6 Safest Areas to Buy Land in Lagos

You will find all the answers you need when you carry on reading this article. This is because we’re going to give you a list of safe areas in Lagos.

In these areas to enumerate, you can buy land for yourself in Lagos.

Do you want to build a permanent home in a secure location in Lagos? Perhaps you are an investor that wants to invest securely? If you fall into one of these categories, you will definitely require a safe and friendly environment.

That way, you can have peace of mind, and your properties will be secure.

Don’t worry, we’re going to help you out.

Facts About Buying Safe Land in Lagos

Provided you want a safe place to buy land, be willing to spend money.

Why must I spend this much? That’s because there’s a great deal of competition for land in Lagos. Particularly in quiet and peaceful surroundings.

That is why the purchase of a plot in the most secure part of Lagos is for those who are financially buoyant.

Moreover, the fact that Lagos is one of the largest business centers in Nigeria, has welcomed a large number of individuals and investors in and outside Nigeria. As a result, Lagos has an extremely high demand for land.

And there is very little land available in Lagos.

Definitely, the cost of buying land will be tremendously high.

Safest Places to Buy Land in Lagos

To acquire land in the most secure area of Lagos depends on which part of Lagos you wish to purchase land. Is it on the Island? Or in the mainland? Whichever is your preference, you’ll soon find out where you can find it.

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Let’s look at these areas and how much that’s going to cost you.

  • Banana Island

This place is located on Lagos Island. Banana Island is essentially a residential neighborhood. If you are a family man, this is a good place for you to raise your children.

That’s because the neighborhood is really quiet and peaceful. Those managing this beautiful Island have made security very tight everywhere on the Island.

Buying land in Banana Island automatically guarantees your safety and that of your property. In fact, security control starts at the entrance to Banana Island. This is one of Lagos’ safest locations.

The cost to purchase land on this Island varies from 400 million nairas upwards. So, look in your pocket and find out what you got. If that’s enough to buy you some land on that Island, then go and buy it.

The area is sweet to live in.

  • Ikoyi

They say this part of Lagos has a lot of rich people.

Thus, making Ikoyi one of the most expensive places one can stay to stay in Lagos. Because it is occupied by wealthy individuals, it’s very much guarded.

A lot of security people move around the area to ensure the safety of lives and property.

As expensive and safe is Ikoyi and its lifestyle, hence the case would be when it comes to buying land. The median cost of buying land in Ikoyi also ranges from 400 million Naira upwards.

  • Lekki Phase 1

Lekki Phase 1 is another safe environment to consider when purchasing land in Lagos. Lekki Phase 1 is a pristine residential neighborhood. And you can practically benefit from all the social conveniences you need.

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Do not hesitate to purchase a piece of land if you have the opportunity.

As for your safety, we can assure you that Lekki Phase 1 is safe. This is because it also accommodates wealthy inhabitants, who will not want their lives and properties to be tempered.

Hence the area is filled with a security outpost at strategic points.

When it comes to the price of land in Lekki Phase 1, there is no doubt that it is going to cost a good amount. It will cost an average of 100 million to acquire land at Lekki Phase 1.

  • Magodo

Magodo is located on Lagos’ mainland. It is one of the most secure places to stay on the mainland. Buying a plot in that region will be a good choice.

That’s if you prefer to acquire land on the mainland of Lagos.

If you want a residential neighborhood to buy land, then think of Magodo. It’s very secure and peaceful. In fact, the security of this arena is very tight, as the other ones we mentioned above.

Do not hesitate to purchase a plot of land in Magodo, you will appreciate living in this environment.

On average, it cost 40 million Naira to purchase land in Magodo. It is more inexpensive to buy land here than on Lagos Island.

  • Maryland

For anyone who wants the land for commercial use, Maryland is a safe place to buy land for those commercial activities. Here in Maryland, there are various business activities underway.

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Due to the presence of commercial activities in this environment is, so many security outposts are made available. This aims to ensure the safety of all life and property.

Maryland is also a residential community.

So it will not be out of place if you buy land in that area for residential purposes. Moreover, there are so many social facilities at your disposal to make your life comfortable.

The price of land in Maryland is around 32 million more per plot. Buying here in Maryland is less expensive.

  • Ikeja

Ikeja is the capital city of Lagos. As the capital, security is guaranteed everywhere in Ikeja. So buying land in that region will automatically give you security. Both your life and the safety of your properties will be warranted.

In fact, one military barracks is located in Ikeja. So why the worry?

When there are securities littered all over Ikeja. So get out there and secure a piece of land for yourself if you get a chance in Ikeja.

It cost an average of 30 million Naira to purchase land at Ikeja. It’s also less expensive here at Ikeja.

When it comes to safe areas to buy land in Lagos, there are so many of them. The ones mentioned aren’t the only ones. Other parts of Lagos have these requirements.

However, you can settle for the ones provided. So it’s up to you to decide which area you want to buy land.

Whether the mainland or the Island.

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