10 Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria That Stand Out

Do you want to find out who these beautiful cities are? In this post, we are going to describe some of Nigeria’s most beautiful cities with the attractive things each of them possesses.

In the interest of time, we’ll start our discussion.

Finest Nigerian Cities

Nigeria is home to many beautiful locations that attract the attention of tourists all over the world. Some of these cities are artificially designed with sleek infrastructures that give them the appearance of a paradise.

Whereas in some towns they are blessed with beautiful natural landscapes and some remarkable natural resources.

Apart from the fascinating features we just mentioned above, these beautiful cities also have good routes that make these tourist centers easily accessible.

Furthermore, they have sweat weather conditions with fertile soil that supports agriculture.

If you have never been to any of these places, then you’re missing a great deal.

Gorgeous Regions in Nigeria

At this point, we are about to list the most beautiful parts of Nigeria.

  • Lagos

Lagos has an incredible urban landscape characterized by tall and beautiful structures all over town. These structures make Lagos a veritable mega-city.

Some of these social systems that matched up to make Lagos very beautiful include five-star hotels, airport, third mainland bridge, Tafawa Balewa Square, Nigerian national museum, National Arts Theatre, high impact planet, and so forth.

If you like doing the beach tour, then Lagos is the right place for you. As the area is home to numerous beaches that attract the attention of tourists from around the world.

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These beaches comprise Lekki Beach, Bar Beach, Badagry Beach, Elegushi Beach, Eleko Beach, and Alpha Beach.

To crown it all, Lagos has one of the standard road networks in Nigeria.

  • Abuja

This region certainly has to be among the list of the most beautiful regions of Nigeria, for the fact that it is currently the capital of the country.

It also has many beautiful skyscrapers and some elegant structures that are well laid out that make the city a beautiful landscape.

Models of such outstanding areas of Abuja include millennium park, Jabi Lake, renowned Aso Rock Villa where the president resides, classy hotels, the famous Zuma rock, national stadium, and lots more.

Moreover, the city’s highway network is world-class.

Thus, it is easy for tourists to visit these significant places.

  • Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is among the regions in the southerly part of Nigeria that holds natural gas. As a result, it has been home to many commercial and industrial activities within the region.

This has resulted in massive development in the region, making Port Harcourt one of Nigeria’s mega-cities.

It will be fantastic if you end up on Ifoko beach, simply because it is another nice place where you can relax in Port Harcourt. Other nice places include Isaac Boro Park, classy hotels, and the huge companies in the region.

Nightlife in this city will leave you an everlasting memory.

  • Uyo

Uyo is the capital city of Akwa Ibom State. If you are still interested in visiting the southern part of Nigeria, Uyo is another lovely town to visit.

The state is well organized with streetlights, a good road network, elegant hotels, and other remarkable infrastructures. In fact, it is among the cleanest towns in Nigeria.

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If you are in that part of the country, you will not regret it.

  • Warri

At Delta State, Warri is one of the regions that have a lot of commercial activity due to the availability of natural gas in the region. Actually, that part of the state is more famous than the state capital.

There are many fascinating things here.

This includes Warri Township Stadium, River Resort Motel, Chef Nana’s Palace, Effurun Garden Park, etc.

Outside of the physical structures that we can see, there is an interesting cultural activity going on in Warri. One example of this cultural activity is the Okere Festival, which attracts the attention of visitors from afar and nearby.

Other attractions in the area include the museum, the zoo, and some high-class shopping malls.

  • Calabar

There’s a lot of stuff you have to see in that area.

The area has so many interesting sites such as the famous Obudu Cattle Ranch,  the tomb of Marry Slessor, the statue of Marry Slessor, the Tortuga island, slave museum, Kwa waterfalls, cross river national park, and lots more.

In addition, if you like festivals, do not miss the international street festival in Calabar, it is very exciting.

The infrastructure in this Calabar is very well organized with a good road network. What’s more?

They have beautiful African restaurants that offer delicious African specialties.

  • Kano

Kano is another trading region compared to Lagos, making it the second biggest city in Nigeria.

Several fascinating buildings can be found here. There are also some nice old extant structures in Kano that you will need to have a look at them.

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Other interesting sights include Gidan Makama, the museum, Mallam Aminu International Airport, Ado Bayero Mall, Challawa George Dam, etc.

  • Jos

Jos is the capital city of Plateau, Nigeria.

The first thing you’re going to start enjoying when you travel to Jos is the romantic weather. After that, you will start to fall in love with its magnificent scenery, where you will see incredible rock formations.

But it’s not the end, there are some wonderful waterfalls in Jos.

More or less of these natural serene that attracts the mind of tourist from inside and outside the country includes wildlife park, Asop falls, Kurra falls, Jos Zoological Garden, Wase the rock, Riyom rock formation, Solomon Lar amusement park and lots more.

If you would like to spend your holidays with nature, then Jos is the ideal place for you.

  • Kaduna

Kaduna is an extremely big city in Nigeria.

In fact, it is the third-largest city in terms of square footage. The landscape in Kaduna is spectacular, although there are not too many tall buildings, the serene stills hold a beautiful urban settlement.

Kaduna is known to accommodate certain industries such as the Kaduna oil refinery, textile industry, and so on.

There are many five-star hotels in the city of Kaduna, shopping centers, airports, cultural centers, etc. the famous wall of Queen Amina is in Kaduna.

It is one of Nigeria’s most beautiful cities to visit.

There are other wonderful cities in Nigeria. But these are essentially the ones that attract tourism attention relative to other parts of the country.

You can discover some natural and artificial features that are mind-blowing in these cities.

Consequently, if you want to spend your holidays or visit Nigeria, these are some beautiful places you can visit.

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