds you with that. or if you want a feel of history; its museum gives you that. And if you want to relax and rest after all these activities, there is accommodation for you.

  • Lekki Leisure Lake

If you are looking for a place to take your children, lover, or wife/husband for an unforgettable bonding experience, this is your destination.

You will enjoy your time here with the various sporting and water games put in place.

  • Coconut Beach

Interestingly, this beach has in existence for a long time in Lagos. It s name originated from a large concentration of coconut trees spread all across the beach.

If you looking for a vacation spot, this is your zone. It offers a wide variety of cafeterias with delightful and fresh seafood dished with natural coconut juice to go down the throat. What a wow experience!!

  • Lekki Beach Resort

This beach is situated on 157 acres of beach land overlooking the Atlantic ocean. It features a golf course, swimming pool, and various games.

One though, it is also one of the earliest beaches in Lagos.

  • Tarzan Private Beach

Known for its quiet and serene environment, Tarzan Private Beach is an exciting place for relaxing the body and mind after a tough day. It lies adjacent to Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

  • Casa Ilashe

This is an idle private beach for children, but adults too can catch a feel of it. It can be accessed by boat and provides a seamless mess for amusement, recreation, food, and lodging.

  • Fofina Bamboo Beach Resort

If you are looking for a beach that would offer you a dilution of music, scenic beauty, and sporting activities, this should be your destination.

  • Chaka Resort

Also called the Chakaville Beach Resort, though it is not well known, it features lovely beachfront outlooks, and offers a variety of amusing activities.

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Both the young and old can catch a feel here.

  • Jaybee Beach Camp

This is the place for those seeking leisure, sporting, and fun activities. It shares proximity with the famous Tarkwa Bay. What makes it stand out from the other is the lavished chalets and lodgings.

  • Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

If you are looking for a place to jet-ski, this is the right beach to visit.

The magnificent view of the Atlantic ocean lies before it and the famous Lagos lagoon behind it. And there are other attractions for lovers of aquatic sports.

List of Other Beaches In Lagos

As earlier mentioned Lagos has a plethora of beaches that are too many to mention, however, the ones listed above are the popular ones you can see around.

You can check these too:

  1. Halemson Beach Resort
  2. Lil Zanzibar
  3. Laguna Beach Club
  4. Kuramo Beach
  5. Suntan Beach
  6. Baracunda Beach Resort
  7. Eko Tourist Beach Resort
  8. Akodo Beach
  9. Hermitage Garden Resort
  10. The Lighthouse Beach

Come to Lagos and catch a glimpse of the wonder of creation in Nigeria. The experiences promise to be worthwhile, you won’t regret them.

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