How To Prepare For A US Visa Interview In Nigeria

As part of your preparation to travel to the United States, you may be invited for an interview, depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

The visa interview is necessary to make sure you are eligible for this trip.

As a result, someone who has never traveled out of Nigeria before could be nervous when invited to such an interview.

For that reason, we saw it will be necessary to assist such Nigerians in preparation for their US visa interview.

When you read further, you’ll find some tips on how you can prepare to meet the consular officer either in Lagos or Abuja. Additionally, we will advise you on what to do on the day of your interview.

US Visa Interview Preparation Tips

For the moment, we will immediately find guidelines on how you can prepare for the task that awaits you. Let’s get the ball rolling.

  • Understand US Visa Requirements in Nigeria

To recognize the requirements regarding US visas for Nigerians, you will need to check it on Nigeria’s embassies webpage or you may decide to visit the embassy and make such inquiries.

As part of your checklist, try to know what documents are required for a United States visa. That’s because the consular officer could ask you to issue some of those documents to justify your interview.

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Among the important documents you dare not forget are your two passport photos, US visa fee receipt, your DS-160 form, ties, proof of funds, work details, and proof of accommodation letter.

It is preferable not to leave any documents behind, because you cannot tell if it will be required.

  • Complete Your DS – 160 Form

As noted earlier, this is one of the important documents to be requested. This form is a US-based platform that allows anyone traveling to the US to fill in their details.

In this form, you will need to identify the purpose of your visit and your professional experience. If you have already traveled to other countries, you may also include them in your travel history.

On the other way round, if you’ve ever been denied the chance to go to the US or been deported before, you should also indicate it and the reason why you were denied or deported.

If you are sincere with your replies, it will be preferable.

  • Get Acquainted with Your Destination

You must have a good knowledge of where you are going, before reaching your interview. Like a student who will want to study in the United States, you need to interact with your host (school).

Find out more about the institution. Alternatively, you may Google the school portal and find out more about them.

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When you inquire about your institution, try to find out the name of the school, the course offered to you as well as the duration of your study.

Additionally, you may be prompted to submit your admission letter and proof of payment.

For those who are paying a visit to a family, friend, or fiancé, get ready to tell them your relationship with them and other information like their address, contact line, and lots more.

 What is Required for the Day of the Visa Interview?

Here are some things that you are supposed to do on your visa interview day. It will help in making your day a successful one.

But if you decide to ignore them, you possibly can get yourself into trouble.

  • Do Not Carry Contraband

In case you are not aware, items such as mobile phones, food, sharp objects, luggage, wallets, bags, weapons, and other items are not permitted to enter the embassy.

The only things you will be permitted to bring with you are your travel documents and nothing more.

  • Security Clearance is Mandatory

Anyone who arrives at the embassy has to pass through airport security. As a result, we said earlier that you should not carry prohibited items with you.

This is because there are no facilities available to store these items in the consular office. So if you are non-compliant, you should know what to do with your items.

  • Don’t Show Up too Soon

On the day of your interview, you don’t need to come too early, as the interview does not involve the first person to arrive. An hour is allotted for each person to be interviewed.

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This way, you should arrive at least 20 minutes at your assigned time. If you decide to come too soon, you’d better wait until it’s your turn.

  • Get Someone to Accompany You

There are only three conditions for you to bring somebody with you. That is if you are ill, old, or have some sort of disability. As well, only one person can accompany an applicant to the consular office.

Except for those conditions, you have to come yourself. Because there is no space to accommodate a crowd and it’s also against their regulations.

If you need help concerning your condition, you must alert the security personnel, they will be ready to help you.

However, you’re not allowed to bring an attorney to the consulate office for any reason.

  • Be Prepared to Come Clean

When asked questions, try to answer them honestly whenever possible. In the event you give a false answer and get caught, you run the risk of being denied the travel visa.

Again, you should not conceal relevant information that the consulate should be aware of.

  • Dressing Counts for Something

Finally, your clothing counts when you are facing the consular officer. How you dress will speak for you, which is why we are here to stress that you dress well for this special occasion.

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When you do this, you can rest assured that you will earn some points.

There are other preparations that you can make regarding the American visa interview. Those we mentioned are among the most important, although others are also important.

But if you can make up for it with these, you can be sure to get a successful interview.

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