Lagos Bus Services Limited (LBSL): History, Responsibilities, Team, Routes & Fares

Whenever the name Lagos is mentioned within Africa or overseas, Nigeria comes to mind.

It has become a major source of identity for the country. There is a saying that exactly captures Lagos which is seen as the place where everything happens.

Lagos as a city is ever emerging and growing fast into a smart city.

And balance the equation, the city intends to build a smart transport system that would ensure the smooth transportation of its inhabitants and visitors from one part of the city to the other.

This enables free movement in the most convenient manner possible from one part of the city to the other.

It is because of this that the Lagos State Government stepped in to alleviate the challenges grappling with the transport sector. This is done through the Bus Reform Initiative of the State Government which usher the Lagos Bus Services Limited.

We are now going to garnish you with more details regarding Lagos Bus Services Limited.

Lagos Bus Services Limited (LBSL)

The Lagos Bus Services Limited is owned by the Lagos State Government. It was initiated in 2016 to mitigate the hardship faced by millions of commuters in the city.

It was officially launched by President Muhammad Buhari on 24th April 2019, with the buses serving as a vital part of the Lagos Bus Reform Project (LBRP).

The initiative aims to reshape and restructure the State’s public transportation system.

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With this in place, modern buses and terminals are being introduced into the system to change the approaches in the transportation network within Lagos.

Since, its incorporation in 2016, Lagos Bus Services Limited does the following:

  • Engages in the acquisition of transports assets
  • Runs Operations
  • Offer advisory services

Any medium and high capacity bus you board or see on the road is the brainwork of the LBSL. The buses are constant faces within the city’s metropolis.

As part of the State’s government’s drive to ease the transportation challenges of Lagosians, 5000 buses were earmarked for this purpose.

However, 800 have been successfully delivered at the initial stage. The pilot stage saw the deployment of 50 of the 800 delivered buses to 5 different routes within the city of Lagos.

The reason behind the introduction of the new buses is not just to fix the shortfalls of the not-so-reliable transportation system of the State, but also to ensure prompt and superior customer services.

This must be in tandem with the needs of 21st-century innovations.

Primary Responsibilities

Since LBSL is founded to cater to the transportation needs of one of Africa’s emerging cities, it ensures that commuters and Lagosians who depend on Bus Services to move around freely.

This they do by contracting and enlisting the services of mass transit operators to give commuters the best bus services at a more affordable and convenient rate.

In the midst of other things, Lagos Bus Servies Limited carries out the following primary responsibilities:

  • Rebrand and professionalize the transport service
  • Provide information to bus users
  • Adequately train bus drivers and bus service operators
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These responsibilities are outlined to meet the goals of transforming the city’s transport system to one likened to other smart cities around the world.

A better and effective transport delivery services mean a satisfied, comfortable, and happy commuter.

Mission Statement

To further pursue this, the Lagos Bus Service Limited mission statement is:

  • To provide smart and sustainable bus transportation solutions to meet the needs of a modern city


The Lagos Bus Services Limited vision is:

  • To be the dominant service provider within the transit sector in Nigeria and the industry reference point in Africa


The Lagos Bus Services Limited provides the following services:

  1. Planning Journeys

If you are someone whose hobby is traveling or loves going for tours, but you don’t know how to go about it, don’t freak out. The service is here to help you with whatever you need for your journey or tour.

They will help you to plan your journey to any part of the city or even the country at large. You will be provided with everything you need for that journey to be smooth, convenient, and successful.

Contact them and your problem is solved.

  1. Exploring the City of Lagos

Lagos is an emerging city in Nigeria and Africa. Daily, people from different parts of the country and other parts of the world come to Lagos.

Some visit the city to explore the various sights and scenes of the city, others come for business engagements. If your reason for visiting is to explore the city, then Lagos Bus Services Limited is at your beck and call.

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With their services, the LBSL will ensure you explore the city and have your fill. You can go shopping, visit landmarks and sights, and enjoy the entertainment vibe of the city.

Additionally, there are some wonderful places in the city that you would love to catch a glimpse of. They are:

  • National Theater
  • National Museum
  • Freedom Park
  • Badagry
  • New Afrikan Shrine
  • Lekki Conservation Center
  • Beaches
  • Art Galleries
  • Malls and Fun Parks
  • Restaurants and Night Life
  1. LBSL Service List And Fares

The Lagos Bus Services Limited has provided a list of services and the fare they charge for each. It is meant for commuters moving from one point of the city to the other to know how much they are paying.

The services and fares are:

  • Alapere to TBS – N150
  • Alapere to Oshodi – N100
  • Berger to TBS to Leventis to Obalande to Berger – N200
  • Berger to Oshodi to Berger – N150
  • Berger to Ikeja to Berger- N100
  • Ikeja to CMS/Obalande/TBS to Ikeja – N200
  • Oshodi to TBS to Obalande to Oshodi – N200
  • Oworo to TBS – N100
  • Oworo to Obalande – N100
  • Oworo to Berger – N100
  • Oworo to Oshodi – N100
  • Park and Ride to TBS – N200
  • Tollgate to Oshodi – N100
  • Tollgate to TBS – N100

Lagos Bus Service Limited Management Team

A management team was put in place to run the affairs of the Lagos Bus Service Limited. They are:

  • Idowu Oguntona- MD/CEO
  • Akeem Alaka- Chief Financial Officer
  • Shola Oni- Director, Technical and Asset Management
  • Folake Sadiq- Head, Legal and Company Secretary
  • Adetoun Gaji- Head, Shared Services

Here is all about Lagos Bus Service Limited.

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