Pastor Adeboye Net Worth: Properties, Cars, Aircrafts, And Philanthropy

If you are interested in finding out the real net worth of Pastor Adeboye, you will have to go through this article and discover it for yourself.

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How Rich Is Pastor E.A. Adeboye?

If we are to count the five wealthiest pastors in Nigeria, Pastor Adeboye will surely be one of them. In case you don’t know, some of these pastors are richer than some famous musicians and they lead a lavish life.

These pastors live in a manor, drive expensive vehicles and eat quality diets. Some even have their private jet.

  • Who is Pastor Adeboye?

Some people know him as ‘Pastor Adeboye’ whereas others know him as ‘Pastor EA Adeboye’. Whichever means you decide to call him, it’s still correct.

Her full name is Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, who was born on March 2, 1942, in a village known as ifewara, near Ife, Osun State.

Pastor EA Adeboye attended Ilesha High School in Ilesha, Osun State, and ended around 1956.

His quest for education did not end there; Adeboye went further to the University of Nsuka Nigeria to pursue his studies, but could not complete it due to the civil war.

Thus he went and completed his undergraduate degree in mathematics at Ife University in 1967.

Around 1969, Adeboye obtained an MA in hydrodynamics from the University of Lagos. While in 1975 he obtained a Ph.D. in applied mathematics at the same University of Lagos.

Like, now Pastor EA Adeboye is a math guru.

  • The family of Pastor Adeboye

The same year he graduated from the University, he got married to Fola close to 17th December 1967. Their marriage was blessed with four children, three sons, and one daughter.

Among his children are Adeolu, Bolu, Leke, and Dare. Not only that, he has several grandchildren as well.

  • Pastor Adeboye’s Church

Pastor EA Adeboye has been in charge of the RCCG since 1981, which is one of the biggest churches in Nigeria.

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The church currently has approximately 14,000 churches throughout the country and more are planned to be built. Pastor Adeboye said he wanted to construct churches after five minutes of trekking.

  • Redeemers University

Redeemers University is among the Investments of RCCG. But Pastor EA Adeboye is the overseer of the institution.  It was another multimillion–billion Naira project, just like the RCCG.

The university began operating on January 7, 2005, after obtaining the “Certificate of Suttor Right of Occupancy” in 1997. The university is based in Ede, Osun State.

The university is currently offering some undergraduate programs in the faculty of law, faculty of environmental science, faculty of engineering, faculty of natural science, faculty of management science, faculty of social science, and the faculty of arts and humanities.

More also, they offer postgraduate programs like M.A, M.Sc, and Ph.D.

Pastor EA Adeboye’s Net Worth

Pastor EA Adeboye says he receives approximately $2 million a year from his church. Besides the income from his church, he added that he earned a good amount of money every month.

As a result, his overall net worth is estimated at $39 million to $65 million. This amount made him one of the country’s top five wealthiest ministers, as mentioned above.

The property of Pastor Adeboye

Right now, we are going to examine the position of this wealthy man of God. These include his cars, homes, businesses, jet, chopper, and many more.

  • Cars

Pastor is said to have three luxury motor vehicle collections.

These include a Rolls Royce Phantom of about $400,000, a Land Rover Discovery of about $80,000, and a Mercedes Benz Galandewagen of about $100,000.

  • Private Jet

About May 2015, Reporters of the Sahara announced that Pastor Adeboye had purchased a brand new G550 Gulfstream aircraft. The jet was reportedly manufactured in Savannah, Georgia, USA in about 2013.

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According to some claims, the jet he bought was newer than that of Pastor TB Joshua.

Pastor Adeboye’s new Gulfstream G550 aircraft was bought for approximately $65 million.

  • Helicopter

There was some rumor again that Pastor Adeboye sold a helicopter that he acquired around September 2020. The helicopter carries the number 5N-EAA.

Monthly, the helicopter manager paid approximately $50,000 for navigation. It means they’re spending about $300,000 a month just on navigation.

  • Houses

Besides his primary abortion at RCCG headquarters in the state of Ogun, it is said that he has some properties in the UK. In addition, Pastor Adeboye has some stunning homes in the megacity of Lagos.

Pastor Adeboye’s Donations

Pastor Adeboye never kept his riches for himself. Therefore, there is a couple of donation he gave to institutions, government and other private individuals.

Contributions include the following:

  • He has donated 20 million Naira to the Osun government.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Pastor Adeboye donated about 20,000 disinfectants, 8,000 surgical masks, and about 200,000 gloves to help medical staff in Lagos State.
  • Over the past three years, the RCCG has spent 18 billion Naira to touch the lives of their members who are in 43,000 churches across 36 states in Nigeria.
  • He also donated 3 dialysis units in the Olabisi Onabanjo University Hospital. In the dialysis units, there is a dialysis machine, a 30KVA generator, and a medical osmosis water purification. This is the 16th donation that was made concerning health care intervention.
  • Pastor Adeboye spent 45 million Naira for standard chairs in the mathematics laboratory of RCCG University.

So far, this is all we have for you concerning the net worth of Pastor EA Adeboye. You have examined some of his possessions, investment, and his wonderful donations.

Someone who does not have billions of Naira cannot perform what this preacher did.

There is no doubt that he is indeed a prosperous man in this country.

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