Lagos Preparatory School: History, Vision, Mission, Curriculum & Programs

Here is all there is to know about Lagos Preparatory School.

Better education is one of the rights of a child. That is why it is captured in 1948’s universal declaration of human rights. So, deny any human being especially a child this basic right amounts to a taboo.

This right is also enshrined in the constitution of Nigeria. As such, it is binding on every State in the country to make provisions for it.

Lagos is at the forefront of this global campaign. This brings us to the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a place where your child can get an exclusive education?
  • A serene environment where your child will experience a top-of-the-world standard education?

Oh yes, there is such a place where your child will receive the best learning experience. Your child can get this at the Lagos Preparatory School.

We are going to open your eyes and minds to what your child stands to gain if enrolled in this prestigious learning environment.  And not forgetting the positive exposures your child would have.

You would also know the philosophy behind the creation of the school; the various academic programs run by it. And the achievements of the school since it started running in Lagos. Sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

When The Lagos Preparatory School Was Founded

The school was born out of the innate desires of an 18 group of people for better and exclusive education.

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It was founded on the 2nd day of May 2002 to specifically provide kids with first-class primary school education in a traditional English way.

Asides from the founding members’ vision of setting the pace for high standard education, it also desires the school to be a happy school.

The school aims to be a ground where service to others, a high sense of accountability, and truthfulness become the watchword of their products.

And all these are embedded in its not-for-profit philosophy.

Since its inception to date, the school ensures that these philosophies are sustained and maintained, leading the school to where it is today. It is without a doubt that the school stands tall among other schools in Nigeria.

It is also important to note that the brains behind the foundation of the school realized that the business of providing better education is not the sole duty of the government alone.

But, those too with the interest of education at heart for children can join forces to establish a better environment for teaching and learning.

Lagos Preparatory School Mission Statement

  • To create an environment of international learning where all children achieve their maximum potential, regardless of ability through quality first delivery of the English National Curriculum.

Lagos Preparatory School Vision

The school crafted a vision that would make it stand out as an international school reputable for operating based on global relevance where children would be nurtured.

It has the following vision:

  • Enjoying and achieving while making positive contributions
  • Developing an appreciation and respect of their own and others
  • Learning to be healthy and staying safe
  • Understanding and achieving economic well being
  • Growing together to become adults into a wider community
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Lagos Preparatory School Curriculum

The Lagos Preparatory School’s core curriculum is a set of well-thought-out plans and activities that are organized for the promotion of learning and personal growth and development of the child.

It is not limited to the official requirements of the English National Curriculum, but the different extra-curricular activities organized by the school to fully enrich the children’s experience.

It also covers areas such as the hidden curriculum which focuses on what the children have learned from the way they are treated and expected behavior.

Emphasizing children’s positive growth and responsibility; working and cooperating with others. And at the same time building knowledge and skills which in turn leads to the achievement of the children’s true potential.

The school endorses the DfES document Excellence and Enjoyment 2003, with regards to the curriculum which seeks to attain the highest standards for children.

Through this, the school aims to nurture the children’s creativity and thinking levels; shaping them into independent learners.

The curriculum adopted by the school strives to achieve the following:

  • Promotion and development of each child irrespective of age, gender, race, or social class
  • Developing solid relations with parents, families, directors, and the wider community to increase the children’s educational experiences; making them feel like part of the family
  • Ensure that a clearer path and purpose is set for each individual striving to improve
  • Provide a serene, safe, and secure learning atmosphere for all
  • Building the children’s ability to appreciate their cultures and that of others
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Skills Students Learn

The reviewed National Curriculum has reckoned the following skills as major in its pursuit of high educational standards for children. Their major skills are:

  • Communication Skill
  • Application of Number Skill
  • Information Technology Skill
  • Working with Others
  • Improving one’s learning and performance
  • Problem-solving skill

The school sees these skills as paramount to the growth, development, and progress of the children. That is why teachers are advised to focus on these areas of skills; which will enable the children to grow and develop their full potential.

Lagos Preparatory School Programs

The Lagos Preparatory School is divided into 3 different schools, running 3 different programs, but all share a single goal. They are:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

This particular program is also known as pre-nursery to reception is meant for children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. Here a child’s happiness, comfortability, safety, and security are ensured at all times. While doing this, a tremendous foundation is laid for inspiring these tender ones to a life of learning.

  • Primary

This is a 6 years program that handles children between the age brackets of 5 to 11. Here the emphasis is placed on the promotion of a set of exciting themes that bring to life the English National Curriculum.

The classes in this program are made up of:

  1. Key Stage 1 for year 1 to 2
  2. Lower Key Stage 2 for year 3 to 4
  3. Upper Key Stage 2 year 5 to 6

With this division, the children transit smoothly from one stage to the other, while ensuring that they are ready for any change in curriculum and teaching timetable.

  • Secondary

The secondary program handle student from year 7 to 11, who are between the ages of 11 and 16. It is divided into 2 secondary Key Stages 3 and 4.

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