Lagos Fashion Week: History, Events & Top Designers

The fashion industry is slowly breaking boundaries, cutting across every part of the world.

If you should compare the fashion sense of the twentieth century to that of the present-day twenty-first century, you will see a very great remarkable difference.

All About Lagos Fashion Week

No one wants to be left out in the past fashion trends.

There was a point when young men and women do not value Ankara dresses, it was considered olf fashion and it was meant for old men and women, they preferred wearing normal English wears because that was the trend.

Looking at the present day trend now, young men and women don’t much value English wears,l. The cultural Ankara dresses are now Embraced. You can find surplus Ankara styles for both men and women on the internet.

Just as the world is going digital day by day, so is the fashion industry, it brings out new trends of fashion styles. A fashion style that trended last year will not trend this year because designers are up and doing bringing new styles that will soothe the season.

This development has influenced the Establishment of the international fashion week, celebrating talent and its place on the fashion stage.

The development has therefore influenced Lagos to forge ahead with the season and trend in the effort to provide local fashion brands with access to market opportunities which led to the formation of the Lagos fashion week.

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The Lagos fashion week first started in 2011, it was well welcomed by both fashion enthusiasts and fashion designers.

The following year that is 2012, the event was organized by the MTN group and I’m 2018 the event was sponsored by Heineken. Other sponsors of the event include the British council and Fetswallet.

The Lagos fashion week is a platform created to boost the Nigerian and African fashion industries. The platform tends to bring together buyers and consumers as well as the media to view and publicize the current collections of the designers.

The Lagos fashion week which is a four-day event in Ikeja the capital of Lagos is considered the leading event on the African fashion calendar. The Lagos fashion week paves the way with initiatives, ideas, and support that straightens and develops the fashion industry.

This annual event provides a physical platform that is slowly repositioning fashion as a useful tool for commerce and creativity in Nigeria.

The key importance of the Lagos fashion week event is to promote authentic Nigerian crafts and textiles with a great focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly fashion brands.

Activities At The Lagos Fashion Week

At the end of every Lagos fashion week event, it announces some best designers who participated during the event. The activities carried out during the event include,

Lagos showrooms: It gives you access to shop from some of your favorite fashion brands.

Visual makers fellowship: Its created to empower photographers and filmmakers through workshops and masterclasses

Green Access: This focus on discovering talents to encourage designers to create good economic, social, and environmentally sustainable fashion brands

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Fashion Focus Africa: It is a talent discovery initiative that creates access to information change, networking, opportunities, and access to market

Fashion Business Series: A discussion with key players from Nigeria and Pam African industries and beyond. It serves as a useful tool for networking, sharing ideas, and developing the fashion industry.

After Parties: It is an opportunity to go out and relax, experience Lagos life especially its nightlife, and connect with great creatives in a comfortable environment.

 Fashion Designers At The Lagos Fashion Week

Some of the great fashion designers recognized during the 2021 fashion week include,

  • Christie Brown

The label Christie Brown was created in 2008 and owned by Aisha Obuobi.

The Christie Brown is an exceptional label combining bespoke gowns with decorative textiles and traditional wax-resist fabrics.

Aisha skillfully mixes a rich color palette with lace and brocade for ultimate female wear, adding waisted shapes, ruffles, and statement sleeves.

  • Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa is the most established designer of fashion week 2021. She has built on her a mix of traditional Ankara textiles (the wax resist-dyed fabric from West Africa) with current tailoring.

She delivers skillfully mismatched prints, miniskirts alongside slick tailored suits.

  • Adebayo Oke Lawal

Adebayo skillfully designed contemporary men’s wear and labels it Orange culture back then in 2011. He has become synonymous in promoting his approach to dressing.

The drivers of his collections include the print, pattern, and bold colors which happily mixes street reference with his youthful men and women’s wear.

  • Bloke

Block label was created in 2015 by Faith Oluwajimi. Within a short time, he made his name a designer with a genderless approach to dressing.

  • Andrea Iyamah

Andrea’s labels are well known for their beautiful and unique swimwear which is inspired by Dumebi Iyamah a creative director of Africa’s Heritage. The label was created in 2013.

  • Now

Now focused on traditional African crafts which combine embroidery, hand dye techniques, and beading with strong contemporary silhouettes.

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Nkwo’s brand is greatly inspired by the free-spirited lifestyle of African nomadic tribes.

  • Maxivive

The maxivive label was created in 2013 by Papa Oyeyemi. The brand quickly gained recognition as an alternative men’s wear brand. The designer later added women’s wear and a luxe sports diffusion line.

Maxivive produces seasoned and traditional collections in favor of the two seasons the dry and rainy seasons.

The Lagos fashion week has created a very good and positive impact in the lives of people, designers, fashion lovers, consumers, and even the market. In Nigeria, the Lagos fashion week has boosted the Nigerian fashion industry.

The Lagos fashion week has paved way for sool many designers to sign contracts with so many people, they were able to gain recognition and patronage.

It has also made the Nigerian fashion industry to be recognized worldwide.

Fashion Week has also influenced upcoming designers to be up and doing that one day they will be able to showcase their crafts during the fashion week, it has also influenced others to start the business of fashion design as well.

Fashion also serves as a tool to challenge designers to be more creative as so many designers are exhibiting their crafts as well. To succeed in the business you have to be more creative to attract patronage.

Let your creativity be seen in your crafts.

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