8 Richest Musicians In Nigeria Today

Do you want to know the wealthiest musician in Nigeria?

Of course, you do, otherwise, you will not read this post. As you read further, you will discover a list of the wealthiest musicians in the country as well as their total equity.

Wealthiest Nigerian Artists

As a result of the rapid growth of music around the globe, Nigeria has produced some dynamic musicians who are making a lot of money out of it.

Apart from the money they make from hit tracks and other albums, some wealthy organizations also endorse these musicians and pay them a lot of thousands and millions of Naira.

As a result, these musicians constitute the wealthiest people in the country.

Here are a couple of the wealthiest artists in Nigeria. These artists are ranked the wealthiest based on the total amount of their equity.

  • David Adeleke (Davido)

The Nigerian artist is known as Davido.

He ranks one of the wealthiest Nigerian artists on the list. Among the things that make Davido very wealthy was his numerous successful hit songs, plus the endorsement he got that made him so much money.

For example, MTN paid him approximately $78,000 for a contract of endorsement.

David also travels outside Nigeria and across Africa for music performances. For every international performance, Davido received nothing less than thirty thousand dollars.

When he performs in Nigeria, he paid nothing less than ₦10 million.

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Apart from the money he makes in his musical career, it cannot be denied that he comes from the very rich house of Dr. Adedeji Adeleke.

At the moment, his net worth hovers between ₦8.2 billion.

  • Wizkid

Many Nigerian people know this artist by the name Wizkid, but his real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. He is the first Nigerian to be recognized in the World Guinness Book of Record for the most popular track on Spotify.

But that’s not all; the famous network providers MTN and Glo offered him an endorsement contract that earned him 120 million Naira.

Thus, apart from all these endorsement deals Wizkid had with several companies and organizations, his musical career also brings him some money.

What makes him one of Nigeria’s wealthiest musicians is his equity of approximately ₦9.1 billion.

  • Don Jazzy

I guess most Nigerians don’t really know this artist’s full name. Don’t worry, he’s Michael Collins Ajereh. He owns the famous Mavin Record, one of the largest record companies in Nigeria.

This record company brings Don Jazzy an enormous sum of money. If sold, it could be worth 100 million Naira.

Besides the money Don Jazzy makes with his label, he also receives the endorsement of rich organizations like V-bank, MTN, Loya milk, Samsung Mobile, and many others.

Those wealthy organizations pay him good money. Don Jazzy’s equity is about ₦7.7billion.

  • 2Face Idibia

The majority of Nigerians know him as 2Face.

However, his real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia. He is a transitional artist who has been working in the music industry for many decades.

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Over these decades, he has produced a lot of successful songs. Indeed, a few of his best-selling songs brought him a lot of money, especially his most popular song African Queen in 2004.

2Face also has some underwriting contracts with Glo, Partner Mobile, Campari, and many more. He made a lot of money from these deals.

Recently, 2Face’s net worth has ranged from 4.7billion Naira.

  • Rude Boy

The artist had a collaboration with his brother MR P.

The true name of this musician is Paul Okoye, although popularly known as Rude Boy, who has also been in the music industry for years with his brother.

He made a lot of money in his music career through the countless successful tracks he released.

Rude Boy was an award-winning performer. He has been awarded prizes by MTV, Mobo, Kora, and much more. A few reputable organizations also offered him the ambassador’s contracts.

Companies such as Kia Motors, Olympic Milk, and so on, which made him money. His net worth is approximately ₦6 billion.

  • Mr. P

Mr. P is also known as Peter Nonso Okoye is the twin brother of Rude Boy who has also been in the music business for many years now.

He is a good dancer, writer-composer, and singer. Due to Mr. P’s talent, some companies have offered him endorsement contracts whereby he gets a lot of money.

Aside from those contracts, Mr. P has also made a lot of money with his hit tracks. He possesses a lot of luxurious mansions, cars, and lots more.

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Mr. P’s net worth is roughly ₦4.8 billion.

  • Olamide

In case you haven’t heard, his full name is Olamide Adedeji Olamide.

He is one of Nigeria’s most renowned and wealthy musicians. He started to pursue his musical career in 2000, in 2010; his songs started to make waves by making him one of the famous Nigerian artists.

For this reason, Olamide caught Ciroc’s attention which made him the first musician to sign an endorsement contract with them.

Olamide also owns a record label known as YBNL that generates a lot of money. He has also bred a few famous young stars on his label. Olamide’s net worth is some ₦4.6 billion.

  • Burna Boy

No wonder the majority of Nigerians don’t know his real name.

No need to worry, we’re going to help you. His real name is Damimi Ebunoluwa Ogulu. He is a good rapper, a good songwriter, and a great singer.

Most of Burna’s hit songs have won domestic and international awards.

Burna Boy drew reputable firms in signing contracts with him. Among them are Nigerian Breweries, Star Lager Beer, Globacom, Mortell Cognac, and many others.

Presently, his net worth is approximately ₦6.4 billion.

Music has paid some few Nigerians tremendously like the ones we’ve just mentioned above, though they have invested a lot of effort and talents that made them exceptional from others.

That’s why some big organizations get attracted to signing some endorsement deals with them. If these Nigerians can be this rich through music, you also can become one.

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