5 Nursing School Scholarships And Grants In California

Are you looking for nursing school scholarships in California? You’re in the right place.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a nursing career is considered a worthwhile field to delve into with room for continuous growth and advancement.

California Nursing Scholarships & Grants Programs

Considering how lucrative nursing can be, it can take many years of costly education to become a professional nurse. Due to the expenses incurred in nursing school, many have resorted to scholarships.

California Emergency Nurses Association Scholarship

An initiative of the ENA Foundation, this scholarship offers emergency nurses and students looking to study nursing financial aid to complete their studies.

These scholarships are in the form of academic scholarships for those seeking a doctoral or associate degree in nursing. Furthermore, there are conference scholarships for members interested in networking events.

California PTA Continuing Education Scholarships for School Nurses

Each year, 10 scholarships worth $500 each get awarded to school nurses for continuing their education.

Applicants must have worked in a Californian public school before applying for a scholarship. Also, they should be practicing nursing at a Californian public school.

Applicants should plan to continue as public school nurses and continue studying at an approved educational institution.

California Legion Auxiliary Past President’s Parley Nursing Scholarships

The scholarship amounting to $2000 is awarded to a veteran enrolled or planning to enroll in a nursing school.

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The applicant may be a spouse of a veteran, widow or widower, or a child of a veteran. Furthermore, the applicant will be assessed based on factors like character, leadership, financial need, etc.

The scholarship winner is not eligible for future $2000 awards. However, they can apply for a lesser award. Application commences in April of each year.

California Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship

The Associate Degree Nursing Scholarship is open to registered nurses (RN) practicing in medically underserved areas of California. It’s aimed at increasing the number of nurses working in the areas.

The scholarship is offered biannually.

The successful candidate can receive up to $8,000 as a scholarship award with a 2-year service obligation to practice in a California health care center.

The scholarship fund may be used for tuition fees, books, educational equipment costs, and other necessary costs.

Recipients are expected to comply with the contract terms, and failure to do this may result in them repaying the funds with additional interest.

Kaiser Permanente Deloras Jones RN Scholarship Program

For over 30 years, many California Nursing students have benefited from the Kaiser Permanente RN Scholarship Program.

Applicants must be a resident of California enrolled in any Kaiser Permanente Affiliate Nursing Programs.

While US citizens or permanent residents can apply for the program, non-US citizens must present a copy of their permanent resident card.

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Scholarships come in categories: academic excellence ($2000), graduate studies ($2500), doctoral studies (S3000), and affiliate schools ($1000).

Are you a nursing student? Do you plan to practice nursing?

You should apply for some of these nursing school scholarships in California.

With these scholarships, your financial needs are sorted, and you can complete the nursing program without any hitches.