7 Best Zoos & Conservation Centres In Lagos State

Here is a guide on Lagos Zoos and Conservatives.

Lagos, as the economic backbone of Nigeria, is a home of hospitality and tourism. Hospitality in our context today is about wildlife/animal conservation. Let us inquire about the zoos in Lagos state.

We know that a zoo is a large area reserved and structured to keep live animals of different species for exhibition. These animals are kept in cages. They are well-fed and taken care of.

Common Problems Facing Zoos In Nigeria

  1. Poorly Trained Veterinarians

Most tertiary institutions don’t have a zoo for practicals. This leaves the students in ignorance. As such, they can not handle wildlife. When these animals fall ill, it is quite hard to get well-trained veterinarians.

  1. Low funds

Visitation to the zoo is sometimes seasonal. Some days pass by without people visiting. Most times people who visit are not up to a good number. This makes it difficult to afford veterinarians, feed animals, and upgrade the zoo.

  1. Animal acquisition

Animals are purchased from wildlife hunters. These hunters determine the purchase price. In cases where the prices are exorbitant, the zoo cannot afford to purchase such animals. These could leave the zoo lacking animals to display.

  1. Cost of feed

The high price of feed makes it hard to feed animals. This leads to starvation and death. For instance, Lions should eat 10 kg of meat a day. Any feed less than that will lead to malnourishment.

  1. Poor infrastructure

Most zoos are outdated and need renovation.

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Functions of Zoos

  1. Conservation

Due to rapid development, most animal habitats are destroyed. This leaves animals homeless and killed. With the help of zoological gardens, these animals are preserved from extinction.

They are given shelter and food. They are well-treated and kept at an adequate temperature. Some wild animals do not exist outside the zoo anymore. But through the zoo, we are aware of their existence.

  1. Breeding

Male and female animals are kept in good condition to mate and reproduce. This makes the animal population grow. It gives the animals a sense of belonging.

With the help of technology, new species can be gotten from old species. They are crossbreeds. This adds generic variations to the specific animal family.

  1. Education

A zoo is a place where one can learn about the existence of other animals.

Instead of boarding a plane to the next country or visiting the forest, one can visit the nearest zoo in his location. It offers an opportunity to have the experience than relying on what you have been told.

  1. Research

Information about animal health, nutrition, and behaviors are made possible through zoos. Most modern drugs for animal bites came from series of tests done on the animals.

Some wild animals have become domesticated. This is learned from research done at zoos.

List Of Popular Zoos In Lagos: Address & Entry Fees

There are different types of zoos. In Lagos, we have the animal zoo and aqua zoo. In case you haven’t been to a zoo before or you want to visit other zoos, you can visit any of these:

  1. Origin Garden Zoo

Though most zoos in Nigeria are government-owned, this is the first private zoo. Built in 2014, it is owned by Prince Abiola Kosoko.

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The zoo is located in Ikorodu, Lagos. One can find diverse displays of animals like Lions, Hyenas, Monkeys, Baboons, Snakes, Peacocks, Ducks, Chimpanzees, Ostriches, Eagles, Raccoons, Turtles, a 187-year-old Tortoise, etc.

As a center for leisure, relaxation, and enlightenment, it has attracted lots of tourists and people who appreciate nature. Origin Garden is aimed at educating people especially school children on wildlife.

It has a natural museum which makes it easier to see animals upfront without getting hurt.

Interestingly, the natural museum is made up of exhibited dead animals. These animals are not buried. Instead, chemicals are applied to them to prevent decay and smells.

Tour in the zoo is affordable. It is ₦500 per person. An advantage is, one can have an adventure to historical places from the zoo.

This is because the zoo is located on an island. The speed boats are available to take you to several places on other parts of the island. You can have a boat ride on the creeks of Lagos.

The creeks are about 7-8 feet deep that you can’t get to the end of the water.

  1. Q-brat Zoo

The zoo was built in 2012. Located in Badagry, Lagos, it is owned by Prince Shakiru Adesina Raji. You can find Monkeys, Alligators, Rabbits, Hedgehogs, Foxes, Vultures, Hyenas, Horses, Camels, a 177-year-old Tortoise, etc.

The recent zoo replaced the abandoned five-hectare Ologe Forest Reserve.

The reserve was established by former Lagos state governor Lateef Jakande. Fortunately, Prince Shakiru got a private-public partnership between him and the Lagos state government.

He developed the reserve into the present-day beautiful Q-brat zoo. There are playgrounds equipment in the zoo to help relax the body. There is a guest house for tourists. Events are also staged in the zoo. Entry fee costs ₦500.

  1. Shodex Zoo

This is a mini-zoo in Shodex garden, Ikorodu, Lagos.  It has limited animals: Chimpanzee, Ostrich, Ducks, Crocodile, Guinea pigs, and mini aquarium. The entry fee cost ₦1000.

  1. Omu Resort

There is a classic zoo in Omu resort. The resort is located in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.

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It is a very beautiful place to be. It has animals like Hyena, Ducks, Caracal, tortoises, Lions, Baboons, Monkeys, chimpanzees, peacocks, Fish, Zebras, Guinea pigs, etc.

The entry fee is quite expensive. It ranges from ₦4000 – ₦16000 but it is worth it.

  1. Fish Aqua Zoo

This is located in Ikeja, Lagos. It is a place where fish and aquatic animals are bred and displayed.

They include Guppy fish, Piranha fish, Paradise fish, Catfish, the electric eel, Turtle, and Alligators. It also has an aquarium for water plants.

List Of Conservations In Lagos

Conservation is slightly different from a zoo. In the sense that, conservations keep animals in their natural habitats without having to cage them. They are larger than zoos.

In Lekki, there are two conservations:

  1. Lekki Conservation Centre

Located in the Lekki peninsula is a forest-protected habitat where animals dwell. The center is built in a forest. The idea is to create the feeling of a reality where people see how these animals behave in their homes.

It serves as an educative, recreation, and research center. It also has special features like The longest canopy walkway made with the latest technology, fish ponds, picnic areas, parks, and lots more.

  1. Green fingers conservation

The zoo is located in Lekki. It consists of animals like Monkeys, Rabbits, Peacocks, Crocodiles, etc.

Impact of Lagos Zoos on The Economy

  • Revenue: Before a zoo is established, there are certain payments paid to the government. To take a tour around the zoo, there is a fixed fee. Most zoos allow events, sell animals, and do other things to get income. Taxes are paid to the government monthly or yearly.
  • Job creation. People are employed as veterinarians, cleaners, agents, feeders, etc.

There you have it! A list of zoos and conservation centers in Lagos State, Nigeria.


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