Kaftan for Men

  Many men around the world enjoy wearing a caftan for its easy, classic, lightweight and simple designs. Another factor that increases the love for the caftan among men because of the breathable fabric that is composed to keep you warm in cold weather. The beauty of the caftan resides in its simple style and … Read more

15 Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves

  The soursop is cognized by the scientific name ‘Annona muricata’ is a wonderful fruit of an evergreen plant that grows in regions of Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. Others names include Guyabano, Sirsak, Graviola, Brazilian Paw Paw, Guanabana, and Saslapa. The fruit is egg-shaped, large, green on the exterior with livid stringy seeds. … Read more

10+ Movie Websites To Download Nollywood And Ghana Films For Free

Interested in downloading the latest Nigerian and Ghanaian movies online for free? Here are the best download sites. Ghana And Nigerian Movie Download Sites Nollywood and Ghallywood are the most popular movie industry in Africa. Looking at the recent development in the Nollywood and Ghallywood industry, it has attracted a lot of viewers around the … Read more

Types of Eggs Cooked for Breakfast

The egg is one of the most versatile source of animal protein and is thus regarded as the main ingredient in culinary preparations. Other features that complement the egg include its structure, richness, and humidity. Having these elements, the egg is an ideal ingredient for breakfast. However, there are varieties of eggs that are perfect … Read more

10 Popular Nigerian Actors In Hollywood

Ever wonder if Nigeria has actors in Hollywood? Oh yeah, there are a few Hollywood actors and actresses that are Nigerian nationals. Some people have taken these actors to be African-Americans, not knowing they are Nigerians. Some of these movie stars were born in the country but grew up overseas. While some of them were … Read more

 Pros And Cons of Polygamy In Nigeria

This article will focus on the merits and demerits of polygamy in Nigeria. Before we continue with our discussion, we will briefly look at what polygamy is all about. Polygamy is a common marriage practice in Nigeria. We have a very high level of polygamy, particularly in northern Nigeria. That’s because the Islamic religion supports … Read more