Most Expensive Toy in the World            

Essentially, toys are designed as play tools for children, because they play a vital role in developing their minds. As they continue to play with these models, their mental, physical and cognitive skills will be enhanced. Because of this, most parents are willing to spend as much as they can to buy toys for their children.

Meanwhile, there are different kinds of toys around the world that are sold at varying prices. Whereas some of them are quite cheaper, others are scandalously expensive. As you continue to read this blog post, you will stumble upon a list of the world’s most expensive toys. Not just this, but the price of every one of these toys is on the market.

World’s Dearest Toys

Here are the most expensive toys on the planet. Most of these toys have a reputation for presenting luxury items and haute couture outfits. They are thus rare to find on the market due to their specialty.

  • Astolat Dollhouse Castle

At the moment, it is the most expensive toy in the world and it was created around 1974-1987 by Elaine Diehl, a master miniaturist. The toy is magnificently crafted using architecture, engineering, and sculptural creativity.

Some of the features of Astolat Dollhouse castle include a pool, gym, armory kitchen, music room, hallways, wine cellar, stairways, real tiny bar, library, 29 rooms with multiple levels, basement, grand ballroom, majestic wizard’s tower, and so forth. The toy is weighing around 815 to 890 pounds.

What do you think will be the price of a masterly piece that took 13 years to complete; you certainly know that it will cost a lot. As such, Astollat’s Dollhouse Castle costs $8.1 million. This price is more expensive than a real apartment in a well-to-do neighborhood in New York and London. For many years, the toy was exhibited in the Diel’s Museum shop in Sedona, Arizona.

  • Gold Lamborghini Aventador Model Car
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Robert Gulpen designed and launched the Gold Lamborghini Aventador Model Car back in 2011. The sole purpose of making this toy car was to make it the most costly in the world.  As a result, approximately $2.6 million was spent on materials. Some of these materials include strong carbon fiber gold, high carat gemstone, sterling, silver, and platinum.

After spending so much money on the construction of this toy car, it becomes the second most expensive toy in the world. The price of a Lamborghini Aventador Car is $7.5 million. However, $650,000 of the total amount goes to the charitable organization.

  • L’Oiseleur (The Bird Trainer)

This is the third most expensive toy on the planet. It was set up by a Frenchman known as Christian Bailly, who was an expert on vending machines. It took nearly two years for the inventor to complete the project. L’Oiseleur is mainly composed of gold and pearls. But have other props such as satin, flute, sword, singing bird, 2340 polished flying pieces, and so on.

Moreover, the toy is an automatic figurine delivered with a miniature flute that does not work with batteries. It is due to the pinion and gear systems. L’Oiseleur weighs about 122 pounds with mother-of-pearl and jade pedestal included. Presently, the price of the doll is 6.25 million dollars. This is expensive.

  • Madame Alexander Eloise

Madame Alexander Eloise is another expensive toy that is made with 9-carat diamonds and other expensive accessories. It was a collection of Béatrice Alexander founded around 1923 in New York. There are only five of these toys available and each of them is decorated with Oscar de la Renta, Katherine Baumann, Christian Dior fabrics, and Swarovski crystals.

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Madame Alexander Eloise was established mainly for charitable auctions around 2000. But the doll ends up getting about $5 million at the auction.

  • Shimansky Soccer Ball

This is a diamond ornamented football that weighs about 4.8 pounds. This makes it risky to play with. Approximately 3500 carats of diamonds from South Africa and 6620 carats of white diamond and 2640 carats of black diamond were used in the creation of the Shimansky ball.

Name Shimansky is a South African jewelry brand that is well known for producing accessories using Tanzanite and diamond jewelry.  It took over three months to produce the soccer ball in commemoration of the 2010 World Cup that took place in South Africa.  The reason for creating this toy is to entice wealthy football fans and tourists to buy.

After a massive purchase at the World Cup, Shimansky duplicated many of the balls using crystals and exhibited them in local shops and charities. The Shimansky soccer ball has a price tag of $2.59 million.

  • The Masterpiece Cube Rubik’s Cube

If we’re to count the most interesting and famous puzzle games, Rubik’s cube will be one of them. The toy is composed of 18 carats of gold and more than 185 carats of gems, emeralds, rubies, and amethysts. At the moment, the Masterpiece cube Rubik’s cube is the most costly Rubik’s cube in the globe. The prize is USD 2.5 million.

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The main purpose of creating this beautiful toy was to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of the Rubik’s cube.

  • Steiff Louise Vuitton Teddy Bear

This teddy bear was founded around 1880 and it’s one of the collections of a reputable German plush toy company. They are known for producing luxury and handsome teddy bears. Steiff Louise Vuitton Teddy Bear was made with high-quality materials such as genuine fur, diamond, and sapphire.

Around 2000, the teddy bear was auctioned off and a wealthy Korean purchased the toy for $2.1 million. Steiff Louise Vuitton Teddy Bear is currently on display at the Bear Museum in Jeju, South Korea.

  • Golden Monopoly

Monopoly is a board game that got famous because it is published in several languages, editions, and versions. The gold monopoly was created by an artist and jeweler called Sidney Mobell in 1988. Virtually every iconic coin used in the game is made from 18 carats of gold. The tray itself is plated with 23 karats of gold and then the dice are made with 42 full-size diamonds.

If they calculate the total number of precious stones used to create the Golden Monopoly, it will be 165. The golden toy is worth 2 million dollars.

There are few other expensive toys other than the ones we have listed. They consist of gold rocking horses, Barbie or Barbie diamonds, and so on. As you can see, these toys are made of precious materials like gold, diamond, silver, etc. This is the main reason behind their cost. While some of them are the property of individuals, most of those expensive toys are on display in museums.