8 Most Expensive Hotels in Nigeria & Booking Fees Per Night

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Most Expensive Hotels in Nigeria

While certain people opt for affordable hotels, some rich people go for the most expensive. Such a class of people has an elevated taste and enjoys living in luxury.

It is interesting to note that Nigeria has hotels of this type in various parts of the country.

In these executive hotels, you can find all the luxury that you never dreamed of.

You can spend your holidays in those hotels like you’re in heaven. It’s because they got everything they need to make you feel at home.

These hotels are also suited for meetings, entertainment, seminars, training, and many more. Only the affluent can afford such hotels.

List of Classy Hotels

Here is a list of the most expensive hotels in Nigeria and where they are located. You will also find out the cost of overnight accommodation at these hotels.

  • Sheraton Hotel & Resort

This hotel is situated on the Ladi Kwali Road in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.

It is presently the number one most expensive hotel in Abuja and considered the second most expensive in the country. If you want to experience paradise on earth, then you come to Sheraton Hotel and get a taste for yourself.

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Due to the luxury of their suits, they are referred to as presidential suites.

Some of the luxuries you can enjoy in the Sheraton Hotel include a soft 203 square meter living room that features a kitchen with a refrigerator.

There is also a guest toilet, while in the master bedroom is a free Wi-Fi internet connection. All suites are well furnished with a sophisticated bed, dressed with nice sheets and fluffy pillows.

For accommodation in the Sheraton hotel and resort, you will spend nothing less than 720,000.

This hotel is a no-go zone for those with no more than seven figures in their account.

  • Intercontinental Lagos Hotel

If just 2% of Nigerians can afford this hotel, you can imagine who can afford it.

What makes it such an expensive hotel? It’s nothing more than the hearty breakfast and the lounge with a few matching drinks.

If you’re a lover of Nespresso machines, railway beds, and lots more, then the Intercontinental Lagos hotel is the right place for you.

Is there anything else interesting about the hotel? Yes. The hotel is situated near the Atlantic Ocean. So from the hotel, you can have a magnificent view of the ocean and its surrounding coves.

It is the perfect location to spend your holidays.

However, you can also host corporate meetings and conferences.

To surprise you more, the hotel has twenty-three floors and three hundred and fifty bedrooms. This makes the hotel the largest in entire West Africa.

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When you get to Victoria Island in Lagos, you can check the hotel on Kofo Abayomi Street. It’s only going to cost you 738,000 to 925,000 per night on average.

  • Transcorp Hilton Hotel

Anytime you find yourself in Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja, you can stop and relax in this hotel as if you were in paradise.

That’s because the Transcorp hotel offers a variety of executive lodges which are well furnished with a high-quality bed and other things to enhance your luxury.

Through the windows, you can view the incredible scenery of the city.

You can rely on the Transcorp hotel if you want to host conferences and meetings because they have a cozy conference room. The cost of accommodation at this hotel is approximately 535,000 for a single night.

  • Eko Hotel and Suites

Your adventure will start from the scenery of this hotel because it is located near the Atlantic Ocean. Most Nigerian celebrities love to host their events at Eko Hotel because of its luxurious services.

This makes the Eko Hotel one of the most well-known hotels in Nigeria.

So if you find yourself at Adetokunbo Ademola Street on Victoria Island you can briefly have an experience for yourself. Every time you want to enjoy your 540,000 for the next 24 hours, then the Eko hotel is the perfect place for you to do it.

  • Lagos Oriental Hotel

As big as the structure of this hotel, that is the same way you will spend a lot of money to stay in the hotel.

Living in Lagos Oriental hotel feels like living in a hassle-free world. The luxury you will get directly from the entrance to the living rooms is enough to wipe you away from your hassle.

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Therefore, to have a short stay without hassle in this hotel will cost you 829,440.

  • Novotel Hotel

If you want to experience the definition of the good life, then stay overnight in the Novotel hotel. The rooms at this hotel are as if they were meant to accommodate angels.

They are well furnished with quality equipment which will provide you maximum relaxation. If you have an early morning appointment, take care not to get up at noon.

This hotel is situated at Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. The cost of a night at the Novotel hotel is approximately 316,000.

  • Le Meridien Ogenyi Place

In case you are wondering where you can have a taste of the good life in Port Harcourt, then quickly rushed into this hotel. You can have access to Jacuzzi, kitchenette and a lot more right in your bedroom.

The serenity of this hotel is gorgeous. Le-Meridian Ogenyi Place is one of the most expensive hotels in Nigeria.

A night in this hotel is around 760, 000.

  • Southern Sun Ikoyi

If you are looking for a hotel where you can experience peace of mind, then come to the southern sun hotel at no. 47 Alfred Rewane Road in Lagos Nigeria.

This hotel’s restaurant serves a variety of local and international specialties. It is available for short-term and long-stay startups at this hotel.

Whenever you would like to organize a business meeting, come to this hotel and enjoy your business time.

Nigeria is home to many high-priced hotels for residents and international visitors. Those just listed are few in number among many of them.

Whenever you want to have a great time in Nigeria, simply visit one of those hotels close to your location and enjoy a short stay in paradise.

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