How To Remove Gionee Phone From Guest Mode

If you want to know how to remove a Gionee phone from guest mode, you will have to end your trip through this post. You will run into a few steps that you can take to deactivate your Gionee guest mode.

How To Turn Off Guest Mode In Gionee Phones

Straight from Android 5.0, the smartphone is programmed with the «Guest Mode» function that allows several users to use the same device and offers additional protection against Quostodio.

Moreover, having multiple customer accounts can consume a lot of space on your device’s memory and therefore slow down the performance of your device.

It’s worth noting that most Android phones can create and remove more than one guest account, including your own.

Gionee Mobile Guest Mode On / Off

A guest mode merely refers to an account that allows other users to use a device in the exploratory mode, which in turn rejects the changes and action automatically when disconnecting.

Such guests could be your family, a friend, or another user.

As we mentioned earlier, a large number of Android phones today are manufactured with this gorgeous native functionality.

Original users can turn it on any time another person wants to make use of their phones by restricting them on what they may have access to.

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These users may open any default application, but will not be allowed to verify your personal information.

Removing Gionee Phone from Guest Mode

For now, we’re going to review a few steps you can take to remove your Gionee phone from guest mode.

Don’t worry, the steps are pretty less and easy.

  • Tap your phone, and then click on the “Settings” option.
  • Once you have opened the new window, tap “Security” and proceed to the next step.
  • Go below and click on “Privacy” and continue. You will see the “Guest Mode” option which you should deselect. But you must know that a pin is going to be needed, so make sure you enter the right pin.

If you have forgotten your password, you can always go through this process by resetting the pin.

How can you do that? All you have to do is insert the wrong password for the possibility of reinitializing to pop up.

Next, you reset it by entering the new password and leaving the Guest mode.

Is there an Alternative?

Yes, there is an alternate way of removing your Gionee phone from guest mode. Follow these instructions and turn off your phone’s guest mode.

  • Wake up your cell phone and click on the settings.
  • You will now open the “Users” option and move on to the next step.
  • You must now open ‘Guest User’ and press edit the guest account.
  • You will now have to drag down your notification bar and then click the user icon again.
  • When you are done with this option, you will change it to “Remove Guest”.
  • Congratulations on turning off your guest mode. However, before going out, ensure that the “Add User, Lock” icon is disabled.
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  • Factory Reset

This is the last thing you should do to delete your phone from guest mode if both of the aforementioned methods did not work. You must know that you are going to lose all your files and once you enable factory reset.

If you’re ready for it, then check out below and see how you can do it.

  • Navigate to your cell phone set up and scroll down.
  • Click on the “More Settings” option, and then continue.
  • Just below, you will see the “Backup and Reset” option, click on it and let your phone automatically reset all the data.
  • Once the phone is restarted, it deletes all existing users and makes it possible to operate as an administrator.

Why Do I Have to Take my Phone Out of Guest Mode?

You must know that a Guest account can provide access to other users who do not have an account on your phone to sign in.

By default, the guest mode is deactivated to protect from unauthorized access to your phone.

Secondly, you will need to prevent your storage memory from getting full which can make your device operate slowly as we mentioned earlier.

Hence, removing this functionality will be the only way to be free from this issue.

How Do I Protect my Phone, Regardless of Guest Mode Stage?

Once you have successfully removed your phone from guest mode, you can still prevent others from accessing your phone. All you need to do is activate a safety code for your phone and other private files.

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Follow these instructions and configure a safety code for your devices.

  • Navigate to your settings via your mobile device.
  • Now click the security button.
  • Once the new window opens, you will see some options, click the screen log and choose an appropriate password. However, you should define a password that you can easily remember to avoid any future problems.

Benefits of Guest Mode in Gionee Telephones

Although you will want to remove your mobile phone from guest mode, there are rather a few benefits you can take advantage of when you enable a guest mode on your phone.

These include:

  • Restrict another user to certain features of your mobile device. For example, you can prevent anyone from sending an SMS or making a call using your device without your permission.
  • Even though the guest can have access to the Google play store, download and install new applications, there is a limitation when the node attempts to install or uninstall an existing application.
  • The new user will not be permitted to access the personal information of the original user.
  • One other interesting thing about the guest mode is that you can create multiple users in which apps and settings can be saved to be accessed whenever is needed. You dismiss as well create an account for toddlers and children at the age of 3, so you can be at peace when your phone is in their hands.

Removing your phone from a guest mode could be the easiest way to prevent other users from accessing your files.

But there are a few advantages that you may miss when you remove the guest mode from your phone.

For those who will always want to remove their Gionee phone from guest mode, you can follow the steps above and complete your task.

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