Abuja Or Lagos: Which City Is More Beautiful & Developed?

Lagos or Abuja; which is more beautiful and developed? Eko which is the present-day Lagos is the one-time federal capital territory of Nigeria until the decision to shift the capital from Lagos to Abuja was taken in 1976 and after years of planning. The decision was then taken and Abuja successfully made the Nigerian political … Read more

List of Accredited Home School Programs

Are you looking for a certified home education program to enroll your kid in? If you are, then this article is a good place for you. We have selected a few accredited home teaching programs which are suitable for your child. They are equally affordable. Many parents prefer homeschooling to public and private schools. This … Read more

How to Apply For National ID Card

Do you wish to request a national ID card? If you do, then join us to discuss how you can apply for a national ID card here in Nigeria. Not just that, but it includes NIN registration requirements. Nigerian National ID Card Application Requirements And Process The national identification card is one of the legal … Read more

Affordable Places To Live In Lagos: 10 Areas With Cheap House Rent

Here are the most affordable areas to stay in Lagos especially places with relatively cheap house rent. Welcome to Lagos, Nigeria the country’s commercial hub where almost every Nigerian wishes to move to. Nigerians may want to relocate to Lagos for various reasons. It could be as a result of seeking job and business opportunities. … Read more

How To Start A POS Business

Are you looking to start your own POS enterprise? If you respond in the affirmative, don’t worry. That’s because you’re already at the right place, where the solution to your problem is right underneath. When you read further, you will find out all it takes to start a POS business in Nigeria. Then let’s figure … Read more

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Business Proposal

This article seeks to highlight some common mistakes that entrepreneurs can avoid to create 5-star proposals that bring in revenue. A business proposal is a document that is written to proffer a certain solution or service with the intent of yielding social good or profit. Business Proposal Writing Mistakes Writing Proposals are at the very heart … Read more

9 Health Wonders Of Shea Butter (Ori, Kadanya)

Here are the health benefits of shea butter. You were probably wondering what Shea butter is. It’s just a kernel of Shea. These trees are mainly cultivated in the East and West African region. Interestingly, Nigeria is among those benefitting from this wonderful seed. If you read this article, you will probably benefit greatly from … Read more