Professions with the Lowest Employment Prospects in Nigeria


While it is good to have dreams occupations, it will be best to hunt for those who may get you a job at the end of the day. With the current economic climate and technological change worldwide, some occupations have become outdated and less competitive in the labor market. Graduates of these occupations face challenges in building a life.

To make a way out, some of them have to obtain a higher level of education such as a Masters’s or Ph.D. to enable them to seek better opportunities. Of course, this is not the situation you will want to face once you graduate.

Since you are here to discover the occupations with the lowest employment prospects in Nigeria, you will never regret remaining on this page. We’re going to list several occupations with lower employment rates across the country. If you plan to pursue your career in one of these university fields, you can begin to reconsider your decision.

Career Paths with the Lowest Employment Rate

Below is a list of occupations that have fewer employment opportunities in the workforce. Regrettably, some of these occupations have the greatest number of graduates.

  • Teaching

Education is one if not the only academic field that produces the highest number of graduates every year. This could be one of the factors that have made the teaching profession to be among the weakest with employment opportunities. There are thousands upon thousands of unemployed teachers who are having trouble finding teaching opportunities. Now, it is getting worse because we have fewer schools across the country with lots of labor force.

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Before you can pursue a good job opportunity within the teaching line, you must earn higher degrees. Otherwise, you will need to completely change your career in a different area with many opportunities.

  • Philosophy and Religion Studies

It is good to have a vast knowledge and wisdom of the Gods because it is one of the ideal means to develop your spirit. However, most young and old graduates in this area are struggling to find a job. The few people who are successful in finding employment end up with peanuts. This situation is currently affecting most students who have a passion for this field.

  • Business

Getting a business degree is not the same as being a businessman. You will be surprised to know that business studies rank among the most popular courses in the university, yet it is one of the professions with the lowest employment prospects. It is anticipated that employment opportunities in this occupation will decline significantly over the next five years.

  • Information Systems

Even though we are in a digital era where the computer is performing most of our tasks, information systems remain among the professions with an unbelievable unemployment rate. Graduates in this area have an unemployment rate of around 11.7%. Those who are lucky enough to get employed in this area are not smiling at their monthly pay.

The information system is the only occupation in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics that faces numerous employment difficulties in the labor market both inside and outside Nigeria.

  • Mass Communication
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Mass communication was once amongst the occupations with a high employment rate, but not anymore. Today, hundreds of thousands of mass media graduates walk the streets looking for career-related jobs. Perhaps we should blame the educational institutions of the country for admitting and graduating thousands of Mass Com graduates on an annual basis.

But there’s more to it than that. The growing introduction of media technology is destroying the alumni of old-school mass communication. Bloggers and writers who have little knowledge of mass communication are taking control of news from journalists and journalists. If you look around, only a few people turn on their radio or television to hear the news.

That’s because information sharing has been transferred over the Internet for easy access on mobile devices. So, before a graduate can have a successful career in mass communication, such an individual must embrace change in media and communication tools.

  • Fine Arts

Years ago, if you have a degree in fine arts, especially, in fields such as painting, sculpture, graphic design, and photography, you will have a lot of possibilities to get decent jobs. But when the economy of several European countries began to fall, it became increasingly difficult for an individual to get a job opportunity in the arts. Unfortunately, it’s the same with Nigeria today.

But the good thing about studying fine arts is that you can be autonomous. Once you have the skills needed in some key practice areas, you can start a business and earn your money.

  • Humanities and Liberal Arts
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This field is somewhat different from the art above. It is designed for people who will adore sitting and reflecting on the subtleties of life, expounding theories and events. Classes in this area include anthropology, philosophy, political science, and much more.  If you are looking for a career to make good money, arts and humanities aren’t the right professions for you.

To do well in this profession, you need to develop a better strategy. Maybe you can consider taking higher degrees and focus on greater opportunities.

  • Architecture

Architecture is one of the most highly skilled occupations requiring extensive knowledge of mathematics and the arts. When there were fewer professionals in the field, it ranks among the most profitable jobs worldwide. But since a lot of people started jumping into the field and technology was fast-growing, it made so many architecture graduates in the country unemployed.

It is so ironic that even with the rapid growth of urban settlements; it is still difficult for architects to get well-paid jobs or contracts.  Even so, we can’t deny the fact that corruption is also a major contributing factor.

There are several occupations with significant employment challenges, alongside those listed above. Some of them include zoology, librarianship, information science, botany, theatre arts, consulting psychology, music, and many others. If you are looking for professionals with numerous employment opportunities, then those we have listed above will not be good for you.