How To Run A Lucrative Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria

Starting and running a lucrative barbing salon business in Nigeria with less money is quite different from having a barbershop. There are many barbing salons or hairdressing shops in Nigeria with less knowledge of how to turn it into a profitable business.

They are often happy that they have at least up to 10 customers daily and feel satisfied but at the end of the month or 1st three months, you will discover that they have no savings or made a huge profit from it because they have to pay for rent, buy petrol to power generators, with other expenses.

Most barbers that I have talked with say they make about 10,000 Naira to 15,000 Naira per week but still not able to carter for most expenditure and other human wants. I took the time to study their shops and discovered they almost do the same thing and most of their shops are not tidy or place their equipment in order.

I discovered also that most customers just come by because the next barbing saloon close by is very far and not because they enjoy the service and it’s easy to lose this set of customers.

I will share with you how to run a successful barbing saloon business at any place in Nigeria with less money and make a huge profit.

Open A lucrative barbing salon business in Nigeria with less money

There are many ways to run and manage your barbing saloon business and make a substantial amount of profit. The first thing to consider is as follows.

1. Location

This is very important when you are about to start the barbing saloon business. It does not mean that your shop has to be located in the financial district or a busy area before you will start making money. I mean finding a good location that has easy access for customers both with a car and on foot to locate.

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Make sure that your location or shop is big enough to contain all equipment of barbing and trimming with enough space for customers to thrive in and out easily without hindrance.

2. Skill

You have to be know how to give a cool haircut. You can also employ people to do that for you.

Having a good skill in hair cut, shaving, trimming, and designing brings customers to your shop as people will often see a guy with a nice hair cut and ask where did you barb your hair and he will quickly do the adverts for you. This is the best form and trusted way of adverts. Be skillful and flexible.

3. Make it conducive

Make your barbing saloon shop to be very conducive for customers. Most barbing saloon in Nigeria often brings on T.V and people will tend to watch some soccer league matches while barbing.

This does not work again as it makes your barbing saloon noisier without real customers and good and classic customers will run away from there. Instead of putting a TV. put an Air-condition with soft music playing slowly in the background.

Get daily Newspapers, interesting magazines, and display them in front of the seats where customers wait. Make sure it is spacious enough.

4. Greet customers first

Be the first to say hi to a customer once he walks in.

Call them by their names if they are returning customers. Saying hello to customers gives them an easy way to quickly start a conversation with you and it makes them more comfortable.

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While he will be asking you some fee questions regarding how you have your hair cuts, make him sit down and relax while taking. This will make him more comfortable with some trust that he is in the right place.

Smile often while you talk to customers and when working on customers, ask them a few questions to make them feel relaxed.

5. Maintain all equipment

Buy all the necessary clippers, razors, combs, furniture, mirrors, aftershaves, power generating machines that will enable you to function regularly. Do not buy the cheaper things that tend to broke down regularly. Get the best and maintain it.

6. Keep it clean

Always sweep and keep your barbing shop very clean. Do it regularly maybe after shaving 6 people in a row, ask for 2 minutes to tidy the entire place. Don’t wait till after all the customers left or after the whole day for you to sweep.

Clean all equipment every day regardless of they have little dust or not. People love to stay in clean places and it makes them feel comfortable with the service you are offering that they can part away with their money and feel happy about it.

7. Sell some accessories

Don’t just shave customers but also put a neat and attractive case that showcases some other products your customers are willing to buy. Such as aftershaves, Shampoo, Gels, Shaving gel, clippers, clippers maintaining oils, etc.

This will make most customers patronize you easily as you can market your products while barbing.

Some people who may have lice in their air are an easy target as you can apply some gel in their hair after barbing freely then tell them to buy the gel for long-lasting protection from germs.

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8. Let it shine

After installing an Air-condition of one horsepower then you have to install fluorescent white light.

Make it like 4 or 5 pieces in a good location depending on the size of your barbing shop. The light will make every place shine so bright and the customers can see everything easily.

It adds beauty to the saloon just as many banking halls and hotel lobbies use white light to lure customers. Apply that strategy too.

9. Place a Billboard

Place a big or medium billboard in front of your shop for easy location of your saloon and also to attract newer customers. Design it in a very attractive way so that it can be seen at night also.

Advertise your saloon business to customers by printing a well-designed fryer of your business and share with customers.

10. Promotion

This is very rare in Nigeria but running a promotion for your barbing saloon is a good step to keep the customers returning. Such as telling customers that if they have up to 11 haircuts the No.12 will be free.

Customers are easily lured by such as they will be busy counting it and some will barb their hair more often to make sure it reaches the number you stated faster but you make your money any time you give them a haircut anyway hahaha.

Find other means of promoting your business and satisfying your customers.

11. Credible accounting

Make sure you are not spending away all your profits from the business by living a fake life when your business tends to get better. If your business is making huge profits then it’s time you re-invest in the business by opening more branches with the same quality and service.

Soon your brand will be known and you will be worth more money.


A barbing salon is one of the profitable businesses to do in Nigeria and make huge profits.

Learning how to Run a successful barbing saloon business is very good and I have shared with you the most experience ways of making huge profits.

Remember to write to me when you make your huge profits from this wonderful Idea.

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