Does Netflix Have A Student Discount And Subscription?

Is there a Netflix Student Subscription? Read more to find out.

Every student probably knows that, for some weird reason, students don’t often have lots of money. So how do they relax after a boring class or prep session?

The answer is simple – movies – and, more popularly, Netflix movies.

Netflix For Students

You are probably not living next to a cinema house.

Even though you were, you would not always have the strength or sheer will to go over there every time you want to watch a movie.

This leaves you with two options; downloading your favorite blockbuster movies on your electronic device or opting for a student plan on some movie streaming service.

The first option is as good as the other, but you might need to delete some lecture pdfs, audios or other files to go through with it.

Opting for a streaming service will help you avoid filling your phone or computer storage with large files. To get started, you will need to have a stable internet connection and decide which streaming service and which student subscription plan to use.

There’s Netflix for That

Choosing a streaming service with good features like low subscription plans, lots of movie categories, and a high content volume might not look like much work, but it is tasking.

Thankfully, there’s Netflix.

Before we jump into saying what the streaming service offers, let’s take a brief look at the company’s history.

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What You Probably Don’t Know About Netflix

Netflix, formally known as Netflix Inc., is an American company started by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997. The media-streaming service has its headquarters in Los Gatos, California.

Netflix has always had a strong interest in original programming.

In 1999, the company also began to rent movie-loaded DVDs to customers based on their picks. They mailed this in an envelope and a return envelope for sending back the DVDs.

The number of DVDs and the category of movies one could rent depends on the subscription plan.

Later in 2006, Netflix moved to better its services by providing improved movie suggestions to customers based on their previous selection or purchase.

This would be made possible using an advanced algorithm functioning on its website.

To get something suitable, the streaming company began a $1 million contest won by Bellkor’s Pragmatic Chaos – a team of seven experts from Canada, Austria, Israel, and the U.S.

Moving forward, Netflix went into an agreement with several electronics manufacturers. This would begin an era of home products that could directly stream movies.

Since then, the company has become the most popular and widely used streaming service, with over 200 million subscribers.

Is There a Netflix Student Subscription?

Despite the unbelievable number of Netflix subscribers, the company does not have any unique subscription plans for students. Yes, there is nothing called a “Netflix Student Subscription.”

Wait. Before you get disappointed, remember that Netflix packs all the good features, including low subscription plans.

It turns out that even though the service does not have any particular subscription for students, it offers low plans that could easily pass for a Student Discount.

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Getting Netflix’s 30-days Unlimited Trial

If you want to watch Netflix free, a great way to start is by utilizing its 30-days unpaid streaming trial. Software trials are designed for that.

They give new users a chance to test all the features, experiencing the full functionality of the system.

To get the Netflix free trial;

  • Create an email account that has never been linked to the streaming service,
  • Next, browse the Netflix website, input the new email and click to begin the 30-days trial.
  • After this, you will see a list of available plans. Typically, you should select a plan you can afford, but since you would not be paying for this one, you could go for premium (the trick is to cancel the trial just before it ends so the system does not automatically bill your payment method.
  • After you have selected a plan, click the “Continue” button. This would usher you to input your name, create a password, complete your account, set a payment method, and finally become one of the newest members of the streaming service.

Getting Some More Netflix Free Trials

Very few people ever get this. However, if you’re lucky enough, you could enjoy the Netflix 30-days unpaid streaming twice.

But that’s only if you use the first free trial judiciously – like a potentially interested subscriber, cancel just before it expires, and leave your account dormant without making any paid subscription.

This second Netflix 30-day free trial often comes months after the first. However, the best part is that it ushers even lower subscriptions at the end of the trial.

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Connect to Your Family and Friends’ Paid Subscriptions

Before we proceed, you might be wondering if it is even legal to connect to your family or friends’ paid subscriptions. The answer is yes. It is entirely allowed.

Your friends, siblings, or perhaps parents would have a paid Netflix subscription. Connecting to them is a brilliant way to watch Netflix as a student. You

Netflix allows paid subscription accounts to link up to five different individual devices. Regardless of this, watching Netflix simultaneously depends on the paid subscription you are sharing or connected to.

It works because if you are on the basic plan, you would be able to access Netflix on one account. On the other hand, the premium plan would allow watching on many devices.

Netflix Gift Vouchers

One more way to get something close to a Student Discount on Netflix is by using gift vouchers.

A good example is the “Netflix on us” program by telecommunications company T-Mobile. This works because the company settles your Netflix bills if you register up to two lines with it.

An even better example of gift vouchers is the discounted Netflix cards you could win on Raise, Gift Card Granny, and other reputable websites.

Alternatives To The Netflix Student Plan

Of course, Netflix does not have any advanced competitors. Nevertheless, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and similar services struggle with the streaming company for new subscribers and users.

These services also have their originals, and let’s say that you might find the contents in one to be more exciting or unique than the contents in another.


Even though there is nothing like a Netflix Student Discount, there are still many ways you could enjoy free or low-cost Netflix as a student.

All of this has been ironed out above. Take the time to read through it, and just in case you have any secret ways you stream the service, we are itching to hear them.