Poultry Farming In Nigeria [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

Poultry farming has continued to be economically viable in Nigeria for a while now.

This is due to the high daily need for poultry eggs and meat, and there are only but a small fraction of poultry growers in the nation to meet up such needs.

Therefore, more investors are required to invest in poultry farming.

Poultry Production in Nigeria

Poultry and fish farming are among the enterprises that do not demand millions and billions of Naira. With a little amount, you can successfully lunch a poultry farm and realize a great profit.

But you can invest a significant amount of capital if you have it in abundance.

This article will be highly informative for those who plan to set up a poultry farm in Nigeria.

We will describe all the steps that have to do with poultry farming from scratch. Having read this article, establishing a poultry farm shouldn’t be difficult for you.

In the meantime, let us take a look at poultry farming in Nigeria.

A little About Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Nigeria is the leading African nation in poultry farming.

Several poultry farmers in Nigeria prefer to raise chicken due to its high-income rate in terms of eggs and meat. But you can still make a profit if you keep other kinds of poultry birds such as goose, duck, turkey, and so forth.

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The Nigerian poultry enterprise became more favorable when the FGN set up a barn for imported poultry commodities. Therefore, people have no additional option other than to patronize the local poultry commodities.

Those that invested in poultry farming smiled in gain. As well, the government provides monetary assistance to enterprises in the agriculture sector as poultry farming.

How To Set Up A Poultry Farm

If you want to set up a poultry farm, we have a few steps you are to take to make the enterprise prosperous.

These steps can be challenging for those who are just embarking on poultry farming. But never mind, we’re here to assist with that.

Let’s get on with it and see how you can get started.

  • Get a Nice Location

There are determinants to examine when looking for an appropriate place to build a poultry farm.

Suburban areas are not ideal for poultry farming due to environmental discomfort, where the odor and noise from the poultry farm will be a nuisance to the immediate environment. a

This means you will need an isolated environment for your farm. A rural area with a sound road network is another fantastic place to set a poultry farm.

You will not have to spend a lot on labor, land, and other poultry installations. Furthermore, government regulators will not visit you regularly.

Secondly, the security of your farm is another essential determinant to weigh when looking for a fantastic site for a poultry farm. In this case, the urban establishment will be the best place to set up a poultry farm in terms of safety.

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Not just that, but you will also be close to the market.

  • Select the Kind of Bird to Raise

There are several species of poultry birds you can raise. We’ve got the goose, chicken, turkey, duck, etc. Whichever you choose, go for it.

However, for the interest of our talk today, we are concentrating more on chicken. That’s because it is the most prevalent poultry bird that is reared in the country as specified above.

There are several kinds of chickens. We have broilers, laying hens, and cockerels.

For those who desire to raise poultry chicken for the sake of meat, it will be proper, if you opt for broilers and roosters.

But if you like to keep poultry chickens for meat and eggs, then layers are good for you. However, other poultry birds are fitting for poultry aside from chicken.

  • Poultry Coop

There are several kinds of poultry coop.

Amongst them are deep bedding, half bedding, battery, semi folded, and so on. Before you choose any of these housing systems, you must look at the variety of poultry birds you desire to raise and the breeding system to use. o

Whatever housing system you can create, there should be adequate air-conditioning. This is to allow ample fresh air to neutralize the gases in the chicken coop.

What’s more? It will also regulate the heat in the coop properly.

  • Poultry Facilities

The acquisition of poultry accessories is also a significant step in the establishment of a poultry farm.

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Here you are expected to get some things such as drinkers, crates, incubators, cages, egg trays for diapers, radiators, a waste control system, etc.

All of this equipment is what you necessitate to raise your birds.

  • Get Your Chicks

When buying your chicks, you should be extremely careful regarding your selection. Some unhealthy chicks are sold, which can affect your poultry enterprise significantly.

Hence, it is advised to do inquiries and get trusted vendors to buy from them.

  • Handle your Poultry Farm with Care

Food and medication are essential when it has to do with managing a poultry farm.  T

hey are regular activities that are to be taken seriously. When your birds are fed and vaccinated in time, they will not be affected by illness and will mature in good time.

More so, constantly check the coop for cleanliness and dryness.

What is the Cost of Establishing a Poultry Farm in Nigeria?

The actual start-up cost for a poultry farm depends on its size. For instance, if you want to keep 50 birds, you won’t need anything below ₦70,000.

For a medium scale that will require quality coop and other tools, it can cost as much as ₦500,000 to ₦5 million. Then, if you want to make a big one, prepare to spend about ₦10 million.

Poultry farming is among the sensitive sectors of agriculture that need to be well taken care of. But with sound knowledge and managerial skills, you may be able to establish one.

All you need to do is follow the guidelines above to assist you to establish a rewarding poultry farm in Nigeria.

In case you encounter any difficulty along the line, you can ask a specialist in poultry farming to put you through.

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