Lagos Country Club: History, Ownership, Location & Facilities

The Lagos Country Club, from its name, is located in Lagos state one of Nigerians most commercial states and the highly populated state harboring millions of people from the different states in the country.

Lagos is blessed with so many notable things such as commercial industries, schools, estates, hospitals, all kinds of shops, hotels, restaurants, relaxation centers and so much more.

The Lagos Country Club can’t be left out as it is the best place for recreational activities, sports, and relaxation for its members. The Lagos Country Club was founded on the third of August 1949 and was incorporated under the land perpetual succession ordinance, CAP 107 in October 1956.

The Lagos Country Club is privately owned therefore only its members are allowed to be part of all its activities, however, non-members are allowed to participate on special occasions like parties and sports tournaments.

The Lagos Country Club is located in a very safe location so the safety and security of lives and properties are guaranteed. To join the members of the club in enjoying some of the activities, you should visit the club on days of special events.

The initial site of the club was the hanger of the Royal Air Force by the West African Airways Corporation (WAAC) owned by the anglophone West African countries of Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana.

After the Nigerian independence in 1960, WAAC was renamed Nigerian Airways.

The club in its new place now shares boundaries with the Grange school and John Holt supermarket at the air traffic section wing of the Murtala Mohammed airport.

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The club moved to its new place site which covers over five acres on the 18th May 1963.

Ever since the club moved to its new site I’m 1863, the club has been working great and has achieved modest development in personnel, members, and infrastructure.

The Lagos Country Club is reported as the first family club in Nigeria, one of the largest clubs in Nigeria with an estimate of over two thousand members that cut across nationalities, tribes, and cultures.

The first chairman of the club was Mr. R Simpson (a Briton) while the first Nigerian to be the chairman was Dr. Williams a medical doctor.

The membership strength of the club as of 1951 ranged between seventy-five and hundred. This later rose to about five hundred in 1963 and now it has about more than two thousand members. The club further expanded from the initial sector of snooker/billiards and the main bar to ten different sections.

For every company or organization to run smoothly, it requires a constitution. The Lagos Country Club is no exception. The club has a constitution that governs it which is “The constitution 2013”

The first edition was revised in 1954, the constitution was also made in 1984 and was also revised in 1997. The legal owners of the club are created to be board trustees. These members include only five distinguished gentlemen.

One of the remarkable things the club has is the club anthem, the lyrics go like this:

  • Lagos Country Club founded in 1949
  • A second home for the family
  • A model in sports and social harmony
  • A heaven for you and me
  • Together we shall make it greater
  • All hail Lagos Country Club
  • Where good things happen.
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The Lagos Country Club from the year it was founded has achieved great remarkable things, some of its milestones include the following.

  • 3rd August 1949 – The Lagos Country Club in the capital of Lagos was founded.
  • 18th May 1963 – The club relocated to its present site now.
  • 1955 – The title deeds of the Lagos Country Club was issues and granted to the trustees
  • 1955 – The badminton section was founded.
  • 1979 – Founding of the table tennis section
  • 1981-82 – The squash section was founded
  • 1981-82 – Car stickers were introduced to the club
  • 1987 – The swimming section was founded in March that year
  • 1994 – The scrabble section was founded in June
  • 1994 – The opening of the main entrance building
  • 2001 – The taekwondo section was renamed to taekwondo/ aerobics section
  • 2006 – The other games sections were established.

One of the most outstanding features of the club is its dedication to keeping its members and providing different sections. There is a soccer turf and a swimming pool.

Members of the club get to enjoy other sports such as lawn tennis, table tennis, snooker, badminton and so much more. Members also have access to learning self-defense and discipline in sports such as learning taekwondo skills.

In a little summary, the Lagos Country Club is home to recreation. Sports and physical activities. If you are In Lagos and you are looking for the best and perfect place to enjoy all kinds of sports then Lagos Country Club is the best place for you.

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Recreational activities are highly practiced and encouraged at the Lagos Country Club. If there is anywhere that will influence you to love sports and recreational activities then it’s the Lagos Country Club.

The Lagos Country Club is a place where you can have fun, meet different kinds of people and interact while engaging in recreational and sporting activities.

Some of the fulfilled recreational and sporting activities carried out in the club include swimming, table tennis, squash, taekwondo, scrabble, lawn tennis and so much more.

Lawn tennis is highly played by individuals more than other sporting activities. It is not surprising because the Lagos lawn tennis club is an affiliate of the club.

Not forgetting that there is a main bar in the club. When you are idle you may want to grab a drink and some snacks to relax. There is also a large swimming pool in the club where you can cool off after having a day full of exercise.

There is also a very large multipurpose hall where you can host any kind of event.

Some of the best features in the Lagos Country Club are:

  • 5-star restaurant
  • Private club
  • Soccer turf
  • Sporting facilities
  • Multipurpose hall etc.

Here is all that is to know about Lagos Country Club, Ikeja.

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