How To Push Start An Automatic Car

For certain reasons, you will need to jumpstart your car, especially when your car battery has drained. This could be following along a parking lot as the ignition of the car is stopped and its music or headlights are left on.

Either way, you will need to jumpstart your vehicle to complete your journey.

For you to be here today, means you want to find out if it is possible to jumpstart an auto car.

We have good news for you, when you keep scrolling through this post, you will find out if you can jumpstart your automatic car or not.

We’re also going to show you how you can jumpstart your vehicle.

Can I Jumpstart An Auto Car?

Oh yes, you can jumpstart your automatic vehicle whenever you run out of battery. But it has its inconvenience if it is not well done.

Most, if not all vehicles are made with a jumpstarting cable beside a jumpstarting manual.

These jumpstarting cables are a pair of insulated wires that have enough capacity with an alligator chip to transfer the charge from another battery to your discharged or dead battery.

The manual on the other hand is to guide you, perform a successful start on an emergency or areas where there are no automobile mechanics.

In the event, you cannot jump your car by yourself, get a professional hand to assist you.

Is It Possible To Jumpstart An Automatic Car?

There are a few ways that you can jumpstart your auto vehicle. These include running the car upward, using a different car battery, or turning the alternator.

Let’s move forward and see how you can do one of those methods that we just talked about.

  • Run the Car UP

This is one of the ways to jumpstart an automatic car, but there is no evidence that it is the most efficient method.

However, if this is the only option you have left, then you should make sure that you are on a free road to give your car a boost.

But it’s better if you find people who can help push your car because it will be hard to do it by yourself.

Make sure you are in your second transmission and your manual is completely released, and then ask your helpers to begin pushing the car.

When you have taken a good swing, you immediately put the ignition and see if the car will start.

If it has not started, as the push continues, press the accelerator pedal to accelerate the car. This way, you can start your vehicle and proceed with your journey.

  • Tap Power from a Different Battery

Using a different battery is among the most efficient methods of jumpstarting an automatic car. As we said earlier, if you don’t do it correctly, you could run into problems.

In this regard, you verify and see how you can do it.

  • To power another car battery, you either remove the battery, or you park both cars in such a way that their hood faces each other. This is to have proximity to tap on the other car as the booster cable is not too long.
  • Make sure the ignition on the car you are connecting is off and then you open the hood of the two cars to access their batteries.
  • Remove your starter cable and get ready to log in. But first, before you begin your connection; make sure that the battery connectors of the two cars are properly cleaned.
  • Now you identify the negative and positive sides of the batteries that are mainly depicted in red and black.
  • Connect one of the booster cables to the Positive + (Red) on the operating battery and even connect it to the positive on your drained battery. Then you connect the negative booster cable to the right battery, and then place it on any metallic part of your car that doesn’t work.
  • When the connection is complete, turn on the ignition and keeps the car running for at least 30 minutes.
  • Now, your battery must have collected some charge which can boot the engine. If your engine starts, you may proceed to unplug the batteries. Be sure to remove the black cable first, before removing the red cable, and do not touch the two cables. Otherwise, this will cause a short circuit.
  • Leave the car running for a while to prevent it from stalling.


  • Rotate the Alternator

This method may sound weird, but it is among the efficient ways to jumpstart your auto. It is quite technical, that is why it is advisable to invite professional hands to do it.

If you must practice the process yourself, then you, first of all, remove your fan belt and then spin the alternator for a long period to power up your battery properly.

It is important to note that this method applies to batteries that have a small charge. If your battery is completely exhausted, do not try this method or less, you will waste your time and energy.

  • Use a Mobile Jumpstarter

It’s another amazing technology that has been brought to help people with automatic cars jumpstart their cars without needing the help of another person.

A mobile jump starter is a rechargeable battery that is as powerful as a car battery. All you have to do is plug in the two terminals as described above and then turn on your dead battery.

Follow the safety guidelines to avoid damaging the battery of your car and just as much as the portable jump starter. Once it goes out, you can recharge the battery with electricity and store it for the next time.

Apart from these methods of jumpstarting an automatic car, the only option left is to buy a new automobile battery or get a truck to convey your vehicle to the mechanic.

However, you should always be ready for this situation every time you want to drive.

In addition, you should invest in the booster cable and the portable jump starter, so that you are not stuck when such an incidence occurs.

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