Top 8 Online Marketing Ideas in Nigeria

Online marketing in Nigeria has become a huge trend to many companies, who wants to take the advantage of the internet in marketing their business.

Online marketing ideas allow you to promote or boost your product and services on the internet at a very cheap cost than the normal traditional advertising strategy many companies have used.

Business goes where people are and the internet being a huge place where people visit daily for group interaction, meetings, searching for answers, learning, and many other things have pushed many companies in Nigeria to adapt many online marketing ideas and reach out to those people.

The last time I talked with a Principal consultant on his service delivery, I asked him how his appearance is online and the answer was never. I was surprised why he has not been online and that is what is affecting the growth of his service business.

After talking to him and giving him some guideline on how to engage people through online marketing in Nigeria which am going to share with you here, his service business starts getting more popular and his reputation also attracts more customers.

Nigeria Online marketing Ideas


1. Social Media

Create personal and business social media profiles and add your friends and people of interest to reach out to them. Share your ideas and practice about your profession or business in the timeline and if it is interesting, your friends will share it with their own friends, and soon you will be having more friends which are more potential customers.

Join groups on Facebook that has a lot to do with your business line, social and local community groups where you can share genuine ideas with people around.

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When you begin to get presence, tell them about your business and your business page on social media. Use your skill in promoting your business through words of mouth and you will be amazed how popular your business will become.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way of writing an article about your business, what you offer, why you are in business, and how good your customers feel. It’s a medium for reaching out to thousands of people who reads the posts and gets attracted with your unique and marketing tone of words.

It is termed sponsorship posts in most websites and blogs in Nigeria. There are many blogs in Nigeria where you can publish your articles about your business at a very cheap amount compared to other forms of advertising.

This blog Naira Change which attracts thousands of visitors from Nigeria daily offers you an opportunity to advertise your business through the means of sponsorship posts.

3. Email Marketing

The use of email to market your business to customers in Nigeria. It has been viral for some time.

Emailing your clients and asking them about your product or service and how you can do better is a good strategy for online marketing. You will make them always come back for your products and when you open a new line of products or if there is an improvement in your product, you will send emails to them immediately.

The future of email marketing will supersede many forms of online marketing as it has proven to be more directly for engaging customers.

4. Website Appearance

It is very important to create a website for your business with good design. A website is like your point of contact to visitors and showcasing or products or services on the internet.

People often search for many things online and having your website makes it easy to be reached by millions of web users in Nigeria. When you create a website and design it properly and include all your contact information in it.

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Your website will also show how serious you are with your business and will enable people to go there and know more about your product or service without the need of talking to you or exchanging emails.

5. Video Marketing

Have you seen videos of products or services on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, If yes, then know it is a form of reaching out to many people?

It beats the traditional advertising of sending those videos to TV stations because you will reach out directly to millions of potential customers and if you create a YouTube account, people will always watch the video without you paying for anything.

You can as well monetize your video and allow other companies to advertise while your video and play and make extra money on it.

6. Online Interview

Get some bloggers to interview you and publish it in their blogs. This will boost your business as you will use the medium of the interview too, directly and indirectly, to promote your business.

You will also share your experience in the business field and make recommendations for upcoming entrepreneurs.

It is a very effective way to get noticed online as those bloggers will publish it and it will be seen by thousands of visitors to the site.

Also, remember to let them publish your contact information like your website and email, and business address.

7. Online PPC Ads

This is a means of paying some online marketing websites which I will list down in the post to advertise your products or services to targeted people in Nigeria.

They have many categories of adverts and you can use anyone that bests suits your business model. It also a very effective online marketing strategy as those companies will place your ads very well for potential customers to see.

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You will be charged on a cost per click as when someone clicks on the ads which will redirect them to your websites, your money will be charged.

8. Plain Ads

This is a means of placing your adverts on news websites, online forums, or blogs. You will do an image or words adverts that will be clearly seen by people and the words on it will also be readable.

You can as well place your ads on this blog at a very cheaper rate and thousands of my daily visitors will see it till it lasts.

Online Marketing Websites in Nigeria

These few websites are mostly where you can place your CPC ads online and reach out to many people

Facebook: It has millions of daily users in Nigeria and I have used it several times as it is very effective.

YouTube: Many Nigerians watch lots of videos online which are likely music videos, tutorials, and comedy shows. Pacing your ads with YouTube will enable your ads to be shown to many Nigerians. One of the most visited websites in Nigeria has a good advantage for reaching out to many people. You can also ask for Google ad words which will make it easy for Google to advertise your business on many websites or blogs that use Google Adsense as a means of adverts.

LinkedIn: The best online business social network that connects many Nigerians who are searching for one product or service.

Twitter: A much branded social media with many Nigerian that has millions of visits daily and has a good way of promoting your business.

Nairaland: An online forum in Nigeria where thousands of people interact on topics that relate to Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji:  A very popular entertainment and gossip blog in Nigeria.


Online marketing ideas in Nigeria help you to grow your business as it easily creates an avenue for potential customers who are looking for your products and services.

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