Lagos Business School: History, Location, Programs & Tuition

Here is a guide on Lagos Business School, the history of the institution, location, programs, and tuition fees.

Lagos State, Nigeria has a plethora of some of the country’s most renowned and prestigious higher institutions of learning. The institutions cut across from colleges to polytechnics and universities.

While some are privately owned, some are public.

This expose acquaints you with all the information about the Lagos Business School. You will get to know when the school came into being, programs run by the school, where it is located, and tuition fees.

Relax and enjoy the read.

About Lagos Business School (LBS)

Lagos Business School is an advanced business school of Pan African University, run and maintained by the Pan-Atlantic University Foundation (PAUF).  The PAUF is a non-revenue-making foundation listed in Nigeria.

The school came into existence based on motivations derived from the lessons of St. Josemaria Escriva, the creator of Opus Dei.

Lagos Business School runs a variety of learning programs. They include; academic, executive, and part-time programs. These programs were specially designed to meet precise company needs, and also open acceptance programs in management.

The programs run by the school have been recognized globally and rated highly as one of the best in Africa. It aims to better the practice of management in the region.

Also, the school has raised the bar in terms of qualitative delivery of profound educational training with an emphasis on professionalism, moral values, and service to the community.

Learning at the Lagos Business School is all-inclusive, working based on the experiences of diverse participants that cut across different faculties from all over the world. Its methods of learning center on case studies and is participant-oriented.

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The school’s world-class learning facilities accommodate over 3,000 participants annually from different companies within and outside Nigeria. This is a testament to its robust academic programs and derivable benefits.

Since its inception, the Lagos Business School convocated over 6,000 participants, who now serve as members of its robust alumni association.

The association has lived up to its purpose of maintaining the link the institution has with the corporate world, ensuring that programs run by the school meet both local and international scorecards.

Going further, the school imbibes a Christian tradition that centers not just on man’s dignity, but on society and economic action.

And as a baby product of the Opus Dei, a catholic church institution, it ensures that these traditions are adhered to strictly in areas of teaching, publishing, and research activities of the school.

It is important to note the Lagos Business School is a proud member of the following regional and international business school bodies:

  • Association of African Business Schools (AABS)
  • The Global Business School Network (GBSN)
  • The Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME)
  • The Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International)
  • The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)

Because of the high-level standard of the school which is well designed in line with universally accepted principles, the school has received many international accreditations. They include:

  • The Association of MBAs (AMBA)
  • The Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), among others.

When Was Lagos Business School Founded?

As much as the Lagos Business School is a well-known institution of international standard and repute, we are sure many people don’t know when it came into existence. Now you are going to know the year it started running.

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The Lagos Business School (LBS) started running in the year 1991.

It first began as a minor institute known as the Center for Professional Communications (CPC). It majors in management courses applicable to the Nigerian business environment.

It was later incorporated from the Center for Professional Communications to Lagos Business School (LBS).

Where Is LBS Located (Address)

If you want to find out the location of the Lagos Business School, it is situated around Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ajah, Lagos Nigeria. You can stroll there and see things out.

Programs At LBS

The school runs very flexible but robust academic programs. They include; an 18-months full-time MBA, 2 years part-time Executive MBA, 2 years part-time Modular Executive MBA.

Others include; Executive Education Programs, Open Seminars, and Custom programs.

  • MBA

This is an 18 month full-time MBA program that furnishes learners with in-depth knowledge and understanding of key business disciplines, logic, and abilities to handle challenges.

It sheds more light on skills development, such as critical thinking, governance, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social innovation.

  • Executive MBA (EMBA)

This is a 2 year part-time MBA program. It is designed specifically to cater to managers with the desire to learn and at the same time apply superlative innovations in management to handle workplace challenges.

  • Modular Executive MBA (MEMBA)

This is also a 2 year part-time MBA program that targets busy professionals who have the desire to combine work and study at the same time.

The program is flexible enough to accommodate both work and study schedules. It provides managers with a wide range of skills that is proficient for career growth and development.

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Whether you are within or outside the shores of Nigeria, you can work and still earn your MBA degree at the end of the day.

  • Executive Education Programs

This is a wide range of programs that draws inspiration from the experiences of faculty participants across the globe.

It employs a systemic approach that guarantees the attainment of management skills and knowledge by participants. This is ensured by using case-study methods as well as group work approaches to learning.

Its wide range of programs include:

  1. 5 Months Senior Management Program at the cost of N2,950,000
  2. 4 Months Advanced Management Program at the cost of N5,740,000
  3. 5 Months Agribusiness Management Program at the cost of N1,320,000
  4. 2 Months Management Acceleration Program at the cost of N1,095,000
  5. 6 Months Owner Manager Program at the cost of N2,900,000
  6. 5 Months Global Executive Program at the cost of $28,000
  • Open Seminars

This is an exchange program that cuts across various industries.

It involves the sharing of ideas, perspectives, and contacts. It includes seminars in general management, operations, and management information system, marketing and sales management, and strategy, innovation, and governance.

Others are personal leadership and human resources management, accounting, finance and economics, and sector-specific.

  • Custom Program

This program is designed to address issues that are peculiar to each client’s business and to also provide clarifications.

If your business or organization requires expansion, be it for a larger or small section, there are ready selections of LBS’s distinguished faculty to tailor lectures, classroom experiences, and case studies suitable to address your particular needs.

LBS Tuition Fees

Currently, the tuition payable to the Lagos Business School is N3,481,119 per session. The school runs two sessions.

So the two sessions will cost N6,962,238 in total. In addition, the fees cover learning materials and can be paid in 3 installments at the start of each semester.

Furthermore, the tuition amount applies to both local and international students.

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