Lagos Garden Centre: Objectives, Contact & Product Prices

Today, we will be doing a review of the Lagos Garden Center.

Life in Lagos city is always on the go. There is no time to waste time. People are always moving to catch up with schedules or meet up with appointments.

Some are rushing to work, while others are running to their places of business. But amid all the hustle and bustle of life in Lagos, people get caught up with stress and fatigue. One good and healthy way to relax and free you is through gardening.

There are a whole lot of benefits derivable from gardening. However, in a busy city like Lagos, there is a means for you to learn gardening on the go.

This is where we are going to tell about the Lagos Garden Center.

Now whenever Lagos Garden Center is mentioned, people’s minds would begin to imagine the location and how the garden city looks like. Some would even ask for the address or contact of any of its staff.

But we have forgotten that this is the 21st century of the computer age, where you get any detail or information at the tap of your mobile device.

If you belong to the category of people wishing to know what the Lagos Garden Center is all about and how to get to it, you are in the right place. We will show you how.

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Facts About Lagos Garden Center (LGC)

The Lagos Garden Center is a designated online medium vested to promote the art of gardening. And spark the passion of the inhabitants of Lagos to grow beautiful things within the Lagos Metropolis.

This is to ensure the beauty and aesthetics of the country’s commercial center and the major entry point for foreigners.

The center focuses on creating amazing content that would inspire and teach its customers as well as visitors the art of gardening. And this is carried out in the most efficient, easy, and cost-effective means possible.

The art of gardening is a very serious endeavor that demands a huge sum of money.

It begins with learning how to grow and transferring the knowledge gained to the actual garden itself. But the LGC decides to simplify it by making information easy and available to those interested in the art of gardening.

The LGC doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Its operations and undertakings are guided by strategies that ensure the products offered by the center maintain a high degree of standards.

To uphold the standards, the center makes environmental protection and preservation its topmost priority.

While doing this, the center commits itself to offer eco-friendly products. They ensure that whatever products it offers to the public (visitors and customers) are not in any way harmful to the environment.

That is why LGC is the best place for you to visit and tap the knowledge of the art of the garden. And get the best products from anyway in Lagos.

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Mission Of Lagos Garden Center

The Lagos Garden Center’s mission is to;

  • Build a community of people who will work together to tend the earth
  • Preserve the environment
  • Restore Lagos to its lush green state

The Vision of The Lagos Garden Center

The LGC”s vision is to;

  • Be the one-stop shop for all gardening essentials, with excellent, quality service delivery customers can trust.

A lot of people may not be aware of what gardening means. And there could be another category that doesn’t know the benefits that derivable from gardening. We are going to enlighten you on that before we proceed to some of the products LGC offers to the public.

What is Gardening?

Gardening is the act of growing and nurturing plants as part of horticulture. For the garden, ornamental plants are always nurtured for their flowers, foliage, or general appearance. Other beneficial plants such as vegetables, fruits, and herbs are cultivated for consumption or medical and cosmetic purposes.

Gardening comes in various gages such as;

  • Fruit orchards
  • Long boulevard plantings
  • Residential back gardens

Benefits of Gardening

If not to beautify the environment, there are other benefits you can derive from gardening.

They include;

  • It aids your body system to fight diseases. This is possible in outdoor gardening where you get to 30 minutes or more outside under the sun. It is interesting to note that your skin uses sunlight to build vitamin D.
  • It increases your strength, promotes sleep, and reduces body weight.
  • Protects your memory as you grow older.
  • It aids in boosting your mood.
  • Helps you relax after stressful activities.
  • It can help you recover from addiction.
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Products and Prices

Some of the products offered by LGC to its customers include; compost and additives, seeds, containers, plant food and fertilizers, and even books on how to go into gardening.

Compost and Additives

  • Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi 60G at N1, 800
  • More Gro All Purpose Peat Free Compost 15L at N6, 500
  • Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi Professional 2.5L at N37, 500
  • Growmoor Multipurpose Compost with Added John Inne 60L at N11, 000


  • Tronchunda Kale Seeds at N2, 500
  • Thousandhead Kale Seeds at N2, 700
  • Georgia Southern Collards Seed at N2, 200
  • Korean dark Green Pepper Seeds at N2, 800
  • Amis Paste Roma Tomato Seeds at N2, 800
  • Cayenne Long Thin Pepper Seeds at N2, 800


  • 5cm Seed and Cutting Pot 15pack at N3, 000
  • 13cm Seed and Cutting Pot 16pack at N4, 500
  • 20 Liter Vigoroot Grow Bag (3 Pack) a4 N9, 000
  • Rigid Gravel/Seed Tray Black No Holes at N1, 800
  • Flower Pot terracotta 30cm at N5, 000


  • Field Guide To Urban Gardening at N13, 000
  • The Beginner’s Guide To Gardening in The Tropics at N6, 500
  • DIY Hydroponic Gardens at N12, 500
  • RHS Get Growing at N10, 500
  • Charles Dowding’s Vegetable Course at N13, 500

For better and effective service delivery, the Lagos Garden Center engages in the door to door deliveries within 48 hours of the order in Lagos and 3-7 working days to other states.

If you don’t know where to begin, kindly visit the center’s NEW GARDENER. The platform will offer you guidance and advice on how to start.

You can reach the center’s customer service through an email to They respond promptly to messages.

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