Lagos Island Maternity Hospital: History, Ownership, Facilities, Units & Services

This article will hereby give you more information and details about the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital.

A hospital is one of the basic things each community should be able to possess.

People fall ill every day, people have accidents whether at home or on the road, people sustain injuries especially during sports or at work, women give birth.

They tend to face different things that require medical attention.

About Lagos Island Maternity Hospital

Having a hospital that is accessible will help save lives daily. There are cases of loss of lives due to injuries, accidents, mental illness, or childbirth due to the unavailability of hospitals.

A lot of people who need medical attention tend to lose their lives during the process of rushing such victims to a very far hospital.

Lagos which is one of the states in Nigeria is blessed to have so many medical facilities including hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, pharmacies, and the likes.

One of the best hospitals in Lagos and Nigeria at large is the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital.

This hospital offers a lot of services to people ranging from family planning, laboratory services, Maternity services and so much more.

The hospital has undoubtedly saved a lot of lives and cured various illnesses, and their medical personnel gives good medical-related advice.

When It Was Founded

The Lagos Island Maternity Hospital is located at Campbell Street in Lagos. The hospital was established in 1960 the same year Nigeria got its independence.

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It is one of the oldest hospitals and Lagos and Nigeria at large. It’s one of the unique hospitals that give general services.

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester laid the foundation stone of the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital on the 13th of May 1959.

The hospital was finally declared open by the wife of the Governor then in the person of Lady Robertson on the 20th July 1960.

The Lagosians however were making use of the Maternity services given by the Massey Street dispensary before the Establishment of the hospital.

The dispensary is also attached to the children’s hospital.


The hospital is owned by the Lagos state government and is well-known for specializing in different services, such as caring for pregnant women, caring during childbirth as well as caring for the newborn infant.

The unique hospital also offers services in areas of gynecological and obstetrics problems.

It is one of the most preferred hospitals by so many private hospitals, other government hospitals as well as tertiary institutions from within and outside Lagos.


The Lagos Island Maternity Hospital is a health care center that operates twenty-four hours every day. It means all the days of the week are engaged giving one service or the other to patients.

The mission of the hospital is to be able to provide quality medical services that are accessible and at affordable prices to its patients in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere by well-trained and equipped staff through using the present-day technology and individual approach.

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The staff of the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital is certified and dedicated specialists in their area of specialization. They have good medical assistants who offer a wide range of services in different areas.

The staffs are hardworking individuals who do their best and offer quality services to their patients. They try their possible best to make sure they save the lives of patients at all costs.

They are warm and dedicated to their job.

Not forgetting the non-medical personnel in the hospital which are the cleaners, security personnel, drivers, and others, they are also dedicated to their jobs and offer great services as well.


The Lagos Island Maternity Hospital is broken into the following units:

  1. Pathology
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Emergency services
  4. Maternity services
  5. Physiotherapy
  6. Nursing care
  7. Pediatrics
  8. General outpatient
  9. Inpatient treatment facility
  10. General medicine
  11. Surgery
  12. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  13. Radiology
  14. Physical medicine
  15. Medical rehabilitation center
  16. Dental care
  17. Blood bank
  18. Chest clinic
  19. Orthopedics
  20. Ophthalmology
  21. Family planning
  22. Neonatal care
  23. Laboratory services.


The Lagos Island Maternity Hospital has about two hundred and fifteen beds and also has thirty-two cots.

It has some great rate of art facilities such as recovery rooms, intensive care units, theatres, labor rooms, and emergency facilities.

The hospital has pharmacies, a family planning section, a heart-to-heart center where you can receive therapy sessions as well; they also have a canteen where admitted patients are given free food.

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The Lagos Island Maternity Hospital has about three blocks named A, B, and C but block C is temporarily closed for renovations.

The high level of patronage in the hospital gave way for further expansions to accommodate the rising population that visits the hospital daily.


The hospital is located in a safe location, security of lives and properties is highly guaranteed, it is a serene environment free from the noise of buzzing cars and truckload horns.

It is a very calm and peaceful environment.

What You Will Need Before Coming To The Hospital

It is advisable that before you go to the hospital, take along with you a medical report and documents as well as an overnight bag in case of any emergency that will come up.

The Lagos Island Maternity Hospital is very good and we will recommend any sick person to the hospital.

If you are in Lagos and happen to be sick or knows someone who is sick refer such a person to Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, where he/she is assured of a very good treatment.

This applies to anyone around the country.


The hospital is one of the best and standards hospitals in Nigeria and West African at large. A lot of good reviews have been coming from different people who have been received services there.

One of the reviews from a patient explains how she was handled with care, the applauded the staff who attended to her and all the staff as well.

She gave birth to a set of twins and she said she had a great experience and will come back to the hospital for the next delivery.

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