Crayfish Business

  To the extent that crayfish remains an important ingredient in the kitchen, the enterprise will continue to thrive. Some business experts say that crayfish sell faster than in greater amounts compared to fish. This runs down to the fact that most people consume crayfish in one form or the other. People who do not … Read more

Side incomes for 8-6 job worker

Do you work from 8 am to 6 pm and would like to earn extra income? Then there are some good jobs that you can do after closing from work and make additional money. These jobs are very flexible and do not require a university qualification to obtain one. Once you have the skills, you … Read more

Ed.D. vs PhD in Education – Doctorate in Education Degree

Is an Ed.D. the same as a Ph.D.? Here is a guide on Ed.D. vs. Ph.D. Educators interested in getting research or terminal degree in their field have two main program choices: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Education or Doctor of Education (Ed.D.). The Ed.D.., doctor of training, degree, and the Ph.D., doctor of philosophy, … Read more