8 Biggest Misconceptions About Nigeria

Since the purpose of being here is to discover some enormous misconceptions, you will enjoy going through this writing. The reason is that you’re going to learn what other people around the world are taking Nigerians to be.

After reading this article, you’ll find out whether these misconceptions are true about the country or not.

Popular Misconceptions About Nigeria

Not just people in Africa have a lot of misconceptions about Nigeria, but also with other non-Africans.  Among these stereotypes, there are fewer negatives to more negatives.

Some of them are propagated by the indigenous people themselves. Whatever the case may be, we will prove that all these misconceptions are false.

Here are some of the misconceptions other nations have about this great land and its people. Let’s get it underway.

  • Everyone in Nigeria is a Crook

Yes, some portion of Nigerians indeed engages in fraudulent activities that have victimized many people in and out of the country.

Furthermore, some international crooks prefer to use Nigeria and its identity to play safely, which is why many people take Nigerians for 419.

However, it is not a way to generalize the sin of a few individuals throughout the country.

In case you’re not aware, Nigeria has hard-working citizens who are working very hard to make a living for themselves and their families.

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Some citizens have been very good representatives of the nation in the diaspora.

  • Poverty Lives among Nigerians

Without a doubt, Africa is home to a large number of low-income countries that from time to time ask for foreign aid. But that does not connote that there are no well-to-do countries among them, and Nigeria is one of them.

While there is a high level of poverty and unemployment in Nigeria, it is better than that of other African states.

Lagos State’s output is equal to that of almost 15 African states. Remember, Nigeria has many mineral resources that can change the countenance in the blink of an eye.

Among the wealthiest people in Nigeria is Alilo Dangote, the richest man in all of Africa.

  • Nigeria has Illiteracy

It is one of the most widely held misconceptions about Nigeria.

Because of the country’s ethnic diversity, most non-Nigerians believe that Nigerians are not so well educated and cannot speak good English.

However, they forgot that Nigeria is home to some great writers on the continent and around the world.

One speaks of the life of Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, and many others. On top of that, whoever invented the fastest computer was a Nigerian.

In a note shell, Nigeria has the highest literacy rate and good English speakers, as this is one of the legacies of the British.

  • A Primitive Country

Imagine, with the rapid urbanization that is taking place in the country, some people are still taking Nigeria to be in the medieval epoch, most especially the people living across the sea.

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They thought many Nigerians lived in round huts or caves, while wildlife struggled through the streets. It means the majority of Nigerians are hunters.

It will surprise you to know that Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Africa and similarly the state of Lagos and other megacities in the country.

  • Nigeria is a Warzone

From the moment Boko Haram surfaces, many people outside Nigeria are afraid to come to the country for a visit, a residence, studies, business, and other activities.

They believed that the insurgency was across the country, not knowing that it was in a particular area and that the government was doing its best to limit the problem.

There are a large number of safe areas in the country where you can relax and feel safe at any time. The misconception that Nigeria is a danger zone is completely untrue.

  • Every Nigerian is a Polygamist

It is undeniable that there are cultures and religions in Nigeria that support a man to marry more than one woman, as Islam does.

History teaches us that once upon a time, a man’s wealth is quantified by the number of women and children he has. This is because they can grow a larger size of agricultural land and it is ready to have a bountiful harvest.

When Christianity established a foothold in the country alongside education, history began to change. People were lit up and the nature of polygamy started to evaporate among Nigerians.

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Right now, many Nigerians don’t marry more than one woman, even with certain Muslims.

  • Boisterous in Nature

Although Nigerians love to wear colorful dresses, that attract attention and listen to vibration music when they cry, that doesn’t mean it’s their nature.

Nigerians are people who like to have fun at every opportunity, especially when there is something to celebrate.

However, most Nigerians are worried about their respective companies and their run they quietly and well organized. However, if it is time to be flexible, they are doing the best they can.

  • Nigeria is a Small Place

In the current state of affairs, Nigeria is the 7th most populous country in the world. Still, some people regard the country as a village, while Africa is the country, what a huge misconception.

These people have forgotten that Africa is the second-largest continent when it comes to the landmass. Nigeria is one of the populous African nations has approximately 36 states and over 200 million citizens.

Most people consider Nigeria to be one of the least important places to visit or live, based on the misconception that has been prevalent regarding the country.

As a result, when Nigerians visit other countries, they are treated with less consideration. Some believe that they are crooks, so they are denied certain opportunities.

Not knowing that if you are looking for human beings who are both intellectually and otherwise intelligent, it will certainly be the Nigerians.

Statistics have shown that Nigerians living in the United States are the brightest and most educated among all migrants in the United States.

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