5 Ways To Make Money Online As A Lagosian

You have been looking for ways on how to make money online as a Nigerian.

You have read everything that has making money online on it, you have downloaded several e-books on starting an online business but you have not gotten anything to date. I can help you!

Make Money Online In Lagos, Nigeria

Am sure you are looking for ways you can get extra cash in your pocket. I too was at this point in my life, and it was because I needed an extra source of income that I started searching on Google for ways I can make money online.

I saw so many but one thing restricted me from signing up. As a Nigerian, anytime I see an online business that looks profitable, the next thing I look for is their payment method.

If I view and I see PayPal, no matter how good and legit the business is, I let go.

So, during my search on how to make money online as a Nigerian, I stumble upon various ways and these are the ways am about to share with you, my beloved.

  1. Selling Freelance Services

This is where I belong, and I sell my writing freelance services online. Business is all about selling something, and you can do this too online. You can either create a blog or sell your skill through social media platforms.

Before I got the money to create this blog you are reading right now, I was using Facebook to promote and sell my writing skill by writing articles and uploading them on Facebook Note.

I started creating content that was getting read and shared, I started getting people messaging me on what I do and how I can help them. I got my first, second, and third clients through Facebook.

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I am not active on Twitter because I can’t create longer content, I work mostly on Facebook.

What are you good at? Can you do graphic design, write, draw a plan using AutoCAD, or help bring traffic to some else’s blog or sites? If yes! Then you can make money online.

What you just need is guidance and a mentor to put you through how to start. Do you want to start with a blog or with Facebook like I did? It all depends on you but note that you will still be using both when you are serious about making money online.

You can sell that unique skill that you have, whether it be teaching, helping one manage their social media account or Facebook groups, or post for them on their multiple social media platforms.

  1. Online Coaching/Consulting

This is for those who are experts on a particular niche or field (in case you don’t know what niche means). You can become a consultant or coach if you have broad in-depth knowledge in a particular subject and you can teach it.

Do you have broad knowledge on how to start a business, how to make money through importation marketing, how to make money from forex trade, or how to start or design a blog?

You don’t need to have a business to coach people on how to start a business because you deciding to do it means you have already started a business.

If you have good knowledge in areas that you know if people will be happy to pay you to learn, then go start selling yourself as a consultant or coach. But how would you know if what you have will do well in the market?

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Ask your friends, “Would you love to learn (your area of focus) if I choose to teach you?” if they say yes, then ask again, “Will you pay for it”? And “How much do you think you can pay”?

After you have done this survey, you will be knowledgeable enough on how to go about your coaching business.

For your information, you can’t tell me you are a coach and your Facebook profile picture is you and a bottle of beer. You need prayers!

It is an online business amigo, go and brand your online image before starting as an important fellow that needs audiences.

  1. Blogging

Yes! If you have a passion for writing, sharing your message, and also have patient just like I am doing, then you can be a blogger. The patient is the most important thing in blogging.

I see so many Nigerians whose intentions are just to start blogging today and cash out their dollars from Google the next three months as if they gave Google money to hold for them. And when this doesn’t happen, they end up selling their blogs.

Making money from blogging is all about traffic, having a list, and a community. I can’t stress further on this because blogging is a dictionary size topic on its own, you can’t have enough of the information about blogging.

Ways One Can Make Money from Blogging?

  • Google Adsense.
  • Selling of space for an advert.
  • Selling your services.
  • Affiliate marketing etc.
  1. Video Blogging

Many have not heard of this before but it exists and has been existing for years. Video blogging is mostly a business done with YouTube videos. You know when you want to watch a video on YouTube, you first have to view an advert which may run for some minutes but you are also allowed to skip it.

Now, anytime you allow that advert to play till the end or halfway, the owner of that YouTube channel has just made a few cents. The more eyes that look at that advert, the more money that person has made. Good business right?

To make money online from this business, you need lots of traffic or better still subscribers. I know of someone who makes ₦500,000 monthly with Vblogging. Though he does some bad things with his video, Davido is his customer.

There are also other things you might need to know which you might want to contact me on that.

  1. Who Need Help

Are you surprised? Sorry for asking that question, my hands type faster than I think. This is the easiest online business idea you can use to make money online as a Nigerian. Anyways, this business was discovered by me (I deserve a kiss for that. WARNING: LADIES ONLY, HOW?  Lick your screen with your tongue).

Brethren, if you are yet to discover how you can be useful online, kindly go on Facebook and join a group called BLOGGERS HELPING BLOGGERS and many other blogging groups. Post that you can help anybody with anything that they want in their online business.

My brothers and sisters, children of all ladies, before you wake up, that’s if you post it before you sleep, which is better because you will not have rest of mind. You will find different jobs that you may not have heard of before in your life.

Jobs like;

I want a Facebook group with 30K members.

I want who will increase my Facebook page likes.

I want help with my blogger blog template.

I want…etc.

You will see enough jobs. Now, when you see that, kindly select the ones you know you can deliver and discuss the price with the person privately. If two of you reach an agreement, then the business has started.

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