Lagos Island Markets: Balogun, Idumota, Dosunmu, Ijora Olopa, Jankara, Ita Faji

In this article, we will be talking about the markets located only on Lagos Island.

Lagos Nigeria has been blessed with so many big markets that attract a lot of traders and business executives within and outside Lagos.

Lagos has been divided by the lagoon into two which are Lagos Island and Lagos mainland.

Some of these markets are very old but yet offers great shopping experience and every day it has different faces coming into it to buy and sell different goods and services

Popular Markets On Lagos Island

One of the essential and crucial things every social community or habitation should have is a market. No matter how small the settlement is, having a small market within will go a long way to help them.

People buy and sell every day, you seek to buy different things every day. But, you may have shopped around but sometimes things in the shop appear more expensive than that of the market.

And sometimes you can’t get everything you want in a shop but a market can guarantee you almost everything you want.


The Balogun market is very large and also one of the major markets in the whole state. It has a lot person from within and outside Lagos coming to buy and sell goods daily.

The market cuts across several streets therefore it does not have a given address.

People who import goods and sell them at the market mostly come to meet in the market as early as five in the morning on special days to get their goods and services and sell them as well.

Other traders tend to go to the market earlier than others to buy from wholesalers and sell them in the same market to make a good profit. They also get to select the best of the products before other traders like them too.

In the Balogun market, you can be sure if getting almost everything you are looking for. The market is well structured into different sections. For instance, you can’t find provisions in the accessory section.

It has different sections therefore it is easier for a visitor to be able to locate where they are selling a particular product. Every section offers a particular category of goods for sale.

The market is a major source of Ashoebi. It sells all kinda if fabrics, ranging from wrappers, lace, and the likes.

This is the most visited market for party and owambe lovers or people who are preparing for any event most especially weddings.

Buying goods in the Balogun market can be stressful but it will surely be a memorable experience. A lot of people are on the move to and fro so keep your bags and purse safe from people who pickpockets.


Dasunmu market is another market located on Lagos Island. It is well known for its sales of different varieties of baby things and mother care stuffs at wholesale prices.

You can still buy in retail and also get collections of various varieties in terms of bags, shoes, cosmetics, etc.


The location of This market is in Èbúte Èrò, a town in Lagos.

The market is one of Nigeria’s oldest and biggest markets. It was reported in January 2013 that a mysterious stone was found on the floor of the market with an Arabic inscription.

The market is famous and highly patronized by a lot of people within and outside Lagos state. Its goods include food Ingredients, tin tomatoes, palm oil, vegetable oil, Maggi, spaghetti, and the likes.

You can also find household utensils such as pots, plates, cups, buckets, and the likes.


Jankara market is one of the well-known and most patronized markets by a lot of people in Lagos. The market offers an amazing shopping experience.

Jankara market is a major market for local and handmade products, these include tie and dyed cloths, trade beads and pieces of jewelry, pirated cassettes, pottery, and articles of clothing.

The market is widely believed to be dominated by the Igbos. Jankara market can boast of affordable prices for goods and services.


Idumota market is located in the Igamu axis of Lagos Island, the market is popularly known as ‘Eko’. You can’t mention big markets in Lagos and live Idumota out.

It is very large and has the biggest collections of different varieties of goods

The goods you can surely find in the Idumota market include textiles, pieces of jewelry, shoes, interior decor, bags, accessories, clothes and so much more.

If you are a very good fan of Bollywood movies, then visit the market as they have in stock always their variety of latest movies.


Ijora Olapa market is located in Odo road, iganmu axis of the Lagos island.

The market is well known for its kinds of services. You can find all kinds of frozen foods in the market such as Turkey, fish, shrimp, chicken, lobsters, and the likes.

The market is very special most especially when it comes to buying in bulk or retails. Everything in the market is sold at cheaper prices compared to bother markets around Lagos.

Ijora Olapa’s nearest bus stop are Ijora Bida, Iganmu and Iddo terminal.


Ita Faji is a market famous for its sales of cheap meats due to the abundant local butchers that operate there. The market is located in the middle of Lagos island therefore it experiences a very high level of traffic.

You can find different items in the Ita Faji market, items like household utensils, such as baskets, plastics, enamel pans as well as foodstuffs of different kinds.

One of Ita Faji market nearest bus stops is Oluwole.

The roads in the market are very narrow so to avoid difficulties in passing through and wasting time it is advisable you do not into the market with your vehicle.


These are not the only markets located on Lagos Island, we only mentioned just but few for the sake of this article.

These markets offer a lot of amazing shopping experiences. When you find yourself in the area where one of the markets is located, try to visit the market even if you won’t buy anything.

The atmosphere alone is amazing.

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