How To Get Umrah Visa From Nigeria

If you are looking for one of the most isolated nations in the world, then Saudi Arabia will be the best place for you. The country offers several types of visas to enterprises, students, work, and pilgrimage (Umrah).

The Umrah visa is specially designed for Muslims who would like to visit Mecca, Medina, and other sacred sites in the country.

In addition to government sponsorship of pilgrims, other financially dynamic nationals travel annually to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

However, some Nigerians are struggling to apply for their Umrah visa here in Nigeria for some reason. Some do not have the necessary knowledge to do so.

If you fall under such a category, then you have made it to the right place.

This is because we are going to teach you how to obtain an Umrah visa from Nigeria. Outside of that, you will see the Saudi visa requirements for Nigerians.

After our discussion, you should be able to handle your Umrah visa successfully.

Umrah Visa Conditions For Nigerians

Here are the requirements that you must have when applying for an Umrah visa in Nigeria and how you can process your visa.

Don’t worry; applications aren’t much like you might think.

  • The first thing you must do is fill out the Umrah online form (Umrah e-visa) Or hand-picked it from the consulate office. You have to fill out your data like your certified home address, your contact line, and your travel date. Additionally, you should carefully read the written declaration at the bottom of the application form before authenticating yourself with your signature.
  • The next thing you’re going to do is attach one of your most recent color passport photos with a white background. Make sure your passport is properly taken, to prevent being refused at the consulate office.
  • The Umrah visa is valid for at least six months to allow applicants sufficient time to process their documents. Therefore, you should consider this.
  • A vaccination certificate is mandatory for anyone going to Saudi Arabia or other places. This certificate must accompany your application form and must not be longer than three years of age. If you travel alongside your children, you should also wear their polio vaccination certificate.
  • Other documents may include proof of accommodation, departure ticket, bank statement, travel authorization, and national identity.
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It is also important you know that you can use the tourist visa in place of the Umrah visa in case you fail to fill up with the issuing dates which are around September to November.

However, you will be advised to use a licensed agent to complete your application process, particularly when it comes to changing health requirements.

Procedures for Applying for an Umrah Visa

For now, we are going to look at the steps you will take to apply for an Umrah visa in Nigeria.

Afterward, you have acquired all the documents for your Umrah visa as mentioned above, you are to visit any of the Saudi Arabian consulate offices and submit your application form as well as the attached documents.

  • You can either go to the one in Abuja or check the one in Kano. However, you may also get an Umrah visa online, only that you will be asked to download the relevant pages of your passport and some scanned documents.
  • Once you have made your submission, you will then have to pay the Umrah visa fee. The fee amounts to approximately 16,000 for single and multiple entries (TWP and STR).
  • You will now need to wait until your application is completed. Typically 1-3 weeks are required to complete the process. But if your document is found to be defective, it will take you longer than that time.
  • Upon completion, you print your approved Umrah visa, that is, if you apply online. But if you apply manually, you will get the Umrah visa. It’s up to you to tie it up with your passport to keep it from disappearing. When you get to your destination airport, the Umrah visa will be stamped.
  • Congratulations, you have been issued an Umrah visa to travel to Saudi Arabia.
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Where Do I Apply for an Umrah visa to Nigeria?

There are a couple of Saudi Arabian embassies you can visit and have your Umrah visa in Nigeria. We have the ‘Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Abuja and the Saudi Arabian Consulate office Kano’.

The consulate office in Abuja is located at No 6 Orange road close, Off Thames Street, Off Alva Ikoku Way, Minister’s Hill Maitama Abuja, while the one in Kano is located at 11 Ahmadu Bello Road, Kano.

How long is the validity of the Umrah visa?

Insofar as you will want to travel to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage, you must know how long you will stay. This will help you plan your schedules during your trip and keep you from getting in trouble.

In this respect, the maximum length of stay for an Umrah visa is 90 days. If you stay longer than this, then you are on your own.

Available Umrah Visa agents

As mentioned earlier, some agents can help you get an Umra visa in the country. They are found in almost all canners in Nigeria, but you will be billed some money for their services.

Here are their names and addresses.

  • Namira Umrah and Hajj Service Ltd, located at Dbm Plaza Cardastral Zoneaminu, Kano.
  • Yasin Global Travel, located at Plot 1236 Sapele Street, Garki, Abuja.
  • Bbatiga Travel and Tours Limited, located in Alexander Crescent Berger Paints Plaza.
  • Portfolio Travels and Tours Ltd, located at 58, Ijegun Satellite Town Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Tafsan Tour and Travel Ltd, located at Plot 9/10 Cmd Jubille Road Shangisha Magodo, Lagos.
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Saudi Arabia is an important venue for Muslims all over the world.  This is why many Islamic worshippers travel to the country to practice religious worship, including Nigerian worshippers.

Outside of the Islamic pilgrimage, others visit the country for holidays and vacations.

In case you’re unaware, thousands of people travel to Saudi Arabia every year.

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