Lagos Oriental Hotel: Location, Features, Contact, Room & Service Rates

If you are in Lagos and looking for luxury, 24/7 electricity, a secured and serene environment, delicious cuisines, and where to gym, Lagos Oriental Hotel should be your stop.

It is one of the highly rated 5- star plush hotels in the city of Lagos. You can find it sitting in-between the highbrow areas of Lekki and Victoria Island.

The hotel shares proximity with several corporate and tourist sites.

For instance, the Nike Art Gallery, Bar Beach, and the Nigerian National Museum lies within 5km of the hotel. Most of these spots attract not only Nigerians but foreigners as well.

The 90 rooms hotel offers a range of lavish rooms like; classic room, classic superior room, classic deluxe room, junior suite, executive junior room, business suite, diplomatic suite, ambassador suite, and the presidential suite.

Above and beyond the fascinating unique artworks and Asian touch, the plush rooms feed you with charming views of the Lagos Lagoon.

In an appreciative gesture, the rooms come with a coffee maker, a free small bar, and a bottle of water, a bible, and some envelopes just in case you want to send a mail.

In addition, the rooms also have flat LCD TVs and air condition installed.

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Once you pay for a room, your breakfast and drinks in the small bar are covered. That is to say at the Lagos Oriental Hotel, you get comfort, hospitability, and value for your money.

The facilities at the hotel are classic. It has numerous diners, bars, and free Wi-Fi in all the rooms.  The standard outdoor pool offers you the chance to cool off your high temperature during hot days.

Its cookery section offers numerous restaurants like; the Mayumi Japanese Fusion Restaurant, offering amazing Japanese cuisines; the Oriental Garden Chinese Restaurant offering Chinese cuisines; Hot Pot Restaurant and the Five Cowrie shop offering a breathtaking view of the Lagos Lagoon with its outstanding coffee and pastries.

How Much Does Lagos Oriental Hotel Charge?

The luxury rooms of the hotel are furnished to meet international standards.

Since Lagos is the point of entry into the country, foreigners are always coming into Nigeria through Lagos. So it is pertinent that the hotel meets the tastes and yearnings of its customers for better services.

The hotel charges the following rates depending on the type of room booked.

  • Classic Room

The hotel charges N75, 000 per night for this room. The more you stay the more you pay, and you are sure to get a discount.

  • Classic Superior

This room is a bit more expensive than the classic room. To enjoy the features that come with the room, you pay N100, 000 for a single night.

  • Classic Deluxe

To have a feel of this luxury room for one night, the hotel charges N150, 000. With this fee, you get the complimentary gifts attached to it.

  • Junior Suite

With N210, 000 per night, you get to enjoy a clean and serene environment that would make you forget home.

  • Executive Junior Suite

The hotel gives you this room at N250, 000 for a night. That is why it is called the executive.

  • Business Suite

To enjoy a time of wonder and relaxation which this room affords you, the hotel charges N300, 000 for a stay here. It is mostly reserved for top business executives.

  • Diplomatic Suite

Maybe the reason why it is called diplomatic is that it is simply diplomatic. The hotel charges N360, 000 for this room.

  • Ambassador Suite

This is the type of room that can be only afforded by the very rich. No wonder it is called the Ambassador room. The hotel charges N440, 000 for a stay here.

  • Presidential Suite

Anything presidential is always different from the rest. To book this suite, you pay the hotel N550, 000 for it.

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Where to Eat and Drink At Lagos Oriental Hotel

For foodies and especially those who love eating Asian cuisines, the hotel offers you a range of options from Chinese to Japanese and local cuisines.

To quench your thirst, there are varieties of drinks at the bars for your drinking pleasure. You can eat and drink in the following places at the hotel:

  • Restaurant & Bars

Situated at the hotel’s lobby, it offers breakfast and Sunday lunch buffet for customers.

It opens from 7 am to 11 am on weekdays and from 12 pm to 4 pm every Sunday. It charges N6, 000 per individual for breakfast and N10, 000 per individual for Sunday lunch.

  • Mayumi (Japanese) Restaurant

The restaurant offers customers a taste of traditional Japanese cuisines. It is located on the hotel’s 3rd floor; it can contain 70 guests at a time. While its VIP Room capacity carries 12 guests and charges N60, 000 for the room.

  • Oriental Garden Restaurant

It offers you some of the finest wine and dines within its walls. It is also located on the hotel’s 3rd floor.

The restaurant can contain a maximum number of 80 guests at a time, while the VIP Room can contain 40 guests. The room charge is N80, 000.

  • Five Cowries Coffee Shop

To start a perfect day off with a cappuccino or closing it with a glass of wine, Five Cowries Coffee Shop got you covered. And while you enjoy your coffee or wine, you can catch a beautiful glimpse of the Lagos Lagoon.

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You can find it on the ground floor, next to the poolside, and runs for 24 hours.

it can contain 50 guests at a time.

  • African Bar

Located on the hotel’s 2nd floor, the African Bar offers a variety of drinking for your drinking pleasure. It runs for 24 hours.

Others include; the Abacus and HotPot restaurants.

Lagos Oriental Hotel Contact Details

You can find this famous hotel at no 3, Lekki Road, Victoria Island Lagos. Or call +234 (0) 1 280 6600, and +234 (0) 1 280 6609.

For general inquiries, email the hotel at: and make your bookings at:

Come to Lagos Oriental Hotel and experience class, luxury, serenity, neatness, and security.

You get value for your money. We bet you won’t regret it.

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